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Welcome back to another year at Millington!

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Some upcoming dates for your diary



Y6S Portadown Library visit: Monday 10th June.

Summer Fete: Thursday 13th June.

Last day of Term 3: Thursday 27th June.

Welcome to our Class page


Some important dates to remember!

Monday- Swimming

Thursday- Music

Friday- P.E with Healthy kids




Monday- Literacy homework, spellings, tables and AR reading

Tuesday- Numeracy, spellings, tables and AR reading.

Wednesday- Spellings, tables and AR reading.

Thursday- Spellings and tables revision for Round up and AR reading.


Dinner Money:

£2.60 per day or £13 per week. Money should be sent in on a Monday for the full amount.

Class VIP's


Let us introduce you to our new Eco and school council representatives who will be working hard to make the school a better place. In addition, this year we also have 2 digital leaders who will help support other children with their ICT skills.

Term One 

We all fit together!


During art we each decorated a piece of a puzzle. Each piece formed our class jigsaw which highlighted the important contribution we each contribute to make our class a whole.


All about us

Todd's Leap


This year we will be participating in Shared Education activities with Year 6 in St Anthony's Primary School. On Thursday 13th September we took part in some outdoor adventure activities at Todd's Leap in Omagh. This was an opportunity for Millington pupils to get to know children from another school. The children really enjoyed taking part and made lots of new friends :).

Active Learning in Literacy- word order

In class we explored the importance of word order in a sentence. We identified the subject, object, verb and positional word. Then we worked in mixed ability groups where we had to change the order of words but ensure that the meaning of the sentence stayed the same.


Active Learning in Literacy: to compare and contrast the book blurb and story opening of a series of Michael Morpurgo stories.

Investigating Wassily Kandinsky's artwork and the colour wheel.


In art we explored Kandinsky's artwork. Miss Sleator modelled how we can make any colour using three primary colours ( red, yellow and blue). These other colours are referred to as ' secondary colours'. 


We were given an opportunity to create secondary colours before making a piece of artwork inspired by Kandinsky's famous piece called 'Concentric circles'.

Year 6 Viking Experience Day 

Friendship Friday 

In Year 6S, we feel it is important to encourage pupils to interact with each other at break and dinner time so no one feels left out or alone. Through Friendship Friday we develop the learning of positive friendship skills.  Each Friday pupils are given the name of a peer within their class and they have to write a positive comment about them. Pupils names are selected at random by Miss Sleator.

Superhero Challenge

Congratulations year 6! You all battled Batman and won. You know your x2,5 and 10 tables really well 👌🏻

Active Math tasks using Izak9

September Award Winners 

Well done Y6S! You have had an outstanding first month back at school and I am really pleased to announce that you have the highest Accelerated Reading word count, even beating the Year 7 Classes! Our Average reading engagement minutes currently stand at above 40 minutes.  Keep up the fantastic work no

PDMU with Jeanie


This term we have been learning about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs, how to deal with peer pressure and how to cope in difficult situations. 

Active learning in WAU.

In World Around Us we have been investigating the 2 Viking ships: the Knarr and the longship. During our WAU session we used I-pads and books to research several statements into groups of 'True' and 'False'.


Shared Education

On Wednesday 24th October we met with St Anthony's Primary School at St Marks Parochial hall. There, we played lots of ice breaker games e.g. Human Bingo. It was a fabulous opportunity to get to know other children from a different school. In the afternoon session we worked in groups to design a crest to represent our two schools. Pupils voted on their favourite crest in each collective group The best crest will be chosen by teachers and printed onto t-shirts for us all to wear. 

Congratulations to Ruby from Y6S who recently took part in an Ulster Swimming competition, held in Bangor.She swam the front crawl and breast stroke.  🏊 

The Vikings are coming!!!

In Literacy we wrote a diary recount from the perspective of a monk whose monastery at Lindisfarne was being attacked by Vikings.  


learning in WAU.


In World Around Us we have  been learning about the 3 main boats used during the Viking period. We worked in mixed ability groups to identify each boat and its use.

Completing Active Math problems in mixed ability groups.

Superhero Challenge

Well done Year 6 you have battles against Hawk Girl learning your x2, 5, 10, 3 and 4 tables. You passed first time 👌🏻

Well done Y6S you passed your time table test 👌. Keep up the good work! 

October awards in Y6S

Another fabulous month in Y6S. You are all working so hard 😁


HealthyKidz takes place every Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit prepared the night before. We have now been given our computer usernames for the Healthy Kidz App. Please encourage your child to log their progress each week as there are lots of excellent prizes on offer! Below you will find a selection of photos taken during our lessons 👍🏻

World War One Art

Shared Education

Today we worked collaboratively with St Anthony's on a Young Enterprise programme. We had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity to work collaboratively and learn about the world we live in. 

Breaking the code!

Today we worked collaboratively in groups, to crack the combination codes for the padlocks 🔐. We were given several clues to solve before we could unlock the chests and eat our treasure....... chocolate coins! Miss Sleator was particularly impressed with the circle group who solved their clues the quickest! Such a fabulous team effort 👍🏻

WAU: Active learning using iPads.

