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CONGRATULATIONS - June Award Winners

Hannah - Lovely Manners Award
Harvey - ICT Whizz
Tyler - Literacy Star
Zac - Numeracy Genius

Walking Tour with Mr Guy


Timothy - Literacy Star
Cailey - Lovely Manners
Tyler - ICT Whizz
Robertas - Numeracy Genius

The Kennedy Cup - Girls football Cup Runners Up

A little preparation for Sports Day

Journalists of the future, Y7E in groups make radio reports

Lights, Camera, Mathemagic

Silly Socks in Circuits Guess Who??

Titanics ready for launch

CONGRATULATIONS - March Monthly Award Winners

Reuben - ICT Whizz
Bradley - Numeracy Genius
Tori - Manners
Shauna - Literacy Star

Guess which book character and which pupil?

World Book Day 2015


Caitlin - Lovely Manners
Cody - ICT Whizz
Joyce Numeracy Genius
Matthew - Literacy Star

Y7Evans Tuesday and Thursday Assembly - Talent and Teamwork

Maths Class Measuring

'Red Day' and Bird Visit

Science experiments on 'Birds' and egg protection

January Monthly Awards

Sam - Literacy Star
Ryan - ICT Whizz
Carys - Manners
Julia - Maths Genius

Ryan Browne's fantasy genre wins Y7Evans Writing award

Story Writing Winners - well done Ryan!

Y7E enjoy Mackles and Movie afternoon for good behaviour.

Jeannie and her Goggles return to Millington for Y7G Drugs Awareness!

Y7E Maths Class set up Discount Stores to learn our % sale prices

Familiar Genre Drama

November Monthly Award Winners - CONGRATULATIONS

Paulina: Manners
Alana: Numeracy Genius
Nathan: ICT Whizz
Travis: Literacy Star

Did you ever CROW decimals? (Count Read Order Write)

October Monthly Awards - CONGRATULATIONS

Group work on Which Author?

Maths Week - Guess whose number?

Maths Week - wearing a number

We made number shapes with our break!!

Maths Class use fractions boards

Maths Week for Y7E Maths class - delicious pizza and fraction work

September monthly award winners - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Y7Evans Eco Council: Abbie and Bradley

Y7Evans School Council: Hannah

Dance, dance, dance

Y7E Dancing in PE

Maths Class Clock Making

Ryan models the new Millington tie!!

Y7Evans at Shannaghmore