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Lithuania 🇱🇹 

​ Y7M picked the country of Lithuania out of the glass bowl that was brought round the classes to choose a country to follow as part of Multicultural Day. Everyone really enjoyed researching this beautiful country, looking at it’s customs, traditions, sports, geography, currency and government to mention a few topics. We were lucky enough to have two class members who were able to help us all with pronouncing words and numbers. We even answered mental maths questions in our Friday Roundup in Lithuanian. 

Multicultural Day 2021

Locating the country we all live in

  The first task we carried was locating our own countries. In Y7M we have children from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania. Not to mention Northern Ireland. 

Polish Children in Y7M

Lithuanian Children in Y7M

Latvian Children in Y7M

Where in the world we live

Lithuanian experts putting us to the test.

Still image for this video

Dressed in the colours of Lithuania 🇱🇹

Carousel Research Activity


Lithuania 🇱🇹 

 The activity that we enjoyed the most was the Carousel activity in which Mr McKane put us into groups and we had five minutes to find out as much as we could on a particular topic on Lithuania. These topics ranged from sport, geography, general information, food and tourism. Lithuania is a beautiful country a lot like Ireland but very flat. It’s language is one of the oldest in the world. The national sport is Basketball. These were a few facts we noted down. Every five minutes we moved to another fact table and researched information that the previous group had not noted.We moved around the topic tables like the way a carousel moves at the fair. Hence the name Carousel Research Activity. 


carousel research activity

Quiz on what we had learned about Lithuania from our research.

Lithuanian Paper Flowers in the colours of Lithuania 🇱🇹

Completed flowers and Lithuanian bunting.