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Welcome To Year 6L!

Year 6L have thirty amazing new pupils and we're now ready to begin a new year. Our exciting programme of events this year covers topics such as 'The Vikings,' 'Violent Earth,' 'World War 1,' 'Plants' and 'Fair Trade.' We will have many opportunities to get hands-on experience by welcoming visitors who can teach us more about these topics and we will also go on trips to support our learning. Please keep logging onto our class page, where you will be able to read about our activities and view pictures of what we've been doing.

Our Timetable

                                                                      Monday:        Swimming

                                                                      Tuesday:       PDMU with Mrs. Graham

                                                                      Wednesday:  Choir

                                                                      Thursday:      Music

                                                                      Friday:           Friday Round-Up, P.E.


Swimmining will not start until after Shannaghmore visits. PDMU will start shortly. musical instruments will be going home every Thursday for practice and must be brought every Thursday morning, ready for the lesson. P.E. clothes are required for Friday's lesson.


Dinner money is required on a Monday morning. Dinners now cost £2.60.

Thank-you for your support.




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Think, Pair, Share!


This year in Primary Six we are learning about the Vikings, so we wanted to find out what we already knew or thought we knew about these people. Working with partners to think, pair, share, helped  and magpieing ideas from each other, us to discover new ideas and as a class we discussed which were true facts and which were myths. We now know that the Vikings did not in fact wear horned helmets! We knew that they were fighting men who travelled by boat, but our discussions also raised a lot of questions which helped us to think of things that we would want to find out from our study.

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover!

We discovered from our discussion that we seemed to be choosing our books by looking at the cover, flicking through the book or scanning the start of the story. however, we learnt that the 'blurb' can give us a bigger picture very quickly. We know from our study, that the opening of a story is really important for the reader and can help us to decide if we want to read on or to change our mind . We looked at some openings from Michael Morpurgo's books and identified what we knew and discussed what questions we still had that would make us want to read on. We will use this knowledge when we write our own stories.

Healthy Kidz Return To Year 6L!

A warm welcome was once again given to our friends from Healthy Kidz. The pupils are having great fun as well as you can see, but important skills are being developed and will be monitored as the programme develops. Stay tuned in to this page for future updates!

Building Numbers

Pupils worked with others to actively develop both Numeracy and thinking skills as well as their personal capabilities. Here you can see them building largest, smallest , odd, even, 2 digit, 3 digit numbers less than, greater than... It reinforced place value and didn't really seem like a Numeracy lesson - because Maths is fun in Year 6L!

Finding All Possibilities

Pupils worked with a partner to use given digits and build all possible 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers. The importance of working systematically and changing only what was needed was explored and practised! Great job, guys!


Viking Invasion!

As part of World Around Us topic work, Norsemen from the Navan Centre, invaded Year 6L, having heard about their study of Viking culture. They were fierce and the pupils had to do exactly as they were told! Some pupils were to be taken back as slaves, others as potential Vikings! What a day!

Painting- Kandinsky Style!

Pupils learnt about primary and secondary colours and how to mix colours together. They looked at some of hi artwork and tried to produce some artwork in this style. Great results and an amazing display!

Working Together Using Izak 9

We worked in small groups to make a 3x3 cube showing the multiples of three. Our second task was to rearrange the wall in alphabetical order. This really got us thinking, but the greatest challenge perhaps was when we tried to do this in a different language. See what the experts said and how they helped their friends to do this.

Maths Detectives!

Today, as part of Maths Week, we worked in groups to solve some problems and share our ideas. We had some super discussions about how to use an alphabet grid to read some Viking runes and decipher a secret code, we used counters to make shapes and numbers to discuss which number might be the odd one out and why. Others tried to complete the Tower of Hanoi - the best so far is nine moves! yet another group tried to arrange numbers in a given format so that no two consecutive numbers were beside each other either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. A super day!


Storm Ophelia Closes Millington!

Pupils awoke on Monday and Tuesday to discover that Millington was closed! Oh no! When they returned they took on the role of different people affected by the storm- parents, pupils, teachers and principals and business men and women. They looked at the tweet sent out by the Department of Education and wrote fake tweets using the App: 1-4-0. Read some of them here!

Our Work On Display!

Top Of The ChARts

Year 6L are currently leading the way in Year 6 with AR Reading. Amazing! Every week is packed with new quizzes, book changes and visits to our fantastic AR library. Thanks Mrs. McAlpine for all your hard work and support!


The Briefcase Mystery

We worked as a team of detectives to examine the items in a mystery suitcase. Like detectives, we had to examine the evidence and look for clues to see what we could infer about the owner, why their suitcase was here and under what circumstances. We will use our learning to help us understand how an archaeologist would have used clues from the past to learn about people such as the Vikings.

