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P7 Last Day June 2016

Yesterday we finished our last day in P7! We presented our Leavers Assembly to the school - here are some photos! Enjoy!

Local Study-US troops in Northern Ireland during WWII (Brownlow House, Lurgan)

Y7S Trip to Stormont

On Friday, Y7S visited the Parliament Buildings at Stormont in Belfast. We learned about different parties, the constituencies and those in power. We also had a debate in the Assembly Chamber, before going to the Mo Mowlam Play Park. It was a great day! :)

Sports Day at Millington!

Today was Sports Day for years 5,6 and 7 at Millington! It was a wonderful day and Y7S should be very proud of their super speed, participation and support! Well done 7S! :)

Walking Tour of Portadown

As part of our WAU topic we went on a walking tour of Portadown with Mr Guy. It was very interesting and the children learned lots of new things about our town! :)

Inter Class Competition

Recently Y7S have been competing against Y7G and Y7M in football and hockey! We're doing brilliantly! Keep it up Y7S!

Millington Swimming Gala

This week Primary 6 and 7 took part in the Millington Swimming Gala.The children showed off their skill in the front crawl, back crawl and the breast stroke. All of the children were fantastic! Our class was the overall winner for Primary 7! Congratulations Y7S! :)

Y7S Swimming Team

Amazing Brains - P7 Transition Day

This week Y7S attended a one day workshop designed to help children prepare for the transition to secondary school. The children learned about how our brains work, found out some tips for developing memory and also took part in a number of activities designed to help make new friends. It was a great day and the children had a wonderful time! :)

Garage Band and DJ

This week we used the iPads to brush up on our music and DJ skills! We took part in a workshop with Niall from the AmmA Centre. We learned how to mix music and layer different sounds. We then created a DJ set which we played in time with a film. It was excellent fun and there are some children in our class who we think have a future in music ahead of them!

Internet Safety Winners

We learned all about internet safety and then designed a mouse mat which included lots of tips and information about how to remain safe when using the internet. Here are the two winners!

Internet Safety


We've been learning cricket skills in PE. It was great fun learning how to throw, catch and hit the ball! :)


Investigating Circuits

This week we worked in groups to investigate how circuits work. We transformed potential energy into kinetic and light energy. It was super fun!

Creating Circuits


We have been learning about the Titanic. This week we visited the Titanic museum in Belfast. We took part in a workshop about how messages are sent at sea and then took a tour of the museum. It was great!

Investigations in Class

We've been learning all about the Titanic. We completed some investigations into the effect of ice water on our bodies. Afterwards we used 'Talking Tokens' in class to discuss our findings.

Titanic Investigations

Flight - Trip to Navan Centre

We have been learning all about Flight. We visited the Navan Centre where we took part in some scientific investigations about flight. It was great fun!

Flight -Scientific Experiments

Y7S Assembly

Y7S' Assembly is all about William Shakespeare. We are learning this song! What do you think? 

William Shakespeare Song


Numeracy - Fractions and Percentages

We have been learning about the relationships between fractions and percentages. Here we are playing a percentages game!

Percentages and Fractions

Welcome back to school! Our new topics!

Welcome back to school to all of Y7S children and their families. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are well rested for the new year!

This week in school we have started our new WAU Topic - Flight; Our Numeracy Topic - Percentages and our Literacy Topic - Genre.

To help cement the children's understanding of percentages and their relationship to decimals and fractions why not try out the game below?! Enjoy!

Young Enterprise and Y7S

On Wednesday Y7S spent the day working with the Young Enterprise programme. We learned about 'Our World' and global trading. We also learned about what different countries import and export and the unfair balance in population and GDP between some countries.

In the afternoon, the children worked in teams representing countries around the world. Some countries had access to a lot of money and natural resources, while others had very limited money and resources. The children had to use their assets to create products to sell in order to make money. It was really interesting and fun!

ICT, Literacy and Music

This week Y7S were thinking about Christmas! The children worked with a partner to write an advert for a toy they created. They then used the Garage Band app on the iPads to record their advertisements before layering the advert with music, a drum beat and even additional sound samples!

We had a great time mixing our writing talents with our musical talents and can't wait to use the app again!

Creating our Advertisements

Music in Y7S

We are learning how to play the tin whistle! It's a little tricky-but fun!

Playing some songs!


Please find below some links to games the children can use at home to help develop rapid and accurate recall of their multiplication facts. Enjoy!


This week we've been learning how to plot coordinates in four quadrants. Here's a game to play at home!

Izak9 - A Resource to Develop Mental Math

This week we have been using our new numeracy resource, Izak9!

Izak9 provides opportunities for the children to share and use a variety of strategies when tackling mental math problems. The children have been developing their teamwork, debating and listening skills as they work together to complete the mental math tasks using Izak9. It's been great fun! Come and see!

Ulster American Folk Park

As part of our World Around Us topic we visited the Ulster American Folk Park; an outdoor museum which tells the story of emigration from Ulster to America in the 18th and 19th centuries. We had a wonderful day learning about the lives of the people in Ireland before and after they emigrated. Have a look!

Ulster American Folk Park

World Around Us - Children's jobs

We've been learning about the jobs children had during the Victorian era. We learned about a child chimney sweep; we created a space similar in size to the Victorian chimney, then we investigated who in our class could fit into it! It was quite a small fit!

Children and the Victorians

Time Games

We've been practicing our time skills by using analogue and digital time bingo,  'Round the World' time cards and the interactive white board!

Time Games - Active Learning


Today in class we were learning how to calculate the probability of an event. We worked in groups and used marbles and sweets to calculate the probability of getting a particular colour.




This week we are learning about time. We will be reading the time, converting from 12 hour to 24 hour time and calculating time intervals.


Numeracy: Number Investigations

Folk Dancing in PE

Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000

Today in class, we worked in different groups to round numbers. Here we are rounding with our teacher!

WAU: Victorian Times - Emigration and the Irish Famine

Today the children worked in groups to identify and sort the push and pull factors which affected emigrants during the Victorian times. Afterwards they came up with some reasons of their own. It was challenging and fun!

WAU-Emigration: Push and Pull Factors


Today in literacy we learned about non-fiction texts. We read a letter and a newspaper report and we talked about formal and informal language. Afterwards some of the children role played a situation when they would use formal language. The children decided that making a complaint to the council in order to ensure that all people, including wheelchair users, can use the footpaths safely would be an ideal situation!

Literacy and Role Play - Make our area safe for all!

Do you want to learn more about our World Around Us topic?

Check out these websites!

Student Council Representative

Eco School Representatives

We did lots of activities when we were in Shannaghmore. Check out our slideshow for pictures of us on the beach, on our adventure walk, climbing the mountain, listening to some spooky stories and playing games before bedtime!

Our Shannaghmore Trip!

We had a wonderful time on our class trip to Shannaghmore! The children were fearless as they scaled the High Ropes and were true adventurers on our Adventure Walk and Canoe expedition! Well done to all! :)