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Egg and Spoon

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Sports Day 2018 - thanks for the photos Shakira!!

Our girls get some top quality coaching from Ambassadors and their German friends...

Some interesting facts from the museum visit...

Bernard from Clever Cloggers gives us advice about moving on to the next school - Transition

Titanic movie trailer - a work in progress...

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More cycling...

Titanic Investigation - how would the icy cold weather affect us...dexterity task, heartbeat, determination to withstand the cold. FACT: girls have a higher pain threshold in overcoming icy water!!

Me and my hobbles presentation

Y7G swimming stars at the recent Inter-School Gala

Colin entertaining us with Bible stories

Bushcraft visit-hunting wild prey in the Amazon jungle

Producing Titanic Imovie trailers

Can you spot any of our children doing cycling proficiency?

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Presentations - PowerPoint presentation on ourselves...

Active Learning - Learning about Africa through the charity "Children in the Crossfire"

Balloon Debate - we all acted out a character from the Titanic disaster and pleaded our case as to why it wasn't our fault!!

Award Winners in April

Titanic Study-Evan finds it difficult enough to send morse code message when under pressure...SOS!!!

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I'm sooo!

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I want one , what a deal...

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Would you buy this product?

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Volleyball Coaching Begins... an exY7G student is currently playing for NI U-16 due to days like these....We have talent!

Award winners for March... Super job!

Top,Reader...Accelerated Reading Word Millionaire!!!

MasterClass in Accelerated Reading...who would have thought? Well done Y7G!!

A Book Review with a twist...

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I do love Tayto cheese and onion...

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Marketing in today's world...

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Creating our own persuasive adverts...

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Healthy Kidz Award Winners in Y7G - keep up the good work...Y7G are the leading class at the moment!

Our class is well represented in the recent school Healthy Kidz Awards!

Easter Deal or No Deal winners!!

Recent Weekly Winners-Students of the Week

Amazing scenes as Harry Potter shows what he can do - magic moment on World Book Day

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Live footage of a Deal or no deal winner...

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World Book Day

Deal or no deal...The Easter Special. Two winners already...

Daisy instructs the class on how to draw a dog's face. What a great job!!

Instructions-could theymake 15s? Oh yes they could! Yummmmmy

Well done Jessica. An amazing 6th in the all-Ireland swimming championships in butterfly.

Congratulations to the January award winners

Happy Birthday girls!! Thanks for the chocolate...and happy birthday to Ms Irwin and Antonia's granny tooπŸŽ‚

Why should the boys have all the fun? The girls' boutique is open...

Some boys even got a tip for a job well done!

Boys to Men programme treat the girls to a nice meal...🌷

Testing paper aeroplanes...aerodynamics, thrust, weight, design

Kate talks to the class about her trans-Atlantic rowing challenge. She used to sit in Mr Guy's class a number of years ago. What a hero!!

Mr Guy the mad scientist and his Coca Cola rocket...

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The Flight Challenge - Rebecca's team

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The Flight Challenge - Shakira's team

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The Flight Challenge - Paulius's team

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The Flight Challenge - using various materials try and propel an object into space. It'll take teamwork and some thought!

Having fun with the Flight topic and green screen

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Jack presents a piece on Amelia Earhart using Green Screen...

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Shared education-the third week. Having a great time every Friday!

Feathers, feathers and feathers - waterproof, strength, attraction and warmth

Students of the Week!! Based on healthy kids, work, behaviour and attitude to school life...

Thanks for doing the rspb survey

Some of our class competing in the recent cross-country

More poetry...

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More poetry-Shakespeare

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Creating Shakespearean Poetry...spooky!

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Making bird feeders and collecting information for national RSPB bird survey

Boys to Men programme continues with a visit to the Mill. Brilliant!!

PSNI present the dangers online and of social media

Personification poetry

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Personification poetry

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Personification poetry

Word Association game to kick start our brains into the New Year!

What we got for Christmas...phones, tablets but books and pyjamas were the most popular gifts!!

Congratulations to the Students of the Week!!

Christmas Craftt Fair

Christmas Jumper Day

The Roaming Reindeer by Daisy. A Christmas cartoon....

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Delivering Millington Christmas post and spreading cheer

Christmas Craft Fair -making little penguins!

Young Enterprise - Learning about global trade

Students of the month - November

Creating a dramatic scene from a familiar setting genre...unfortunately the girls are reading from their play script. A good start but a work in progress...

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Top Reader! Accelerated Reading...

