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Picture 1 Short Story Openings
Picture 2 Shanny - A Distant Cousin Of Nessy!
Picture 3 Tom Daly?
Picture 4 Lost In The Mournes!
Picture 5 I'm Pretty Scared Really-But I'll Soldier On...
Picture 6 Miss Anderson Teaches The Class
Picture 7
Picture 8 October Computer Assessments - Yucky!
Picture 9 In The Library...
Picture 10 The Famine...
Picture 11 A Little Literacy - Guess Who?
Picture 12 Describe Your Favourite Teacher...
Picture 13 The Shannaghmore Wall!!
Picture 14
Picture 15 I hope you like my story opening below...
Picture 16 I hope you like my story opening below...
Picture 17 I hope you like my story opening below...
Picture 18 I hope you like my story opening below...
Picture 19 Book Reviews
Picture 20 Remembrance - World War One Medals On Show
Picture 21 Ellie's Uncle In Irish Guards Uniform-1940
Picture 22 World War Two Campaign Medals
Picture 23 Strictly Dancers Celebrate!
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26 Y7G Celebrate The End Of Term!!
Picture 27
Picture 28 TREASURE!!!
Picture 29 The girls are working hard...
Picture 30 How many students does it take to plant a tree?
Picture 31 This is not what I had in mind!!
Picture 32 Who's the Green-Finger? Ans: Shane!!
Picture 33 Assembly-Christmas Truce of WWI
Picture 34 Portadown At War Powerpoint-Assembly
Picture 35 Class Discussion-What Should We Ask Granny?
Picture 36 Dima Working Hard...
Picture 37 CUBISM...Millington Style!!
Picture 38 Viva la Moustachios! Viva Movember!!
Picture 39 Puzzling...This One's Even Tougher!
Picture 40 Maths Day Puzzling Problems??
Picture 41 Y7G Elves Deliver Christmas Post
Picture 42 Lung Capacity Experiment!
Picture 43 3D Shapes and Nets?
Picture 44 Some of the Christmas Posties...
Picture 45
Picture 46 Ethan Bakes For The Class-DELICIOUS!!
Picture 47
Picture 48
Picture 49
Picture 50 Quilling time at the Argory!!
Picture 51 Victorian Nativity-The Argory
Picture 52 Making Corn Dollies-The Argory
Picture 53 Victorian Christmas-The Argory
Picture 54 Christmas Craft For Canteen!
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58 You're The Best Ever!
Picture 59 Having Fun With Octopoems...
Picture 60 Timed Out During Maths - You have to be quick...
Picture 61 Data Handling-That was a cold week!!
Picture 62 Young Enterprise Visits Millington
Picture 63 Young Enterprise Visits Millington
Picture 64 Perfect Pollution Project-Monsters!
Picture 65 Trashy Comes To The Rescue!!
Picture 66 The Beard Has Landed
Picture 67 mark and zane's robot
Picture 68 Wall-E The Pollution Monster!
Picture 69 Mrs Kipling The Polltion Snake
Picture 70 Robeo is here
Picture 71 Can You Spot Little Red Riding Hood?
Picture 72 Victorian Ireland Display
Picture 73 Read All About It!!
Picture 75 Poets' Corner
Picture 76 Happy Valentines!!
Picture 77 Conor From The Council Meets Class
Picture 78 First Aid Training On Friday Afternoons
Picture 79 Outdoor Club Test Equipment!
Picture 80 Traffic Survey Complete!
Picture 81 Mini-Book Creations-WORLD BOOK DAY
Picture 82 WORLD BOOK DAY - Bananas!!
Picture 83 Discussion - "School Trips; A Waste Of Money!"
Picture 84 Financial Capabilities - Bank of Ireland Visit
Picture 85 Silly Socks!! And Bubbles...
Picture 86 Rose Between Two Thorns! (
Picture 87
Picture 88 Budding Authors Create Own Mini-Books
Picture 89 And The Weather Today Will Be ...
Picture 90 And In Birmingham The Weather Will Be ...
Picture 91 Fields Of Athenry
Picture 92 The Titanic Enquiry
Picture 93 The Magic Of Water!
Picture 94 Can we turn this flower red?
Picture 95 Constable Colin Talks to Y7G About Policing
Picture 96 Lucy Is Delighted With The Titanic Display!
Picture 97 Titanic Display - Models and Projects
Picture 98 Millington Mini-Authors Publish Their Books!!
Picture 99 Kirsty - Weather Watching!
Picture 100 The Top County Speller-the one in the middle!
Picture 101 Birds need to be waterproof! An Experiment!!
Picture 102 Is a Bird not just a Bird??
Picture 103 The birds - now the bees!!
Picture 104 Emergency First Aid - 30 compressions, 2 breaths!!
Picture 105 Top Mathematicians - Pascal's Patterns!!
Picture 106 80 M Sprint......
Picture 107 Obstacle Race-Cargo Net!
Picture 108 Parents Obstacle Race-We Won...MRS EVANS!!
Picture 109 Wellie-boot Throw
Picture 110 Egg and Spoon
Picture 111 Titanic Exhibition - Ulster-American Folk Park
Picture 112 Scotch-Irish Emigrate to Pennsylvania In 1700s
Picture 113 Y7G in 18th Century USA