We shared our thoughts with our peers using the Explain Everything app and the Interactive whiteboard and we then used all of the information to make a police statement.



Happy Half-Term!

From all the cheeky little monsters in Year6L!

Purple 4 Polio Day



Portadown Rotary Club came into school today to tell us about how we could support the effort to eradicate world Polio. We heard how Bill Gates is a great supporter of this cause and how numbers have greatly reduced as a result of money which supplies a simple vaccine. We wore purple clothes to school and brought in donations. In class we also used purple paint to mark our fingerprint for World Polio because we learnt that children had their fingers dipped in purple dye to show that they had received the vaccine. Spot our purple fingers!

Superhero Challenge: Round 1 

The Quest Has Begun - Batman has Been Defeated!

Pupils in Year 6L today battled against their first superhero, Batman in an attempt to earn their first Superhero certificate!. The crafty fellow tried his best to deter their progress with a time limit and problems to solve on their x2, x5 and x10 table facts, but he was no match for our brilliant pupils. Hawk-Girl now awaits them with their x3 and x4 table facts. We'll keep you updated on our progress, so keep tuning in!

Investigating Life In Viking Times Using QR Codes.

Pupils studied a picture of two archaeologists and discussed what they were using, why they were working in this way, what they might be looking for... They made predictions about what an archaeologist might find buried  years later and identified materials as being important and how or where the item may have been buried. Pupils then worked in small groups to discuss a picture. They had to think about what they thought it might be, what it might have been used for and what they thought it may have told them about the Viking people. These ideas were then shared with the class who added their ideas. Some groups would make great detectives - they were so close. Other ideas were certainly interesting!


Pupils then went away with an I-Pad, scanned the QR code and read more about what it really was. Reading with a purpose! This was then shared with peers and discussed! Active learning yet again!

A Time To Remember

A Letter From Sam Quin

Detectives at Y6L branch, today received a letter from Sam Quin, the owner of the briefcase that the television appeal was sent out to. He heard about the great skills of the detectives in Y6L and decided to write them a letter of thanks and send a reward. However, he placed a combination lock on the rewards just in case, but placed great faith in the detectives, knowing that they could crack the code! See how they got on below. Did they get their reward?

What's The Combination?

Jeannie's Back!

Year 6L have had the pleasure of Jeannie Graham coming in to teach the pupils about friendship, peer pressure, smoking... Great dialogue has taken place and drama has enabled pupils to put themselves into given situations and to discuss how they would react or what they would say.


The Theatre Comes To Millington!

Pupils were entertained today by a performance of Dick Whittington. Great laughs all round!

Poo - sitively Disgusting!

Pupils discovered that we can learn about A Viking's diet by investigating what they left behind! So, with fake poo, gloves and scrapers, we got to work! Whose idea was this again?

Farewell Jeannie - See You in 2018!

Yes, it's time to say a fond farewell this year to Jeannie. No more chicken dances, goggle walks or drama scenarios, for now. as always, it's been a pleasure!

Show Don't Tell!

We watched a PowerPoint which compared telling sentences with expanded sentences showing how a writer can add detail to show how they might behave or act. We had focused on emotion words as part of writing a 3-ed sentence and now, we built upon it by trying to show how the reader could see the picture which we imagined. We worked in groups to add our ideas about a range of different emotions. Then, we moved around in a carousel to each page, until we reached the final one, when we were asked to use the ideas to combine into a paragraph.

What's The Emotion?

After we had written our paragraphs, our teacher typed the ideas. Some telling ideas were discussed and removed and we were left only with the showing aspect. It was interesting to see how short some ideas had become when this happened, but we were given the opportunity to improve and develop these together. We used the final ideas to identify the original emotion. it was a useful activity and we knew that we had done a great job because it was easy to work out!. some emotions were quite similar and we also spent time talking about the different degrees of an emotion - for example: happy - ecstatic; sad - devastated...

Why Did The Vikings Invade?

We looked at the push and pull factors of Viking migration and settlement and constructed a ripple diagram of the effects of Viking raids. We also wrote diary recounts from the perspective of a monk  in a monastery which has been invaded.

Our Penny Boat Challenge!

As part of our Viking study, we looked at the different boats used and what they were used for. We compared and contrasted them by studying pictures and doing some research. We sorted statements into true or false categories and learnt a lot that we didn't know! From our learning, we then used tinfoil to make our own individual design of a boat hull. We talked about fair testing and the variables which we needed to keep the same. Within each group we tested each design in a container of water and added pennies. We learnt a lot, even from those that didn't hold very many pennies and we reflected and redesigned the best hull in the hope that it would hold more than the hulls of other groups. Each group gave their design a name.The winning design, named Gladiator held an amazing 55 pennies!

