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Welcome To Year 6L!

                                               Welcome To Year 6L!

We have many great things planned for our new school year and are already well underway with activities. Please remember to log in regularly as we will have have lots to show and tell! Please remember to check the app regularly also, especially for letters and information.

Great Things Lie Ahead!

In Year 6L, We Fit Right In!

We talked about how to keep ourselves safe and how we can be the best that we can be. Together, we created some class guidelines, which we will display in class. We discussed STRATEGIES that would allow us to know what to do if we were stuck with something, using our working walls first and an adult last. In this way, we will become more confident, more independent and better thinkers.

We also thought about what to do if we were annoyed about things. We know that we are like a family and we fit right in with each other!

Happy Half-Term From The Y6L Gang!



We used number fans to make numbers and to think about the value of numbers and how their position affects this. You can see how we made numbers with four tens, how we ordered according to size and how we grouped according to odd or even numbers. Great discussion and revision!

Viking Study


We have started looking at our first topic- the Vikings. We thought about what we knew or thought we knew about them and we have made a record of many things which we want to investigate and explore further! Today, we looked at a map to locate their homeland countries and where they settled in as part of their travels and raids. We spent a lot of time discussing why they travelled and what happened when they arrived. We know that they never came to Northern Ireland... BUT, we will be having our very own Viking Invasion very soon! Log in to see what happens! 

Looking At Story Openings


We read the story opening from Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We discussed what we knew from the opening and we thought about what questions the writer had made us think about. We discussed these together and worked in groups to record our ideas. 

We now know that a good story opening should make the reader want to read on to find out more! We will be reading more from the story over the next few weeks and will hopefully find answers to many of our questions!

Our teacher also wants us to remember to make the reader of our writing wonder about things, in the same way as Michael Morpurgo has made us wonder about things! Log in again to see more from us!

Healthy Kidz Lessons

PDMU Activities With Our Very Own 'Magic Jeannie!'

A Fond Farewell, Until Next Year!