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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Things to think about!

Welcome to Miss Sleator’s year 6 class.


Some important information to remember:

What to bring:

·         We go swimming on a Monday

·         Instruments are needed every Thursday

P.E will take place on Friday this term



Written Homework:

This year there will be two written homeworks per week.  These will normally be on Monday and Tuesday and consist of a Numeracy and a Literacy task.  However, on occasions these days may differ but children will be notified of this in class.



​Children should be reading their class novel and AR reading book each evening and over the weekend if possible.


Dinner money:

Dinner money is £2.55 per day and £12.75 for the week.



​Children can access 'Charanga' website by using an email address.  It is essential that children log on each week and practice their chosen instrument, as their progress is monitored on a weekly basis.  At the end of the year, children will participate in a Year 6 concert and parents will be invited to come along and see how their child has progressed throughout the year.


Many Thanks, L.Sleator

Weclome to Y6S! The start of a new year at Millington Primary School

Try, try, try!

Year 6 are hard at work trying to solve our practical problem solving tasks during Numeracy Week.

Y6S working in groups on our Viking topic with Miss Colgan

Mistakes are proof that you are trying!

Y6 Viking warriors testing out their shields :)

As we approach the end of of our World Around Us 'Viking' theme, we have been reflecting on what we have learnt this term. Our next WAU topic will be 'Volcanoes'.

On Wednesday 23rd November Miss Sleator and Miss Loudan's class visited Armagh Museum.  Here are our photos from our trip :)

Armagh Museum learning about WW1 and WW2

Y6S hotseating the characters from the Railway Children

Y6S November Award Winners :)

Creating Christmas themed Arts and crafts

We explored the features of a Volcano to create similies

Millington Y6S Talent show. On the last day of term one we had a talent competition!!!

We used Minecraft to replicate the 3 main types of volcanoes : Cinder cone, Composite and Shield Volcanoes. This was a fun way of learning and we all enjoyed carrying out this task!

We used QR codes to explore the 10 most active volcanoes in the World.

Clustering Activity: In Numeracy we played a practical game which involved having to find a link between facts by converting measurements.

Young Enterprise- keep a look out for the posters and drink cartons we are currently creating (these will be uploaded once they have been finished)

Volcano Erruptions. We carried out 4 experiments in class, investigating how certain ingredients react and cause a chemical reaction which is irreversable.

Our class award winners for the month of December are: Justas, Nicola, Lana and Molly. Well done for working so hard girls and boys :)

AR readers in Y6S

We had lots of fun at Dungannon STEM centre using science, tecyhnology, engineering and maths. We carried out 3 rotating practical activties, linked to our new WAU topic of WW1, throughout the day.

Testing Acids and Alkalis. We tested everyday substances. Our results produced a beautiful array of colours which we sorted to create a PH scale

Problem solving with Izak9. We worked in ability groups, exploring patterns. We had to solve questions based on the multiples of 3.

Active Learning Task :We created our own Human Decision Trees.

Rugby Practice with our coach Bill :).

Congratulations to the year 6 boys who came 4th place in the Portadown Credit Union competition held in Seagoe Parish Centre. The boys were competing against 9 other schools. We are extremely proud of them for representing their school.

Young Enterprise. We designed and created our very own juice cartons.

February Award winners

February AR Award winners in Y6S. Well done Y6 keep up the hard work! Such a big improvement from last month

Friendship group awards!!!

During I.C.T we created a presentation using Power point, on a chosen Volcano found in the 'Ring of Fire'. We then had to give a presentation to the rest of the class on what we found.

Craigavon Museum visit

Problem solving tasks

P.D.M.U with Jeanie. This week we looked at the effects of Alcohol.

Investigating diagonals in 2D shapes (Active Learning Task)

Y6S February Award Winners

Y6S Accelerated Reader Awards

Data handling/ Active Learning

Problem solving tasks related to World Book Day

The Handshake Challenge


Today, we did an Active challenge: we worked in a group to find out how many handshakes there would be if two people, then three people....met.  We had six to seven people in a group.  Here's what we did:


1) As a group we discussed our strategy and worked it out.

2) We shared our strategy with the rest of the class and explained our reasoning. Miss Sleator was pleased to see all the different strategies that we used. We learnt a lot from sharing each groups methods; some strategies were quicker and easier than others.

3) We analysed the results and found a pattern.


Have a look at our task images below :)


How we solved the Handshake challenge

Working out with Freddie Fitness

Our class trip to Portadown Library

Y6 AR Winners

Y6 Word Millionaire Winners

Y6S March prize winners

Our fantastic year 6 girls won their match in a Volleyball competition :)

Exploring value for money through Numeracy

Khulular Choir Visit

Active Maths Task

In class today we worked in our numeracy ability groups on different budgeting tasks. Here are our photographs.

Year 6 stars of the month for April

AR award winners for April :)

Batik plant pictures

Sports day 2017

June awards 2017