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Y7H school council rep
Y7H eco council reps

Shared Education celebration day- colour run!!!

Healthy kids fun day

A video of the rocket

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WAU-forces in flight. Rocket experiment.

Testing the parachutes outside... will the eggs crack?

WAU- making a parachute to hold an egg in groups using junk materials

Active Learning- IZAK 9- The Great Wall

World Book Day experiments from the BFG- making potions!

World Book Day

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Take a look at our amazing costumes... we LOVE reading! 😁📕📚

P7 ladies and gentlemen...

Girls writing thank you cards for the boys lovely cooking and hospitality

We have some gentlemen in P7... well done boys for making the girls feel special :)

Boys to Men project.... the boys getting ready for the girls to arrive

Learning about aerodynamics, making paper airplanes and testing them out!

Testing our paper planes

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Active Learning- Literacy: following instructions to make fifteens

Numeracy- Learning about percentages with Mr Johnston

We had some brave pupils today holding snakes and doing archery with bushcraft through shared education... well done girls!!

Shared education- Oasis doing a super session on diversity

Shared education- Mr Johnston coaching hockey. We all enjoyed it!

Safer Internet Day- active learning- this walking debate created some excellent discussions about online safety

Writing scripts in groups about our chosen flight area to perform in front of the green screen

Welcome to P7 Mr Johnston. We really enjoyed your numeracy lesson today on percentages :)

Who said the boys can't dance?....

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The boys are having a blast in Shared Education

Using QR codes to find out more about our flight topic

Using his knowledge on aerodynamics to help us design a race car

Active Learning- clustering in Numeracy- matching fractions, decimals and percentages

Week 2- shared education- healthy kids. Special visit from a dentist today... this will make us think twice about eating sweets!

Learning how to save lives- First Aid with Mrs OB

Getting AR prizes... keep up the great reading!

KWL- flight topic

Dale farm gave us ice lollies as we came runner up in the ‘my sporting hero’ competition... we ate them while it was snowing outside!!

Using the Green Screen app to show the organs inside a human body

Linking our knowledge about fractions, decimals and percentages using izak 9

PSNI chatting about online safety

Y7H and Y7M enjoying young enterprise

We created New Year Resolution tweets using the app 1-4-0.

Active Learning- We had lots of fun exploring coordinates through playing battleships

Buying gifts at the craft fair

The post has arrived... we have been very busy sorting, counting and delivering everyone's Christmas cards.

Making our crafts for the Christmas craft fair

Active Learning- walking debate- numeracy angles.

Argory Trip- we got a guided tour of the Argory House

Argory Trip- being poor Victorian children making straw angel Christmas decorations

Argory Trip- being rich Victorian children at Christmas time making crackers

Argory Trip- dressing up like Victorians

Active Learning- Measuring angles

Active Learning: WAU investigation

We did lots of measuring during our WAU lessons. We measured our height, weight, length of arms and legs, circumference of our head and took thumb prints. We also measured our heart rate before and after exercise and compared these. We found the average of our results too.

KWL- Human Body topic

Active Learning: Probability- picking skittles

Active Learning: Probability- we looked at an 'even chance' and played a game of heads and tails by tossing a coin

Using Collins software to build complex sentences

PurpleMash- Mash Cams

We used Mash Cams on PurpleMash to take a selfie and put our face into a Victorian lady or gentleman. We had to write a few words about our Victorian status. Have a look at some of the Victorians in Y7H.

Numeracy Day

Active Learning- Today we worked in groups to sort out the different colours of smarties from 10 packs. We collected the results of each group and compared them. This lead to a great discussion about why every pack had a different total amount of smarties and why they all had different amounts of each colour. Some packs didn't even have a pink smartie! We were able to record our results in a tally chart and also work out the mean, median, mode and range. 

Our school trip to the Ulster American Folk Park- inside the American houses