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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Year 3A visit 'The Argory'.

Yesterday,  Monday 13th May 2013 Year 3A went to 'The Argory' to find out about life long ago.  The children were learning about Mr & Mrs Bond and their son Tommy who lived at 'The Argory'.  
We had a great day out.  Thank you Mrs Bond, Nanny and Mrs Burgess.
Picture 1 Elsie collects the calling cards.
Picture 2 Tommy's place at the table.
Picture 3 Tommy's Birthday Cake.
Picture 4 Making calling cards.
Picture 5 Mrs Burgess is Mrs Bond's friend from Parkanaur.
Picture 6 Tommy's Bedroom.
Picture 7 We loved the park at the Argory!
Picture 8 Year 3A looking for Tommy.
Picture 9 We just love dressing up!
Picture 10 Don't we look beautiful!
Picture 11 Don't we look smart in our lovely costumes!
Picture 12 Ladies first please boys!
Picture 13 Mrs Bond, Mrs Burgess and Nanny.
Picture 14 Do you remember what Mrs Burgess bought Tommy?
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