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Dinner Money in 2017 £2.55 per day / £12.75 per week

PE Day Thursday please make sure your child brings shorts, red polo shirt and trainers

Swimming & After School Clubs for term 2 begin on Monday 6th February


Second part of term 2 starts on Monday 20th February 2017


Swimming starts on that day.Thank you for all of your help and support this year!

School Finishes on Friday 7th April at 12.30pm. If your child has any brothers or sisters in P1-P3 they can go home with them at 12.00pm.

This term commences on Monday 24th April.

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School Council Representative

School Eco-Council Representatives

Y7M receive Renaissance Master Class Status

Due to our hard work within the Accelerated Reading program Y7M received an award for their efforts. Well done to the whole class.

Titanic Non-chronological Report Winners

As part of our work on non-chronological report writing in literacy Mr McKane awarded the best pieces within each literacy group with a bar of chocolate.



Brownlow House Visit

As part of our local study in World Around Us Y7M (as well as all of P7) visited Brownlow house in lurgan. David and Geff, our tour guides, took us on a very detailed tour of the beautiful house owned by the Brownlow family. We heard about the famous grey hound Master McGrath as well as how the house was used by American soldiers during WW2. It was a fantastic trip with the highlight being traveling to and from Lurgan on the train.

Volleyball with Craigavon Aztecs Junior Volleyball Academy

Paul and Amy from Craigavon Aztecs visited school today. Everyone in Y7M had the chance to try out for the Aztecs Junior Volleyball Academy. Everyone enjoyed Paul and Amy's coaching. Well done everyone. 

Trip to Titanic Centre in Belfast

On Tuesday 23rd May Y7M visited the Titanic Visitor Centre in Belfast. We saw the hardships the workers in H&W had to face in building the great ship. We visited various exhibitions. Everyone's favourite was a small car ride seeing what a day in the life of a ship builder was like. We also saw in a small cinema the actual wreck and artefacts from the ship. It was a truly memorable day...... 

April monthly awards

Stormont Visit

On Friday 9th June Y7M visited the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings in Belfast. We visited the various chambers and put are discussion techniques to good practice by carrying out a debate. The debate was on "If school uniforms should be banned". Our tour guide James really enjoyed telling us about the history of this beautiful building.

Titanic Debate Planning

Who was to blame?

In preparation for our discussion piece of writing on "Who was to blame for the Titanic sinking" we constructed mind maps. We organised our points logically for the seven different people believed to be responsible for the disaster. We presented both sides of the argument in a balanced way. The people related to the sinking were 1.Captain Edward J Smith 2. Bruce Ismay (White Star Line owner) 3. Thomas Andrews (ship designer) 4.Jack Philips (radio operator)5.The lookouts 6.Harland and Wolf (shipbuilders) 7.Captain Stanley Lord (captain of the Californian)

Titanic Passengers ICT Task

As part of ICT Y7M have researched information on titanic Passengers by using the Titanic database and researching the internet. The children searched the database to retrieve  information about passengers. They also carried out research on the internet. Pupils will have the option to create either a newspaper front page or a presentation which will include some of their research. Watch this space.....

Titanic Experiment (Active Learning)

"How does the cold water affect the bodies of those overboard?"

Y7M carried out a series of simple tasks from writing names, building towers with Lego, tying shoe laces and tying ties.

We then placed our hands in (2°c) icy water. We tried to keep our hands in a basin for 2 minutes (or as long as we could). We then repeated these (easy) tasks. We found that they were much harder to do. We had a very long discussion about how freezing cold water would have affected those overboard. We then recorded our findings in our maths books via a frequency table and bar chart.

Walking Times (Active Learning)

This morning we went outside to measure how many metres we could walk in 60 seconds. We used trundle wheels and used timers and watches. We recorded our results carefully on a table. back in class we constructed a line graph of best fit of our findings. We then answered questions using the lines of best fit we had constructed. Everybody in the group had a job to do from being a scribe to keeping time.

Drone and Model Airplanes (Explanations of the 4 forces of flight) Active Learning

Mr Alastair Hewitt visited P7. He brought his drone and a range of model aircraft. Using his models he showed the classes how the planes fly using the 4 forces of flight.

Instruction Writing (Active Learning)

This morning in Year7M we wrote instructions. Two groups wrote instructions on how to make a birdfeeder from a juice carton. One group wrote more detailed instructions on how to make fifteen buns. Not only did we write the instructions but we actually made buns and birdfeeders. Mr McKane supplied us the materials, utensils and ingredients. We then set to work. Mr McKane and Mrs Clark helped with the dangerous cutting parts. This was a lovely way to end our WAU topic on flight. In literacy we have been writing instructions and luckily the group who made enough for the whole class. They tasted lovely. McKane gave us his mother's ingredients.

Active Learning Measuring Task

In class we carried out tasks where we related area and perimeter to real life situations. We used measuring tools to calculate the area of perimeter of areas within the school. we then calculated how much it would cost to cover these areas in Astro Turf, carpet etc.

