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Welcome to Y7M 2018-2019


Important Information For Parents 

Thanks for all of your help and support this year. I hope all of your children had an enjoyable year. Best wishes for everyone going to Junior High school in September. Enjoy spending time with your children over the summer. 


School Council Representative, Eco-Council Representatives and Digital Leaders.

Final Day in Year 7M

Best goal keeper at Ambassadors Girls Competition WEll DONE ✅

Titanic Museum 

Visit Belfast

A member of Year 7 helping Sue slay the 🐉.

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Titanic Science Experiments

Huddling and Icy Conditions

   Year seven carried out a number of experiments in our World Around Us Topic on the Titanic. We had a little experience of what the passengers who went overboard would have faced in the Icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the night the ship sank.  We carried out an investigation into if passangers who huddled together in the water would have been warmer than passangers who were on their own. Our findings showed us that passangers who huddled together would have kept warm for longer than those on their own but eventually their body temperatures would have dropped to that of the Atlantic. We all paced our hands in a bucket of Icy water for a very short period of time.  We discussed that it was very unpleasant and even more so if our whole bodies were in the water. We recorded our times and findings on both line and bar graphs. 


Shared Education Celebration Trip to Belfast Giants

IZAK9 Group Work: Fraction Action and The Great Wall

Tin collection for Swaziland

Finding a voice (Poetry)

 In Literacy we have been studying and reading poems on bullying and pollution. The children wrote their own poems in the style of a range of poets. 

Poems on topics children face and will face in real life

Titanic Models 

 The class was set a challenge to make a model of the Titanic. Children used cardboard, clay and sandstone (which was extremely impressive and not to mention heavy) One even had battery powered lights. Well done to everyone involved.


World Around Us Flight Green Screen Presentations

Flight Presentation

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Rocket Presentation

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Birds Presentation

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Birds Presentation

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Rocket Presentation

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Flight Presentation

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£5.00 Prize winners in Accelerated Reading

Healthy Kidz Big Workout Day

Numeracy Nets Investigation 

  We carried out an investigation into making nets into their various 3D shapes. Some nets made the various 3D shapes while others did not. This was excellent revision of the topic. 

Numeracy Nets Investigation

Gymnastics with Steve from Healthy Kidz

Stations in Gymnastics

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February Monthly Award Winners in Y7M

                            World Book Day 2019

  As part of World Book Day, everyone brought in their favourite book and talked about it to other members of the class. Mr McKane told us about his favourite book The he read in primary seven. We carried out a book review of our books. Everyone in class really dived into their books. 

World Book Day 2019: Dive into a book.

Love for Life Talk, Police Talk and Dental Talk in Shared Education

Instructional Writing

  In Literacy we carried out some instructional writing. Not only did we write instructions, we also carried out what we had written. A group made fifteens for the whole class. Mr McKane promised to let us make these again, as they were delicious. Another group made bird feeders from Tetra Packs and a group from card using lard to stick the bird seed to.  This was a great way to attract birds as we have been studying them in our World Around Us Topic Flight. 

Fifteens, Tetra Pack Bird Feeders and Lard Bird Feeders.

                        Boys to Men 

  As part of the Boys to Men programme the boys made food for the girls in Y7M. They also made Valentines Day gifts.  The boys then served the girls the food they had prepared also.  Mrs Murray and Mrs Taylor were also guests. The boys did an excellent job. Thank you very much Rev William Orr. 

January Class Award Winners and Accelerated Reader Certificates

Valentines Day Non Uniform Day

Internet Safety Day

WAU Topic Flight - Waterproofing feathers experiment

Another Word Millionaire in Y7M

December Class Award Winners

WAU The Human Body - Measuring parts of the Body.

Ditch The Dark Day 2018