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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Former pupil and professional ballet dancer, Leigh Alderson, was fantastic and a real inspiration. He is currently dancing in the west end! Thanks Leigh.

Some of the acts from the Last Assembly 2017. The whole year group were fabulous!!

Robyn was a great help with the Leavers' Night and Final Assembly, as was Lyndsay. They made Mr Guy and Mr McKane look good!!

64 years between the two photos. The first was taken on the Queen's Coronation in 1953. The second was in June 2017.

Practising for Year 7 Night...only days to go!! Thursday 22nd at 7pm

Local Study - walking tour...Did you know that Mackles has been there since 1932? Yummy!!

Crazy hair day!!

Dalton Cup - Come on Y7G!!

Local Study- Brownlow House visit

Swimming Gala 2017....2nd place!!

Some of the crew and survivors from the ill-fated Titanic of 1912...some of them look quite familiar

On the Titanic trip...but still time to do the golden mile!!

Sailing on the SS Nomadic (this boat ferried passengers to the Titanic)

Titanic Tig!!

Creating 3D shapes From Nets

Raising Money For Clean Water In Swaziland...

Cricket Coaching From Laurelvale CC

Cycling Proficiency

Active Learning-Titanic Inquiry...The class decide!!

Wow!! 13 reading awards for the month of March.

Active Learning-three students try to convince a parent that they need a phone!

Former pupil and now PGCE teacher Stewart Wilson delivers a 3d shape lesson

PE with PC. Circuit training, working on flexibility and core strength.

Miss Bond tells us about St Patrick...

The principles of flight...Did you know that N Ireland was and is at the forefront of aerospace technology? Harry Ferguson, the ejector seat, Thompson Aerospace, Shorts of Belfast...

Prof. Gumsie entertains us with his drone and explains the mystery of flight...

Science Day in the Navan Centre - Flight, Air Pressure and Water...

Preparing documentaries and newscasts on Flight with the Greenscreen...

Congrats on Weekly Tests...full marks!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Working with QR codes

Monthly and AR Reading Awards for the month of January

Full marks in monthly test-great job guys!

Y7G keeping fit-phew...

What goes up must come down-working on protection of the pilot(egg)... And they did it!!

Fuel propelled rockets!

Pneumatic rockets!

Rockets experiments-4 problems solved!

Active Learning-matching the bird with their habitat, diet and figures. Chaos-12 birds inside 15 minutes!!

Experimenting with feathers and waterproofing-body feathers are most waterproof with the down feathers least waterproof!

GOLD!! Cross-Country Champ...JOEY!

Active Learning - Back to Back - what are you describing?

The bin opens his mouth; ready to eat whatever comes his way.

The computer sleeps throughout the day; it must have been up all night?

The tie and I play hide and seek every morning; I always win!!

The tray reaches out to Max, looking for warmth.

The taps cry with joy every time I play with them.

The door and I shake hands everyday as I enter the classroom.

The chair cuddles Abbie while she works to reassure her.

Personification-please read our attempts at making these objects come to life!

Congratulations on your success Y7G

Cricket visit during PE

Active Learning-Finding similes and metaphors in pop music..."Firework" by Katy Perry

Christmas Craft Day - we sold everything and more!!

Christmas Jumper Day - I caught a real-life elf...honest!!

The Human Body - puberty...

Active Learning-Maths 24! Four teams with promotion and relegation!!

Active Learning in maths - using izak9!! We love it...

Planning and reading our 3 part genre narratives...

Lung Capacity- Active learning...we found the average lung capacity and who has above average lung capacity and why

Preparing for the Bleep Test - Who is the fittest? Active Learning - heart rate...

November Award Winners in literacy, numeracy and ICT!!

Active Learning in WAU - Christmas Craft Making from Victorian Times and Christmas Carols in the big house. Argory 2016.

WAU meets art-drawing that realistic eye...even Mr Guy give it a go and it turned out okay!

WAU in Literacy-letter from an Irish emigrant in Australia and adverts for a stable boy in the big house

Biographies-how school has changed from our parents' and grandparents' day

Active Learning-did you know that bigger than average hands does not equate to better catchers of a ball. Rugby players are the best catchers-FACT!!

WAU-Human Body, measuring our bodies...

Top Students-monthly awards, accelerated reading and weekly test top performers!!

Using a protractor and measuring angles...

How do authors write? Lemony Snicket vs Jacqueline Wilson

Using Co-Ordinates in all 4 quadrants!!

Measuring angles with a protractor.

Measuring Our Bodies-Human Body Topic. The average hand area is 95cm*!!

Top marks in our weekly test! Congrats!!

Remembrance Assembly-We got a helping hand from the Royal British Legion, including Jim and Anna's dad!

Lunch time football continues while the sun shines!!

Jack o' Lanterns - the Victorian Irish would have used a turnip, so did Mr Guy!

Victorian Towers - the challenge was to create the highest free-standing tower with marshmallows and spaghetti. Yanik was the winner! We based these designs on two of the most famous Victorian structures: the Eiffel Tower and the Blackpool Tower.

Behind the scenes-preparation and practise...

Challenge-Design and Perform a Dance

Top Marks in Monthly Test....Super Job!!!

Thanksgiving in USA

Halloween in Ireland

A new start-the New World...USA

Boarding the ship-emigration

Life in Victorian Ireland

Our visit to the Ulster-American Folk Park-Victorian Ireland and Emigration

Well done Michaela and Joey for coming first in their respective races from the Millington teams (cross-country)

What a boar? Year 7G go hunting...

Numeracy Week-Skittles Investigation. Did you know? Only 5 colours, average of 50 in a packet...

Numeracy Week-Maths 24!! Active Learning...

Numeracy Week-Deal or no Deal!

Time-active learning...teaching is easy!!

Accelerated Reading Stars

Monthly Awards-top students

Well done-top marks on weekly test

Strictly Season - PE dance lesson. The boys love it!!

Victorian Silhouettes-guess who?

Active Learning-where would we have emigrated to from Victorian Ireland?

Top Marks in Week Three Weekly Test!!

The Right Honourable Member for Y7G-Lewis

Congratulations Eco Warriors!

Election Time-Eco and School Council Members...appealing to the electorate

Investigating numbers with shape-cubed numbers

Wow...Top Marks in their weekly test-that's a night off mental maths!!

Victorian Silhouettes-Pre Photography...

Do you like our Cubism? How would the Victorians have viewed this?

Happy Birthday Max and thanks for the buns!

High Ropes Course...again!!! Still frighteningl!

Spooky Stories!!

Happy Birthday Michaela and Yannik

Climbing Slieve Donard

Messing About...

Castlewellan Lake-orienteering challenge complete!

Preparing for orienteering in Castlewellan :)

Still Scorchio In Shannaghmore!!

The morning after the night before....