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Dinner Money - £2.55 per day

Please bring your dinner money on a Monday morning in a labelled envelope.


P.E. day - Friday

Please remember to bring your shorts, t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls.

Video Conference using the Collaborate app to chat to the girls at Holy Cross Primary School about the sports we do at Millington

Volleyball with Craigavon Aztecs Junior Volleyball Academy

We found out lots of facts about our body and brain with 'Clever Cloggs'

Hockey with Y7G for interclass games.... we won!! :) now we need to take on Y7M... we can do it!!

We really enjoyed leaving comments to the girls at Holy Cross Primary School on our Fronter discussion... we couldn't wait for them to reply!

Young Enterprise was brilliant fun and we enjoyed working with some of Y7M too!

Team-Building Skills

Hope 2 Others- money raised in water bottles for Swaziland

Active learning- Titanic debate- who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic?

Freddie Fitness Fun

Healthy kids- improving our flexibility, balance, agility, speed and strength

Active learning- Literacy- we did a role play about persuading parents to let children have a mobile phone.... some people were very convincing!

Active learning in Literacy- today we played Chinese whispers to test our listening skills before doing a 'back to back' instructions activity

Y7H making iMovies using the Green Screen App

We were very lucky to have Emma from the Amma Centre come to our class to help us make iMovies about our WAU topic Flight. We had lots of fun using the green screen and iMovie apps to make our film about flight. The final product of the group work was very impressive. We really enjoyed filming the Y7H superhero class clip! We will watch everyone's film and peer assess them using two stars and a wish.

WAU- we had fun with a drone in school today!

Prof. Gumsie entertains us with his drone and explains the forces of flight!


Literacy/WAU- Active Learning

We were allowed to make and throw paper aeroplanes in school!! sad

We followed a set of instructions and each group made a different type of aeroplane. We predicted which one would fly the longest distance and explained our reasoning. Then we tested our paper aeroplanes outside. What a fun day!

Our educational trip to Stormount... as it was a sunny day we even got to go to the park!

Active Learning in Literacy- walking debate outside

All of year 7 went to the Navan Centre in Armagh. We met two male scientists who showed us how air pressure inside an aeroplane and space ship works, to keep us alive in space and at high altidues. Scientist Sue carried out a range of different experiments too about bubbles! It was a very educational morning.
On Friday 24th February Sandra, Peter, Robyn and Jess came into school to chat to the Primary 7 classes about birds. Sandra showed us local birds as well as birds which migrate to Northern Ireland at various times of the year. They brought some stuffed birds to show us what they actually look like up close. We finished off the day by collecting different types of bird food to take home and feed some of these beautiful animals. 

We loved using the iPad app 'Geoboards' to make shapes with various perimeters

We had a special internet safety day assembly for p4-p7

This morning in mixed ability groups we measured different objects within the class. We decided which would be the best unit to measure in (mm, cm or m). We then converted our answer into the other two units. By doing this task practically and actually measuring objects, the activity had a greater impact on our learning. We will be converting units of measurement in our mental maths also. The exercise also gave us a better insight into the actual length and height of our classroom. It also made us think about length and heights of items in everyday life. E.g. height of window, length of sink etc

Izak 9 (Active Learning)
Task 1: (Fraction Action) Today in numeracy we carried out two Izak 9 tasks. The first task was Fraction Action. We had to put all of the white faces in order within a 3x3 wall. It was challenging as we had to put into practice what we have been doing in fractions and percentages. When we had them ordered we looked at each others walls (Three groups Red/Green and Purple). We remembered that equivalent means equal. We saw that different grids had equivalent fractions and percentages on them. 
Task 2: (The Great Wall) Each group had to join together (Green, Red and Purple). They then had to make a wall putting all of the percentages on the bottom row. All of the fraction walls in the middle row and all of the fractions in order on the top row in order also. This had a very positive input on the childrens learning as it, as well as working together they got to put previous learning into practice.

Active learning in WAU- Carousal activity 

Today in WAU, we got into mixed ability groups and got a sheet with a bird on it. We had to write all the information down that we knew about that bird, we only had one minute. Then we passed our sheet onto the next group and we got another sheet. At the end, one person from each group explained their sheet to the whole class. We then had time to complete further research on a certain bird using the iPads. We found lots of new information.


Owls and Falcon
Year 7 recently had a visit from Mr Ian Patterson. Ian keeps Owls and Falcons and other birds of prey. He has a vast knowledge of these beautiful birds.
The first Owl Ian showed was Alba the Barn Owl. He explained how she flew, hunted and rested. He also introduced us to Fluffy a wood Owl. We also met Bill the Peragrin Falcon. Some of us had the opportunity to feed each of these beautiful creatures.
Ian helped us to answer some of the questions we wanted to find out in our WAU topic of Flight. It was fantastic.

Active Learning- Clustering in Numeracy
As a practical way of understanding that decimals, fractions and percentages are different ways of showing the same value we carried out a clustering activity today in numeracy in the assembly hall. On entering the hall Mrs Hylands gave us a card each. We were not allowed to show it to anybody. When Mrs Hylands said go, we had to work with others to find our cluster group of 4. One person had a fraction, one had percentage, one had a decimal and one person had a fraction wall of the same value. We had to move around and compare our values with each other. We had to find the matching values (fractions/decimals/percentages and 100 square value) and get into a cluster. We then gave our cluster a name. We then discussed which value was easier to find. Those with percentage cards said the 100 square people were easy to find. 

Fractions can be FUN!

Goodbye Ducko... Y7H will miss you

We really enjoy when 'Healthy Kids' come in every Friday to help improve our fitness.

Active learning- QR codes

Today we learned about QR codes and what they are used for. We used QR to access a certain website relating to our WAU topic of flight and had to complete research on it and feedback to the class. We really enjoyed this activity and couldn't believe how easy and exciting QR codes are to use. We have asked Mrs Hylands to use them throughout our class for different areas of learning.

Y5 came into our class to conduct a survey about our favourite crisps... yummy!

December award winners- keep up the great work!

Thanks Callum from the cricket factory for coaching us cricket- we loved it!

Skeleton measurements

Millington Christmas Sing-a-long