Accelerated Reading Awards

February Monthly Award Winners

How Aeroplanes Fly (Active Learning)

This afternoon we carried out a think/pair/share activity about how we could make an efficient aeroplane. We thought about how drag, aerodynamics, propulsion and weight would affect the plane. We discussed how we could use these factors as advantages and how to overcome these factors (weight and drag).

we then manufactured our paper planes from the designs. We all took on board what we had previously discussed. Each pair made different planes. From making folds at the wings to aid the aerodynamics to making extra folds on the nose to counter drag. The plane designs were carefully thought out and manufactured. Next we made predictions as to how far the planes would fly.The whole class agreed that the distance should be measured in metres. This was the most sensible measurement. Finally we flew our planes. The test was fair as we used the same location and the same measuring tape. We threw the planes from the exact same spot.

Visit to see Scientist Sue at the Navan Centre Armagh

All of year 7 went to the Navan Centre in Armagh. We met two male scientists who showed us how air pressure inside an aeroplane and space ship works, to keep us alive in space and at high altidues. Scientist Sue carried out a range of different experiments too. It was a very educational morning.

Pancake Tuesday

As part of our Shrove Tuesday celebrations Y7M made pancakes. We followed instrutions and used Miss Colgan's recipe. We will be writing instructions in Literacy later this term. The pancakes were delicious.

Oxford Island Bird Talk

On Friday 24th February Sandra, Peter, Robyn and Jess came into school to chat to the Primary 7 classes about birds. Sandra showed us local birds as well as birds which migrate to Northern Ireland at various times of the year. they brought some stuffed birds to show us what they actually look like up close. We finished off the day by collecting different types of bird food to take home and feed some of these beautiful animals. 

Making Movies about Flight using IMovie and Green Screen

Today we went to Cranrua to film our IMovie's. We did this in front of a green screen. It was very exciting. We used the green screen and IMovie apps to make our film about flight. The final product of the group work was very impressive. We will watch everyone's film and peer assess it using two stars and a wish.

January Monthly Award Winners

Conscience Alley (Active Learning)

We have been studying Playscripts  in Literacy. We have read extracts from Shakespeare's Macbeth. We have investigated how the plays themes are revealed through the characters. We looked at Macbeth after he had killed 


   A child was given the role of Macbeth and another the role of Lady Macbeth. The rest  of the class stood in two lines facing each other, with a pathway up the middle. Pupils in the pathway thought of one statement they would like to make to each of the individuals.

  The children selected then walked between the lines and the remainder of the class made their statements as they passed by. This role play activity allowed us to gain a quick insight into the guilty Macbeth and his wife were feeling after killing Banquo.


This morning in mixed ability groups we measured different objects within the class. We decided which would be the best unit to measure in (mm, cm or m). We then converted our answer into the other two units. By doing this task practically and actually measuring objects, the activity had a greater impact on our learning. We will be converting units of measurement in our mental maths also. The exercise also gave us a better insight into the actual length and height of our classroom. It also made us think about length and heights of items in everyday life. E.g. height of window, length of sink etc.

Owls and Falcon

Year 7 recently had a visit from Mr Ian Patterson. Ian keeps Owls and Falcons and other birds of prey. He has a vast knowledge of these beautiful birds.

The first Owl Ian showed was Alba the Barn Owl. He explained how she flew, hunted and rested. He also introduced us to Fluffy a wood Owl. We also met Bill the Peragrin Falcon. Some of us had the opportunity to feed each of these beautiful creatures.

Ian helped us to answer some of the questions we wanted to find out in our WAU topic of Flight. It was fantastic.

QR CODES (Active Learning)

In WAU today we used the QR Code Reader App to complete research on different aspects of flight within our Topic of Flight. As a result of this we now know what a QR code is and how it can be of benefit to us within school. We discussed the benefits of using QR codes.

  • Instant access to a website
  • No more writing down long URL addresses
  • Saves paper
  • Gets pupils up and moving
  • Can be adapted to any age or content area
  • Students become self-directed learners
  • Encourages communication, collaboration& critical thinking

Mixed ability used different QR codes to access different websites to research information on Birds, Rockets, Planes and Amelia Earhart.

Izak 9 (Active Learning)

Task 1: (Fraction Action) Today in numeracy we carried out two Izak 9 tasks. The first task was Fraction Action.  We had to put all of the white faces in order within a 3x3 wall. It was challenging as we had to put into practice what we have been doing in fractions and percentages. When we had them ordered we looked at each others walls (Three groups Red/Green and Purple). We remembered that equivalent means equal. We saw that different grids had equivalent fractions and percentages on them. 

Task 2: (The Great Wall) Each group had to join together (Green, Red and Purple). They then had to make a wall pulling all of the percentages on the bottom row. All of the fraction walls the middle row and all of the fractions in order on the top row in order also. This had a very positive input on the childrens learning as it, as well as working together got the to put previous learning into practice.

