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📡Information For Parents👍🏻

  This has been one of the most enjoyable years I have had in Millington. Every child in my class this year has been a joy to teach. The results in tests were very impressive. In Accelerated Reader we had the highest word count in Year 7 and in the whole school.  Everyone in Y7M did their bit to make this possible. 

  We were complemented on our behaviour on all trips Shannaghmore, American Folk Park in Omagh, Argory, Shared Education Trips to St Anthony's, Brownlow House and even Holland. 

  Enjoy your summer and I look forward to hear about your child's success at Clounagh, Tandragee, Killicomaine and Armagh Royal.  I have colleagues and friends who will keep me informed.

  Enjoy your summer, I hope your children have enjoyed the year as much as I have.🤙🏻






The Class of 2017 - 2018

School Council and Eco Council

Class Representatives 

Community Police Visit

  Pamala and her Community Police colleagues have been holding workshops in school. The main aim of the visits are to make the children aware of the dangers that children of their age could face and how the Police can help. They carried out role play activities such as: how to behave when out and about; how to treat the elderly; how to deal with peer pressure and to say no to drugs and alcohol. The children asked some very sensible questions and took onboard what Pamala told them. This was very encouraging!

Volleyball Tournament with Craigavon Aztecs coaches


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The Big Workout Day

Big Workout Day Circuits

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Titanic Experiments 

  As part of our WAU work on Titanic we carried out a series of experiments as to what it would have been like to be in the icy water of the Atlantic. We recorded how long each class member could keep their hands in the water.  We then drew a bar graph of our results and discussed our findings. 

  We carried out simple activities such as lacing up our shoes, writing our name, building lego towers and putting on our ties to mention a few. We discussed why it would be easier or harder to do after being in cold water.

  We also placed bottles of water at body temperature into the icy water and recorded the temperature over the morning.  We discussed if passengers huddled together they would survive longer. This led to great debate.

Last session of Shared Education at St Anthony's with Healthy Kidz

Multi-fitness Games with St Anthony's Partners

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Maths Day to raise money for Children in The Crossfire Charity

 Y7M dressed in the colour of an African Country Flag. We classified the flags into various categories designing a Venn Diagram. In the playground we made human Venn Diagrams using our the colours we came to school dressed in. Mr McKane set us a challenge of getting into order of countries from the most Northern to the most Southern. He gave us a map to help us of course. We are not the good!

  We also took part in an online challenge of various maths tasks relating to Children in the Crossfire charity facts and figures. We also saw that this is a very worthwhile charity that carries out great work with children in Africa affected by war.

Our African Country Colours

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Our African Country Colours

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Flag Colours

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Flags of African Nations

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March Class Award Winners

Accelerated Reading Master Class

  As a result of every member of Y7M reading for over 25 minutes for the majority of the year, not to mention meeting their reading targets. The Class received Master Class Status. This is by no means an easy task. Everyone in Y7M received a badge and are on the Accelerated Reader Hall of Fame. Thank you parents for your support and patience with your children reading at home.  

Volleyball with Mr Paul McIlwaine from Craigavon Aztecs and Team Northern Ireland

Setting skills

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Fine tuning setting!

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Investigation with unifix tiles. Can certain nets be folded into square-based pyramids? Very challenging!

Colour Run in People's Park with Healthy Kidz and lots of children from 25 schools in the local area.

ICT Database Task on Titanic. Researching Passengers!

Dressing up in our Team Colours

  As part of Healthy Kidz the whole school took part in a sponsored fitness day. We dressed in our favourite team colours or in a team strip we belong to. A Healthy Kidz coach carried out an intense 30 minute circuits Class. It was both very enjoyable but exhausting. We loved it!

Circuits with tackle bags

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Arm exercises with ropes

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Bee Safety Talks (Policing and Community Safety Partnership)

♥️ Making Mother's Day Cards ♥️

February Class Award Winners

World Book Day 2018

As part of World Book Day we all dressed up in Year 7M as book characters. As well as having a very enjoyable morning in a special Assembly, which the whole school enjoyed, we took part in a Webinar. Based on the BFG book we also carried out some STEM experiments connected to the positions that the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) concocted in the story. We rounded off the day by watching the Movie The BFG. Which we will Carr out a review of at a later date. 

Year 7M World Book Day Book Characters

Webinar arranged by Ccea. Exciting stuff!😂😂

STEM science experiments based on The BFG

Practical Estimating And Measuring Perimeter Of Everyday Objects (Active Learning)

The Great Debate- pros and cons of owning a mobile phone.

Writing  task "How Do You Do That?"

As part of our work in Literacy we revised what must be added to a good set of instructions making them easy to follow. As the boys have been cooking in the Boys to Men Project and we have been studying birds in our Flight Topic, we based our instructional writing on:

How to make Fifteens.

How to make a bird shelter and feeder.

How to make a simple nutritious bird feeder.

Making Fifteens (Product)

Bird Shelter and Feeder (Product)

Simple Nutritional Bird Feeder (Product)

Boys to Men Project (Respecting Women)

January Class Award Winners

Lough Neagh Discovery Centre Bush Craft visit with a few friends.

Brave ladies

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Shared Education at St Anthony's with Healthy Kidz (Hurling)

ACTIVE LEARNING clumping in numeracy (decimals, percentages and fractions)

Shared Education at St Anthony's (Talk on care of teeth and damage sugar can do by local dentist)

Guided Reading Groups (summarising Macbeth;showing empathy towards a character by writing interview questions; Purple Mash Task and becoming a character.

Boys to Men activity day at the Mill (Blackers Mill) Paint Splatting

Internet Safety talk with Eleanor from Esafety

Science Stations in WAU associated with Flight Topic

   We carried out four challenges associated with Flight:

1. Design and construct a rocket (that will propell the highest distance)

2. Research, design and construct a paper aeroplane (that will fly the furthest distance)

3. Design and make a device that will counteract gravity to stop an egg from breaking when dropped off the school balcony.

4. Investigate the force produced when an energy tablet (Barraca) is enclosed within an airtight container.


Scientists at work