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Welcome to Year 7M

Class of 2015-2016


Sports Day

Accelerated Reading Award


Y7M read the most words from January to May in Key Stage 2.

As a result of this Mrs Murray let us go anywhere we wanted in Northern Ireland as a reward.  We chose Jumpboxx and Burger King in Banbridge.

We all had a fantastic day.  All our hard work paid off.

Jumpboxx is fantastic.


May Class Awards 

Newspaper Report Winners

Euro 2016 Day

Badminton with Nick Rusk

Bank of Ireland UK

Bank of Ireland UK has developed a comprehensive programme for schools, with a range of initiatives designed to educate young students about money and banking.  During their visit to our class each child was given an opportunity to open their own Student Account.   

Titanic Belfast Visit

As part of our World Around Us topic on The Titanic Year 7 visited Titanic Belfast.  Built at Titanic's birthplace, it now stands as the world's largest Titanic visitor experience.  It was a great way to reinforce what has been taught.

Northern Ireland Assembly Visit

  On Friday 15th April Y7M visited Stormont. The purpose of this visit was to reinforce what had been previously been taught through PDMU.  On arrival we were met by a lovely lady called Carol, she would be our guide for the day.  There were no MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) in Stormont. They ceased to be so on 31st March. They now are awaiting to be re-elected in the May elections.  Only the First Minister and Deputy 1st Ministers can enter the main building.

  We debated in the Blue Room if School uniforms should be banned in Millington.  This was a very interesting and thought provoking activity.  Don't worry parents the green uniform is still going to be worn with pride. This gave us an idea how laws were passed and how MLAs voted. Everyone enjoyed this activity best.

WAU- Titanic Models

As part of our World Around Us topic on Titanic some members of the class designed and made models of the Ship. Some fantastic models were constructed.   


 How does cold water affect the bodies of those overboard?


We carried out experiments in class on how Icy Water affects our bodies.   This gave us an idea of how those people who fell overboard on Titanic felt.  


Practicing Ball Skills

February Award Winners

Science Week

As part of science week Y7M visited Navan Fort to take part in science activities connected to the work we carried on within flight.

We met a Mad Nasa Scientist, an American WW2 Airman and a Retired Science teacher.

Members of the class took part in experiments.  It was an excellent morning.  


Important Notes for Parents




Parent interviews take place the week beginning the 9th February 2016.  Pupils will go home at 1:50pm. 





RED DAY 2016

January Award Winners

WAU - Birds of Prey Visit


Mr Ian Patterson visited Year 7 with three of his birds of prey.  Ian introduced us to his two owls and his Falcon.  We saw how these beautiful birds fly and catch their prey.  Some of us were even lucky enough to hold them.


Designing and Flying Planes


Recently we designed planes in WAU.  We took into consideration the 4 things we need to create for a plane to fly.


     2 THRUST


     4  WEIGHT 

We then measured the distance our planes flew.




Sentinus Robotics Roadshow

January Accelerated Reader Winners

December Award Winners

Curriculum Rugby with Mr Bill Holden

Ulster Branch Representative

Drumcree College Multicultural Day 2015

December Accelerated Reader Winners

November Prize Winners

World Around Us Topic

 The Human Body

We carried out an investigation on our own bodies. We measured our height, length of arms and legs. The circumference of our head. Our weight and area of our hands. We measured our heart rate per minute at rest and during exercise. As well recording our thumb prints of both left and right thumbs. We will record the mean, mode and median of our findings. It was quite a busy morning. Mr McKane was worried when some of us could not hear our heart beating. 



Eye Sketches As part of Art/World Around Us Topic

The Human Body

Izak9 Maths Tasks

We are improving our mental maths and team work skills using Izak9.

Apex Maths Diagonal Investigation

October/ November 

Accelerated Reader Certificate 


October Award Winners

Victorian Children at Work Empathy

What would you See, Smell, Hear and feel?


Ulster American Folk Park Visit


Today Year 7 visited the Ulster Folk Park in Omagh.  The museum is divided into four sections: Indoor Galleries, Old World (Ireland), Ship and Dockside and New World (America). WE enjoyed sampling foods from both the Old World and the New World.  WE also had the chance to dance as part of a thanksgiving celebration in a Pennsylvaian Log Barn.  The highlight of the afternoon was the visit to the NEW Tennessee Rogan Plantation House.  The home of Francis Rogan the son of Hugh Rogan, an emigrant farmer from County Tyrone. 


Probability Starburst Investigation

As part of our work on probability in Numeracy we carried out an investigation using Starburst Sweets.

Guided Reading

We have been working hard in our Guided Reading Sessions this term. 

Victorian Job Centre

As part of out World Around Us Topic on Life in Victorian Ireland we looked at different jobs on offer at this extremely bleak time in history.  We discussed and wrote about the jobs best suited for children.  These ranged from chimney sweeps to pulling carts of coal to labouring on farms.  Every child in Y7M is happy to be working hard in school and thankful not to be living in the Victorian era.

Scholastic Book Fair 2015-2016

Children have enjoyed taking part in the Accelerated Reading Programme in P5 and P6.  This has given them a great love for reading. This was evident on our visit to the Book Fair. The class soon were engrossed reading, as you can see.

Monthly Award Winners September

Victorian Silhouettes In World Around Us

An Excellent Art Activity

Folk Dancing in PE

Year 7M love Folk Dancing with The Dingles Regatta Folk Band.  Here you can see the class carrying out Right Hand Stars, Left Hand Stars, Swings and Reels.  A very enjoyable yet tiring experience for all. 

Tin Whistle

As part of music in Primary 7.  Each class has been trying their hand at the Tin Whistle.  We will be taking the whistles home  before Halloween.  Parents be prepared to be amazed. smiley

Why did people emigrate in Victorian Times?

In groups we discussed why people emigrated to other countries in Victorian times.  We then classified our reasons into two factors.

Push Factors & Pull Factors

What pushed people out of the country = Famine, eviction etc.

What pulled people away to another country = jobs, land etc. 

Shannaghmore Day 1