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Year 6L

A Visit To The Somme Heritage Centre Makes A Memorable Day Out.

As part of their study of World War One, pupils visited the Somme Heritage Centre. Here, they learnt more about the weapons of war, how recruitment took place and what life was like in the trenches. Handling artefacts and listening to personal stories added to the interest. A super day out! 

Year 6L Pupils Celebrate Winning Sentinus Microbot Challenge in Belfast!

Stranmillis student, Mr. J.Collins has been working with Year 6L pupils using SMART TECHNOLOGY. Pupils have had the opportunity to design programs and control microbots. Challenges were undertaken to test their robots and on Wednesday 25th March, pupils attended a Celebration day at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast, where some pupils showcased their efforts. As part of this event, the pupils were awarded a trophy for Excellence in Year 6 use of Microbots. While some pupils specifically engaged in the microbot tasks, the rest of the pupils were involved in workshops, where they got the opportunity to build a hovercraft and to watch a display of scientific experiments! A great day! Well done on this amazing achievement!

Year 6L visited their local library to learn more about the Dewey Classification System and information texts. They located books on the various topics that they had been learning about in relation to their World Around Us topics.

Pupils read every day from their AR book and take a quiz on the computer before selecting a new book! Great work!
As part of their study on Volcanoes, pupils made Volcano models and used everyday kitchen ingredients to make them erupt! Amazing!

Pupils Visit The Book Fair!

Vikings Invade Year 6L!

Pupils learn about Viking culture, weapons, daily living... A great day for all!

Beware- Year 6L Make Viking Shields!

Pupils use newspapers, glue and paint. I think the Vikings would have approved!

Majestically Musical!

Pupils showcase their talent and skill on trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and trombone. Ear-plugs at the ready!

ICT Whizzkids!

Pupils use the new Cranrua Internet facilities to learn about cross-curricular topics and complete some interactive tasks.

Order, Order!

Pupils investigate how a sentence can be changed around by beginning in various ways - with a verb, object or subject. They explore how words may need to be added, removed or ammended and how adding detail such as adjectives and adverbs can enhance what is written.


Year 6L led Assembly this week. they told everyone the story of the christian pumpkin.

noHappy Half-Term!indecision

Pupils get set for a spectacular, eye-catching half-term break! Some staff members  joined in the fun!

Active Learning!

Pupils use i-Pads and the internet to complete mathematical and Literacy tasks - great thinking!