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Prize Day 2015

Quality Moments From Year 7 Night

Ethan Returns! We are all very happy to see him...

Dane and Bradley hope to show off Genieve the Goat at next Balmoral Show

Sports Day Medals presentation assembly

Visiting Moneypenny's Lock along the Newry Canal

Monthly Awards

Two defeats in two Dalton Cup hockey games leaves Y7G frustrated!

Town Walking Tour - world around us! I did not know that...

Gold Medal Winners From Sports Day!!

Camping in Gosford!

Ninja Warriors...obstacle course!

The class sprint-off!

Sports Day...waiting patiently

More TV News from Millington 24!

Freddie Fitness...raising money for Nepal!

Jacobus from Y1OB showed us his excellent Titanic picture. What an artist? We showed him one of our models...

We Became Presenters For The Day!! Now back to you in Millington...

We visited Stormont today! What a fabulous day! We even met an MLA!

A magical and mathematical Tuesday afternoon! How did he do that?

Y7G Swim Team...we finished third!!

Millington Morning News! The students create their own news bulletins with uncanny realism. Watch out UTV Live!!

Titanic Models Are Complete!!

Silly Sock Day - raising money for Clic Sargeant

Making News Reports on the Ipads!

The Titanic Museum -What a great day!

Titanic Models...getting there!!

Who's To Blame? Y7G Hold A Parliamentary Inquiry...Bruce Ismay, Capt Smith, Thomas Andrews, the crew?

Building Titanic Models!

Designing Easter Cards-Happy Easter!!

Award Winners For March...Well Done!!

Dane Represents the Area in Football Finals

Making Titanic iMovie Trailers...

Titanic signals SOS! Yr 7 create home-made telegrams...STEM

The solar eclipse-March 2015

Titanic-how did the icy Atlantic affect the Titanic passengers? Today we found out...

Designing and building towers...tallest, free-standing, weight-bearing structure wins!!

Y7G hedge planting team- Dig For Victory and the Eco-council...

International Food Day- China, USA and Ireland...with our help of course!!