Making Rice Krispie buns and Rudolph lollies for the Christmas Craft Fair 🎅🏻

Millington Christmas Fair Day 🎄 ⛄️ 🎅🏻 

November Award Winners in Y6S

Christmas Sing Along during our Music lessons

Jingle Bell Rock 🔔

Still image for this video

We passed our Superhero Challenge!!!

World War One

We have been learning about 'The Great War' in class. Today we used iPads to research different terms associated with the war. This is the Year 6 display we made with the other Year 6 classes. Take a look at our work 💁🏼


The Christmas Truce

We used Purple Mash to create a postcard, written from the trenches during the Christmas Truce in 1914. We had to write as if we were a British soldier, who was writing home to a loved one. 

Christmas in Year 6S 🎄🎅🏻⛄️

Ditch the Dark Day 💡!

Superhero Challenge

Well done for passing Thor!

December Celebration Assembly

Term Two

Well done for passing Thor! You know your tables really well.

Our Class Assembly

On Thursday 24th January we had our class assembly based on 'Gratitude'. Well done Year 6S, you were all excellent and as a treat deserve a night off homework 📚 👍. You made your teacher and classroom assistant very proud!

Active Maths Tasks

In Numeracy we worked collaboratively in groups, to solve several Math challenges. 

Instructional Writing

During Literacy we watched the 'Exact Instructions Challenge' by Josh Gaines aka Josh Darnit. The video highlighted the importance of instructions being simple but also specific. Then we wrote instructions for Miss Sleator on how to make a Banana and Chocolate spread sandwich. We had lots of fun getting Miss Sleator to follow them. 

Active math tasks on Length

Investigating diagonals in 2D shapes using string.


We used string to find the diagonals in some polygon shapes.

We are currently learning about different forms of poetry.

"Similes and Metaphors" by The Bazillions

Simile Girl and Metaphor Man are here to save the day! These heroes make learning your similes and metaphors as easy as pie. Similes and Metaphors By The Bazillions ©2013 All rights reserved. Similes and metaphors are similar but nothing more than a comparison in different ways.

"Personification" by The Bazillions

Learn all about the magic of personification as you sing along with the Bazillions! Find out more at Personification by The Bazillions ©2015 All rights reserved.

The Onomatopoeia Alphabet | Onomatopoeia for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Onomatopoeia is using words that imitate the sounds things make. We call them sound words. Join Jack Hartmann for this fun, movement Onomatopoeia Alphabet. Jack has an onomatopoeia sound for each letter of the alphabet. Build your body and brain as you sing and move along to the Onomatopoeia Alphabet.



This term we have been learning about different dances around the world. This is our attempt at the Haka. The Haka is a type of ancient Maori war dance  traditionally used on the battlefield, but is best known for its performance by the New Zealand All Blacks. Hope you enjoy 😊 

Y6S perform the Haka 😍

Still image for this video
What a talented bunch!

The Y6S girls dance to 'The Greatest Showman' 🎪

Still image for this video

The World Around Us


Our new topic this term is 'Volcanoes'.  We began our first WAU session, by exploring what we already knew about Volcanoes. Miss Sleator was very impressed with our prior knowledge. Then we thought about what we would like to find out this term using a KWL grid.

Well done Y6S for learning your tables. You are all stars!

This term we have been learning about 2D shape aka polygons. We have been learning about their properties I.e. diagonals, angles etc. 

Classifying Triangles Song [Parody of Lorde's Royals]

Learn how to classify triangles by rocking out to a version of Lorde's "Royals." Made in Garagband (all instrumentation/arrangement done by Dylan Peters) Triangle Images:


Struggling to see the link between fractions, decimals and percentages? Why not give this tune a listen?! 👂

Word Millionaires in Y6S

We passed the Superhero challenge 👍🏻

Awards from our Celebration Assembly.

"Prefix or Suffix?" by The Bazillions

Can you hear what fits before the root of the word? After the root of the word? Learn your Prefixes and Suffixes with The Bazillions! Prefix or Suffix? ©2013 The Bazillions

Awards from our Key Stage Two Celebration Assembly.

Viscosity experiments ⚗

Year 6S is an AR Master Class! This is a tremendous achievement and you have worked so hard to gain this award. We are all very proud of you at Millington 👍.

Volcano art 🌋

We have now finished our volcano 🌋 topic. In class we completed a KWL grid exploring all that we have learnt this term.


Our new topic for Term 3 is The Circus 🎪 and we are all looking forwarding to exploring it further 🤗.


The Circus 🎪

Congratulations for winning the Year 6 swimming gala 🥇!

An afternoon with Scientific Sue.

Take a look at our symmetrical clown drawings 🤡!

Shared Education

Today marked our final day working in partnership with St Anthony's in Year 6. To celebrate, we went for a lovely walk around Craigavon lakes and watched a DVD in the afternoon.  We have formed some wonderful friendships this year and are looking forward to working closely with them again in Year 7.

Shared Education with St Anthony's Primary School.

Active Maths: working out the best value for money.

Please find below some useful interactive websites linked to our current topics in Numeracy, Literacy and World Around Us. Please encourage your child to visit these pages when revising work.



World Around Us