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laughWelcome to our page! We hope you enjoy finding out about the activities that we do and the fun we have doing them!frown

Our Class Photo

Our School Council Rep!

Our Eco Council Reps!

Our Bus Monitors!

Back to Back Listening Activity - Our Summer Holidays.

Congratulations to our September Award Winners!

Numeracy Day - Pizza Fractions!

Hallow'een Traditions from America - Making Pumpkins

Well done to our October Award Winners!

Volleyball Coaching

Learning about plays and performance

As part of our Literacy we have been learning about plays and performance.  In groups we had to prepare readings from 2 different plays - Macbeth and The Railway children.  We had to think about the way we would speak according to how the character is feeling or what they are doing.  We will be writing our own plays then making them into films using the iPad!  Lots of fun!


Well done to our November award winners!

Our Positive Behaviour Treat!

Lough Neagh 'Birds' visit to school!

British Heart Foundation Red Day!

Friday Afternoon PDMU with Jeannie

Our January Award Winners. WELL DONE!

As part of our world around us we did a science investigation where we had to design a device which would protect an egg if we threw it out of the window.  Here are some of the devices which we came up with and as you can see when we tested them we discovered that some needed a little 'tweaking' to keep that egg safe!

Well done to the February Award Winners!

Making Titanic models as part of our Titanic topic in WAU

Titanic Experiment - Looking at the effects of hypothermia on the body!

How can we make a circuit to create morse code?

Creating rockets to send distress signals

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