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Welcome to Year 6S  class page.  We hope you enjoy seeing what we have been doing in school smiley.

Welcome to our Y6S class page


Your child's year 6 teacher is called Miss Sleator and their classroom is upstairs.


School dinners cost £2.60 per day or £13.00 for the full week. It would greatly help my teacher if you could bring money (in a named envelope) on the first day of each school week, usually a Monday.


Your child should bring a healthy break every day – no sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks.  Pupils must try to bring a water bottle into school every day. It is a good idea to carry this or any juice for lunch in a separate plastic bag to avoid spillages in a schoolbag.


Swimming takes place every Monday and P.E. on a Friday.  Pupils should remove jewellery for P.E. or have earrings taped over.


If pupils have to leave school early for an appointment or have been absent, they must bring a note into school for their teacher.


Pupils have a written homework twice a week and spellings and tables Monday – Thursday, but should try to read every night (20 minutes), even at weekends and during holidays.

Let us introduce you to our new class- Year 6S frown

Let us introduce you to our new Class Eco and School Council Representatives who will be working hard this year trying to make the school better.

Some upcoming dates for your diary:


Term 3

These dates are provisional and may be subject to change.


-Swimming Gala            Monday 1st May.

-Children in Crossfire Maths challenge (Non-uniform day)       Wednesday 3rd May.

-Bank holiday                  Monday 7th May.

-Bank holiday                    Monday 28th May.

-Year 6 Wind Concert              Wednesday 30th May

-Sports Day                         Thursday 7th June.

-Last day of term (12noon finish).          Friday 29th June.





Useful information; please find enclosed some notes that have been sent home recently.

During our first week at school, we created 'All about me' selfies.  We drew our self portrait on the cover and inside we wrote a few paragraphs about ourselves. I hope you enjoy our display.

In Art, we have been studying a famous Russian Artist named Wassily Kandinsky.  We tried to replicate his famous artwork by drawing concentric circles and by using a variety of colours, which we mixed using the basic primary colours of red, blue and yellow.

Active Learning in Numeracy: to find all the number possibilities using a series of digits.

In Art today we created coat peg people. We used mixed media to decorate our template :). More photos to follow.

Investigation work using QR codes


During our WAU classes, we have been examining different objects in groups and investigating what they may be. Later in the lesson, we got to use the Qr code reader on our iPads to find out what the objects were used for during the Viking era. Can you guess what these items were used for?

Active learning in Literacy: to compare and contrast the blurb and story opening of a series of Michael Murpurgo books.

Viking Invasion: Our visit from the Vikings!

Today in class we worked in mixed ability groups. Using whiteboards we had to arrange ourselves to carry out the process of a function machine. Here we are working collaboratively to complete our task.

Exploring the importance of word order in Literacy. We worked in mixed ability groups and had to reorder the words in a sentence but ensure that the meaning remained the same.

AR certificate winners for September


Stars of the Month


Each month, 4 pupils from each class are selected for the following awards: Literacy Star, Numeracy Genius, ICT Whizz and Lovely Manners Award, which are given out in Assembly.  Here are our award winners for the month of September.  Keep checking back each month to see our new winners :).

Stars for the month of September :)

Problem solving using Isak 9

Our approach to problem solving is simple....


Pencil Mistake Poster. FREE Remind students that it is OK to take risks and make mistakes, so that we can learn.

Numeracy Day

Friday 20th October 2017


In Year 6S we worked in mixed ability groups, to solve some ‘ACTIVE MATHS’ problems. There were 6 active learning tasks which were completed in a carousel. We spent 10 minutes on each task. The tasks were:


  1. Next Door Numbers; this group had to rearrange numbers in a given format so that no consecutive numbers were beside each other horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  2. Odd One Out; this group had a range of numbers and had to identify which number was the odd one out and provide a reason why.
  3. The Tower of Hanoi; this was a very challenging task where pupils had to move a 4 storey tower into a new position, but they could only move a layer at a time.
  4. Shoe-Box Money; to investigate a statement that ‘£5000 would fit in a shoe box’, using only a cardboard box and 10 £1 coins.
  5. Counter Challenge; to make the maximum amount of regular shapes using a certain amount of counters (18 and 24).
  6. Viking Runes Challenge; this group had to decipher a code using the Viking alphabet.