Investigating The Digestive System 

Having worked like an archaeologist, examining the evidence to learn more about a Viking diet, now, it was time to learn more about the digestive system itself. Messy, but fun, as you can see!

Inspired To Write!

We watched the Titanium video clip by David Guetta and after pausing, discussing, rewatching... we wrote our stories, following criteria at different stages of the writing. Our teacher is so proud of our efforts and some of us even received a special headteacher's award for our outstanding narratives

Our Class Treat Is A PJ Day!

Spot the biggest kids in the front row! Well, any excuse will do!

Re-enacting the Christmas Truce

As part of our WW1 topic, pupils watched the Christmas Truce advertisement and wrote a script of their own, imagining what it would be like to have been Jim or Otto. They studied the language of film, WW1 vocabulary and learnt how three C's and three s's comprise aspects of film-making. This knowledge will be used to make their scripts come alive using I-Movies.


Using Purple Mash To Write WW1 Postcards From The Trenches!

Who's Who of WW1?

Our Times Tables Multiplication Circles

We had great fun exploring patterns and making connections between table facts.

Investigating Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Theories

We measured our height, fingers, palms, head... to see if Leonardo Da Vinci was right that our measurements could be calculated. This was a great investigation which helped to test our measuring skills, teamwork skills and problem-solving. We didn't find that all of his theories worked for us, but our theory is that we are still growing - maybe it only works with adults. Why don't you try it for yourself and see!

Creative Thinking

Pupils were given the answer and were asked to generate possible questions. Lots of creative thinking, as you can see! why not challenge yourself, mums and dads - what could you come up with?

Using The Kahoot App

We explored readymade examples in preparation for creating our own quizzes about WW1.

What Did You Do On Your Snow Days?

Here's what we did...

Please click on the word doc to open

World Book Day

We watched a webinar, attended a Special Assembly and used Greenscreen to make the day extra special!

How Accurate Are The Instructions?

In pairs we had to write step by step instructions on how to make a banana and chocolate spread sandwich.  Our teacher then followed what we wrote EXACTLY!! It certainly was interesting what happened. We realised the importance of not making assumptions and how it was essential to be SPECIFIC. 

Next, we explored the features of a recipe and later compared these with other instructional forms.

Using Greenscreen

We followed in the footsteps of many great TV chefs by giving instructions on how to make a bowl of cereal. We used our knowledge of instructional texts, informal language and awareness of audience to present this in a fun and engaging way!

Healthy Kidz Fun Day!

We used this event to raise money and to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Great fun!

The Helmet Design Challenge

Through our studies, we learnt that WW1 soldiers suffered a lot of head injuries before the introduction of the Brodie Helmet. We wanted to see if we used an egg to represent the skull and brain, whether we could follow the model of engineers and scientists by planning, designing, creating and testing a helmet made from everyday materials. The first drop of 30cm wasn't effective, nor from a table height... So, we took the plunge from the balcony and watched in excitement... Just look at our faces!

... Applause For Our Successful Designers!

Followed By...The Analysis, The Adjustments and The Retesting!

Pretty Polygons

We looked at how many triangles and squares could be made with a given number of straws or sticks. We had to think about how we would begin this task and how we would record our findings. some of us used our table facts, others used actual sticks to see what to do.



Looking for Patterns

We looked at different polygons and began by using string or wool to map the diagonal lines. We now understand clearly what a diagonal line is and can give a clear definition. We recorded our findings on a table and looked to see if there was a relationship between the number of edges and number of diagonal lines. Some even tried to see if they could establish a rule!



Using the Geoboard App

We used the Geoboard App on the I-Pad to draw some polygons and chart diagonal lines. 

What A Talented Bunch In Year 6L!

Bucket -Filling For Each Other

We did or said kind, thoughtful and encouraging things for each other today. What a great world it would be if everyone did this too. Even the teacher received poems, kind words and let's not forget the CHOCOLATE! It made her day too!

Thinking About Our Learning

Special Easter Assembly

Miss. Loudan took a whole school Assembly using some Resurrection Eggs. She used real eggs at the start, but when she cracked one onto Mr.Guy's head - it was empty. This reminded us of the empty tomb after Jesus rose from the grave. Inside each resurrection egg was an object or picture. Different pupils came up and shared what they saw and miss. Loudan used these to tell the Easter story with a PowerPoint picture story to help everyone understand.

Out In The Sunshine For 'The Golden Mile Challenge!'



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