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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Local Study-US troops in Northern Ireland during WWII (Brownlow House, Lurgan)

Cyclists head off to Scarva

Badminton with Nick Rusk

GAWA- come on Northern Ireland in the Euros!

Cycling Proficiency Awards

Accelerated Reading Awards

Monthly Award Winners

Just back from our walking tour of Portadown - Local Study

Transition Day - Preparing for our next move to Junior High

Practising for Sports Day

Y7G come in a close second in Millington Swimming Gala

Y7G travel to Stormont to see how NI government works...

Year 7 Visit The Movies -Jungle Book

Preparing for the Laurelvale Cricket Festival

Exchange rates-preparing for Holland

Bushcraft Visits Millington...snakes, spiders, blowpipes and bows

Our Visit To Titanic Museum, Belfast.

Titanic Movies - Ipad

Deal Or No Deal, the Easter Edition!

Top Marks-Weekly Test

Titanic-the Govt. inquiry

Morse Code - How it affected the Titanic

Science Day - The Navan Centre

Finishing touches to our Titanic powerpoints

100% weekly test -wow!!

Debate-"I want a phone!" The winners and losers....

Patterns and Sequences-could you work these out?

Flight-air pressure experiments

Titanic-who would you blame?

Happy Mothers Day

Recent Award Winners and Full Markers during the weekly tests

Larissa wins the class paper aeroplane challenge - a night off homework for the winner!!

Monthly Award Winners and Accelerated Reading Winners

Monthly Test Champions - 100%

We created our own mathematical patterns-challenging...

British Heart Foundation Day-wearing red in support of this worthwhile charity

Happy Valentine's Day from all in y7g

Birds of Prey - Ian Patterson visited us with his collection of owls and kestrel...Amazing!!

Measurement-could you predict the capacity?

Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry - "Wat mek yu tink like dat?"

We continue to improve our prototypes...a night off homework for the longest in flight!! Find out who wins soon...

Rockets...3-2-1lift off!! Taking into account factors such as: aerodynamics, force, weight and fuel...

Testing our prototype paper aeroplanes...some travelled a mighty 6 metres!!

Monthly Award Winners and Accelerated Readers...well done!

And the building work continues...

Robotics and Programming

Investigating Feathers-Flight

Reading our Great Stories to the Class-Genre

Genre Discussion and Feedback

Y7G students play prominent roles in school carol service

Making IPad Movie Trailers - Mr Guy was suitably impressed by all the hard and creative work

Helping Mr Guy and Mrs Cairns make Christmas surprises for the class-thanks girls!

We liked everything!!

We liked blueberries

We liked chillies -sweet and hot

We liked fish - herring and mackerel

Superfood Taste Test -superfoods can be sourced in our own country!

Young Enterprise Visit Year 7 Teaching Us About Global Trade

Making Decorations For The Christmas Dinner In School

Monthly Awards For Literacy, Numeracy, IT and Behaviour

Reading Awards For the Month of November

Ulster Rugby visits Millington

Storyboards-preparation for IPad movies!!!!

Eye sketches-world around us...

Some things we've found out about our bodies...

100% in the weekly test...well done!

Students of the Week- the chocolate is on its way!!

What a day- 100% in his test and Mrs Drought found his long-lost jumper!!

100% in our weekly test...great job!!

Measuring our body parts...time to test them now. I wonder what we'll find? So far we have found out that most taller people have larger lung capacity and generally more active people have larger lung capacity. Unbelievably, Mr Guy has a larger lung capacity than each student-and they thought he was old and decrepit!!

Well done Bubbles...Student of the Week!

Full Marks in the Weekly Test!!

Ice Cream in November!! All in aid of "Children in Need"

Remembrance Day - Northern Ireland Conflict and WWII medals shared with the class by Samantha and Thompson

Accelerated Reading Awards - encourage your children to read, read and read some more...

Monthly Prize Winners-Behaviour, Literacy, ICT and Numeracy. Excellent job!

Mr Guy's granddad's Medals From World War Two. The ribbons indicate where he fought for the Royal Navy.

World War One and Two Heroes - relatives remembered by Ryan and Sarah

Remembrance Day- Benas remembers his great-grandfather who fought against Hitler for the USSR!!

Top Tin Whistlers...

Top Marks This Week-well done!!

Student Of The Week

Not quite finished...Cubism-A Victorian artist, Piet Mondriaan...

Personification Poetry...most of us love our bedroom door, most of us!!!

The Writing Board...some nice pieces from the past week

Co-Ordinates...but can you spot the odd one out?...Larisa! The others are called Kamile!!

Co-ordinates..."along the corridor and up the stairs!"

Winners of the Victorian Dance Off - created by themselves and danced to perfection!! Ellie and Marcia...

Izak9 Mental Maths Challenge

DJ Ryan - no dancing

Victorian Challenge - Build a tower like Eiffel in thirty minutes

Victorian Entertainment Day - sock puppets!

Y7G Assembly

Mental maths takes centre stage -using the new IZAK9 cube

The Legend of Millington's Fairythorn Tree