Each group had the opportunity to carry out each activity and at the end of the session, we discussed how we approached the problem and shared our ideas. Pupils especially enjoyed that they were working against a time limit of 10 minutes and in year 6S pupils got very competitive trying to solve all the tasks J.



Active Maths: Numeracy

Step by step instructions for completing the Tower of Hanoi challenge

Still image for this video

Happy 10th birthday to Sophie. We all enjoyed eating her Unicorn birthday cake which her mum made. It tasted delicious!  no


Using the Kahoot! App to test our knowledge of past tense regular and irregular verbs. 


Today we used an interactive app called 'Kahoot!' to test our knowledge of past tense verbs. We really enjoyed competing against each other. Well done to the winning team 'The Stormtroopers'  :) 

Vocabulary Development using banned words.


Today in class, Miss Sleator wrote a sentence on the board.  We had to rewrite the sentence, keeping the same meaning but not using certain 'banned words'.  The banned words were underlined, it was our job to find an alternative word instead.  This was a great opportunity to expand and develop our vocabulary . 

Purple Day


Today in school we had a 'purple day' to raise money to help combat Polio in developing countries. 


The Vikings are Coming....

This term, we wrote a diary recount of a Viking invasion. We had to pretend we were monks and our Monastery had been raided.  Take a look at our writing :) 

The Superhero Challenge 


Congratulations year six, you have all battled Batman and won! You can all complete your x2, x5 and x10 tables :). Next week we will start to cover our x3 and 4 tables. 

Well done to this week's Batman winners!

Investigating the effects of Alcohol with Genie :)


Today in PDMU we got to try out 'beer googles' to see the effects alcohol has on our coordination and sight.  We found it really tricky to manoeuvre around the cones .

Active Learning In Numeracy

Today in Numeracy, we worked in 3 different teams to determine padlock combinations.  We had 4 clues to solve for each Lock.  There were 3 locks on each task card.  Once we solved the combination, we were able to open our treasure chests and eat the chocolate coins :).


We used our thinking skills during this task. With a focus on Self-management and working well others. 


Well done Year 6, you were all fabulous!

How group 2 approached their combination lock task

Still image for this video

This week's Batman Winners - well done Katie and Ryan!

October star's of the Month 

October AR certificate winners!

Show, don't tell!

In class, we have been learning about the importance of showing emotion in our writing.


 In groups, we worked on carousel tasks. We had to focus on actions and body language to display a given emotion.

Investigating the Viking diet

In WAU, we got to investigate what the Vikings ate.

In Art we have been preparing crafts to sell for our school Christmas Fair. no

Happy Birthday Alex! Everyone enjoyed eating your birthday cupcakes. They were delicious no

Using QR codes to research 

In WAU we have been investigating items from the Viking period.  We have been learning about these items, Using the QR reader app on our iPads. 

Examining the Titanium Video

In class we have been examining how emotions and feelings can be expressed. We have been using the music video 'Titanium' by Sia and David Ghetta as inspiration to create a piece of narrative writing.


Congratulations to our November AR certificate winners! You have made your teacher very proud frown

November's stars 

Excellent manners and effort  shown across Literacy, Numeracy and I.C.T. Well done for all your hard work this month!

Superhero Challenge: meet our Hawk Girl winners

Take a look at our Christmas Crafts

Problem solving with Izak 9

Today we worked in teams to solve some challenging Izak 9 tasks. We used our team working skills to finish our task. 

Researching Viking ships.

Today in class we worked in mixed ability groups to research different types of Viking boats.  We discovered that there were 3 main types; the faering, the knarr and the drakkar. Later, we explored the similarities and differences between the Knarr and Drakkar. And last but not least, we researched whether a given set of statements about these boats were true or false. 

Our K.W.L grid on the Vikings

As we approach the end of this term, we have been thinking about what we have learned about the Vikings.

Congratulations for passing Hawk girl!

Christmas jumper Day

Well done Wilson and Natalia. You have both worked so hard in Accelerated Reading to improve your engagement scores. 

Exploring push and pull factors for the Vikings in World Around Us

Problem solving tasks in Numeracy

Congratulations for passing Hawk Girl smiley

Congratulations Beth . You passed Hawk Girl! 

Please find some useful websites listed below, that your child can visit, to help your child progress further in the Curriculum subjects covered in class.

AR Award Winners

Congratulations Cheyenne!! You passed Hawk girl!

Active learning task: in class we used whiteboards to construct a living sentence. We converted our story script into a sentence you would find in a story. 