A very athletic class - Y7G involved in cross-country and football

Memories - Our Shannaghmore Wall

Congratulations to the students of the week...

Active Learning - Measuring our lung capacity (Human Body)

The dangers of smoking -Active Learning (Human Body )

Active Learning - creating a drama with various genre

A Victorian Christmas - Active Learning at the Argory

Starting to get ready for Christmas. The girls made orange and clove scented decorations (Chris-cringles)...Merry Christmas!!

Can you tell us what bird of prey this is? We think it is either a young peregrine falcon or buzzard...Unfortunately it was found, lifeless, next to a class window at lunchtime today

Recognising angles, measuring them with a protractor too-Active Learning!!

Congratulations to the October monthly ward winners...

Sketching the eyes-Human Body topic in WAU

Shakira the secretary helping with registration...

Active Learning - co-ordinates and translation!

Students of the roll-over week!! Congratulations...

Mr Guy - A Biography by McKenzy

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Design-I wonder what the girls are making?

World Around Us and Art combine to study the eye!

Measuring our bodies-Active learning...heart rate, weight, height etc

Remembrance 2017

Practical Probability- Dojo Betting! We had a few risk takers...Active Learning!!

Remembrance- stories of Portadown heroes, creating our recruitment posters, poetry and personal histories.

Reading out our poems-The Lonely Apple!

Active Learning...Investigating the probability of a coin landing on heads. I've always preferred tails however...

Probability- the head and tails game.....Active Learning!

PE on Fridays...getting faster fitter and more flexible!

Remembrance Day. These are medals from WWII, the colourful ribbons represent the theatres of war...Africa, Italy and Atlantic.

Halloween is coming and the geese are getting fat....

Harvest barn dance- yeehaa.....

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Some Victorians were definitely dodgy - would you hire this chimney sweep?

Would you apply for this position at the big house?

Emigrant Ship Posters-Which boat would you sail on?

An emigrant's letter from Australia

Millington News At Six - edited version....

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Numeracy Day - Skittles Investigations

Healthy Kids - The 'Killer' K!

Millington News At Six...currently in the process of improvement. We hope to have the edited version uploaded soon!

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Ulster-American Folk Park Trip. We experienced how Victorian Irish lived and why they emigrated and what they would expect to find in their new country of the USA!

Students of the week!!

Preparing the Lavender Pouches. A treat for working so hard this week!

Active Learning - using time practically with translink timetables

Happy birthday Paulius and thanks for the cake!!πŸ˜‹πŸŽ‚

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Non-chronological report - Shannaghmore ( a work in progress)

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Active Learning - How to make a Victorian lavender pouch...

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Using IZAK 9 for numeracy - the odd one out challenge involving prime numbers!

Persuasive Shannaghmore Posters...Active learning - deposited with year 6 to encourage others to travel to Shannaghmore next year.

Great work - keep this up! You deserve a dojo!!

Time Lords...12, 24 hr and analogue time

All aboard...emigrating from Victorian Ireland

Well done weekly award winners!

Thank you letters

Investigating number patterns and sequences

Monthly Award Winners

Well done Accelerated readers!

The Design winners...a Victorian tower....Active Learning

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Fields of Athenry....the unseen verses

Wanted-dead or alive....Victorian child criminals

Random Factors - an active learning game!

Cubed numbers!

Maths 24. -Active learning

Queen Victoria - What a strange that treason?

A reply from Smarties - Active learning

PE tests- let's see if we improve this year....

Some of the Victorian designs replicating Blackpool and Eiffel towers built in the Victorian period -Active learning...

Students of the week...

Top readers....over 30 mins a day!

PC PE...get your app sorted! We're striving to be the fittest class...

Random Factors - Active Learning

Factors PingPong!!!!!-Active Learning

Active Learning - Maths 24

Students of the week!!

Shannaghmore 2017!!!

Hitting the target in archery

The high ropes course and leap of faith!

Boulderers brave Bloody Bridge river...


Mountain Walk - at 7:30am!!!

Beach Walk - Murlough Beach

Canadian Canoeing On Castlewellan Lake

It wasn't me...honest!

Welcome back to school!

What did you do this summer? Active Learning (back to back)

Working hard during the first week...

Our class candidates for Eco and school councils

PE lessons are fun... Most of the time!

Boat races and photo finishes! PE lessons

IT lessons and Accelerated Reading tests.

Creating that perfect Victorian silhouette.

Our smarties investigation...the best part was eating them!