Clustering in Numeracy(Active Learning)

As a practical way of understanding that decimals, fractions and percentages are different ways of showing the same value we carried out a clustering activity today in numeracy. We revised fractions, decimals and percentages on maths is with Mr McKane. We then went to the assembly hall. On entering the hall Mr McKane gave us a card each. We were not allowed to show it to anybody. When Mr McKane said go, we had to work with others to find our cluster group of 4. One person had a fraction, one had percentage, one had a decimal and one person had a fraction wall of the same value. we had to move around and compare our values with each other. We had to find the matching values (fractions/decimals/percentages and 100 square value) and get into a cluster. We then gave our cluster a name. We then discussed which value was easier to find. Those with percentage cards said the 100 square people were easy to find. 

Healthy Kids 2017

Healthy kids is a fitness company who will be providing children with the opportunity to improve our fitness levels. We carried out fitness tests which the instructors say we will improve on over the next 6 weeks. Watch this space....

Pounds and Pence Practical Maths Investigation

This morning in numeracy some of Y7M carried out a practical investigation. We made 6 different amounts of money using a dice. We made different totals with these amounts. We investigated what was the largest and smallest amounts which we could make.

Back to Back (Active Learning)

Y7M carried out the Active Learning activity of back to back. In pairs children "sat back to back".

Editing and Perfecting our Personification Poems.

This term we have been studying Personification Poems. We have looked at how poets bring objects to life in their poetry giving them human qualities. We completed an independent writing task were we personified everyday objects such as mirrors, doors and duvets to mention a few. Mr McKane distance marked our work and we edited it in ICT and produced some excellent final drafts.

New WAU Topic


Today in WAU we completed the K in our KWHL grid on what we know about flight. This is a very exciting topic which we will be studying this term.

Accelerated Reading Awards

December Monthly Award Winners

Cricket In PE

This morning Calum from Victoria Cricket Club in Lurgan came to Millington. He introduced us to the exciting sport of Cricket. We practiced throwing, catching and batting.

Christmas Jumper

Day & Craft Fair

November Award Winners

Izak 9

In numeracy we have been using Izak 9 as part of our Active Learning. Helix and Abacus have been setting tasks for us to complete in groups. Some tasks have been quite easy while others have been very difficult. We have had to work as a team to complete each task. Mr McKane loves asking us mental maths questions as a plenary to each task. The hardest task so far has been looking at 9 numbers on a wall and building the wall. This sounds easy but we only saw the wall for 3 seconds and had 1 minute to build the wall. Each team worked well and we completed the task.

Accelerated Reading Awards

Candy Cane Reindeers

Y7M have started to make Candy Cane Reindeers for the Christmas Craft Day taking place in school next Friday. We are hoping to sell all of the Reindeers. They are very cute!!!

Victorian Christmas at the Argory

As part of our WAU study on life in Victorian Ireland we visited the Argory. We had the opportunity to make some Victorian Christmas decorations that rich children in the big house would have made. (crackers and quilling art). We then made our way to the stable and made straw angles. The servants children would have made these beautiful decorations for their tree. We finished off with a tour of the beautiful decorated house where we sang Away in a Manger.

Tesco Colouring Winners

In the remembrance colouring competition ran by Tescos. Four members of Y7M won a selection box each for the colouring efforts. Well done everyone!!


As part of our WAU topic 'The Human Body' we carried out an investigation into measuring different parts of the body. A few children wanted to know if our arms were both the same length or longer. Some members of the class wanted to know if their legs were the same size also. We will be carrying out fair tests using different parts of our bodyalso this term. Watch this space!!

Rugby with Bill Holden Ulster Branch. Rep of Mid Ulster Schools.

Active Learning in Maths

We played connect 3 in maths. This was to reinforce our topic on coordinates. We enjoyed the competitiveness of this task.

Active Learning CAROUSEL

As part of our topic on the Victorians we carried out a Carousel activity to help us feel empathy for the hardships that poor Victorian children faced at this time in history. We had the opportunity to imagine what the children saw, smelt, felt and heard while working on a range of dangerous jobs from cleaning chimneys to tanning cow hides into leather. We then discussed why these jobs were designed for children and gave reasons for our answers from our group discussion. As a writing activity we wrote our own job advertisement for a Victorian child.

We then as a plenary discussed each others ideas and answers. The class agreed it was very helpful to design and write our own advert as well as feeling empathy for poor Victorian children living in both Ireland and Britain at that time.

Trip to Ulster American Folk Park

As part of our WAU topic on Victorian Ireland Year 7 visited the American Folk Park.Children saw what life was like in Ireland during the famine by seeing houses.
They went on board a coffin ship and visited New World America.

Class Assembly

As part of our assembly we performed two dramas. The first was called the "Sacrifice" and the second was called "10 Little Groupies" based on the parable of the 5 foolish ladies in Matthew. We also beautifully sang "In Christ Alone".

Emigration Push and Pull Factors

As part of our WAU topic on Victorian Ireland we discussed and debated factors which led to the Irish being forced out (pushed) or drawn (pulled) to emigrating to America. This led to great discussions between partners and groups. (think/pair and share) We also came up with factors which helped the Irish move.

Numeracy Week