Active Learning: Clustering


In class today we were each given a card with a measurement fact. It was our job to move around the room and compare our facts with eachother. We formed cluster groups once we found an equivalent measurement. For example, 750mm = 75cm etc...



Once we had found all our equivalent measures, we then discussed what we found and shared this information with the rest of the class. This was an excellent activity to reinforce what we had learned in class. 

In WAU our new topic is World War One. Today in class we discussed what we already know about the war and what we would like to find out. 

Congratulations for passing Thor :) 

Friendship Friday 

Today we celebrated friendships in our class. We each picked a name out of a bag and wrote a postive comment about someone in our class. 

Sophie and her mum baked some delicious buns to celebrate Valentines Day. Thank you they really were delicious!! 

The Christmas Truce

 In class we have been learning about World War One and life in the trenches. During our I.C.T session we created postcards using Purple mash. We looked at letters that had been written by Soldiers from Northern Ireland and sent to their family and over ones back home as inspiration. 


 Internet Safety Week

 In school this week we have been learning how to stay safe online, here are some of our Internet pledges: 

Guess who

In World Around Us we have been learning about some important figures during World War 1. In groups we used QR codes to research and learn more about these important figures. After, we took turns to orally feedback what we had found to the whole class. Next we played a game of 'Guess Who' with our teacher. She picked an important person (it was a secret) and we had to ask her questions to discover who it was. We had lots of fun trying to beat our teacher! 


Symbols of World War One

In art we used the medium of 'collage' to create images that represent W.W.1. Initially, we had to make sure our drawing was quite simple and large with no intricate pieces. Next, we cut our tiny tiles of coloured paper and covered our drawing to create the final picture.Our artwork has been displayed in our classroom. Here are a few examples, we hope you enjoy looking at them. 

Active Learning in Numeracy

Today in class we had the opportunity to work in groups to complete some problem solving activities. There were five different activities to solve and we had ten minutes to complete each task card. The task cards are shown below: 

Congratulations to our boys and girls in year 6 who passed their Thor multiplication test. Your teacher is very proud of all your hard work to date :).

Using the Kahoot! App to test our knowledge of World War 1

Today Miss Sleator and Mrs Highlands showed us how to create our own W.W.1 quiz to test our peers knowledge and understanding of our W.A.U topic. 

Active learning  tasks related to measures in Numeracy

The answer is....       What is the question?

Looking at our pictures below, can you guess what the question was?

A huge congratulations to Scott from Year 6S!


Scott came 5th place in the Flahavan's Porridge Athletics N.I. Primary School Cross Country League final which was held in Mallusk playing fields.  This is a fantastic achievement and all the staff and pupils here at Millington are very proud of Scott's hard work and determination to succeed in sport. 


The top 20 runners in this competition have been invited to join the Flahavan's NI junior cross country squad for 2018. 

Our February Award Winners

Well done Year 6S. You won lots of awards in assembly today :). 

In class today we researched how World War 1 began. We discovered the main countries that were involved. We used an atlas to identify the main countries and their flags.Next using QR codes linked to various web pages, we organised the countries into the opposing sides: 'The Triple Alliance' and 'The Triple Entente'. 

Human Decision Tree Task

We worked in mixed ability groups to sort a range of data linked to our Measure Topic.

Happy 10th birthday Lacey. Your birthday cake was delicious. Hope you enjoy your day :)!

Celebrating World Book Day in year 6

March Award Winners 2018 

Making Mother's day cards 

Happy 10th birthday Scott :)

Saint Patrick's Day Art

Identifying 'Bossy Verbs' used in recipes.

Thor test winners

Enjoy your retirement Mr Curtis πŸ‘πŸ»

Congratulations March Award Winners

AR Winners

Congratulations Katie you are a Word Millionaire!

Congratulations Year 6 you have now achieved Master Class status :)! 

Today we completed a KWL grid on Volcanoes.


In P.E we have been practising the 'Golden Mile' and sprints. In the upcoming weeks we will be prepping for Sports day  πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆπŸ₯‰.


Please ensure children bring their trainers in each day.   πŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️    

Recognising achievements outside of school.

Hannah came 3rd place in pattern movements in Tae Kwondoe

Scott came 2nd place in the Firmus Energy Fab 5 600m race

Happy 10th birthday Annie πŸŽ‚

Active Math Rugby Challenge πŸ‰