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Year 6 L

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Hello and welcome to the fabulous Year 6L

Some important information includes:

Swimming: Monday at 10:40

Dinner Money  is £2.30 per day and all money for the week must be sent in on a Monday morning. 

Music: Thursday

P.E:  Friday



Written Homework

Monday - Literacy based task

Tuesday - Numeracy based task

Spellings, tables and reading should be done every night and reading also at weekends and holidays!

Thursday night is revision for Friday Roundup. 


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Our Monthly Prize Winners!

September - November

Our On-The-Spot  Prize-winners of the Nessy Programme! Well done!

January - March Prizewinners

May-June Winners

Our First Word Millionaire!

Well done to the first word millionaire in Year 6L and only one of a few in Key Stage 2. An inspiration to her peers and other pupils of Millington!

Vikings Invade Year 6L!

As part of World Around Us topic work, Norsemen from the Navan Centre, invaded Year 6L, having heard about their study of Viking culture. They were fierce and the pupils had to do exactly as they were told! Some pupils were to be taken back as slaves, others as potential Vikings! What a day!

Sharing Ideas

In Year 6L, we were learning about how to write a great story opening. We studied openings from a well known author, Michael Morpurgo and thought about what we had learnt and would still want to know. We realised that this would encourage us to want to read on and so, we explored and discussed some questions which we might like to ask. We brought our favourite books from home, shared the opening, discussed characters... This is us hard at work!


Here, you can see us using our whiteboards and working together in groups to develop our understanding of function machines. We were given an output and had to create a function machine with one or two functions that would work. We looked at various possibilities. Then, we explored how brackets affected our sums. We also used the strategy' BACK TO BACK,' to plot each other's co-ordinates. Listening and careful instructions were certainly important!


In our Literacy, we used our whiteboards to develop a sentence, improving it in structure and vocabulary. We also explored how word order could be changed around and how it was important to make changes to support this. So, we added, removed, improved or changed ideas! We know that this can be used in our writing too!

Maths Week

As part of Maths Week, the pupils engaged in a range of practical. active tasks which encouraged them to work together in a small group. They were given a series of tasks and resources and asked to work together to decide what was to be done and how. Here, you can see them using IZAK 9 cubes, and money as part of classroom tasks while in the Assembly Hall, they had great fun wearing their non-uniform clothing with a number on, to make the largest three digit number, a number larger than..., a multiple of... an odd/even number... so, it was another valuable Maths lesson!

Each class made a poppy and we made a display to commemorate Remembrance Day

A Visit To Armagh County Museum

We had the opportunity to visit the Museum today and hear all about what life was like in World War 1. We looked at recruitment posters, handled artefacts, smelt smells that would have been prominent at the time, dressed up in a soldier's or nurse's uniform and worked with artist Shauna McGowan to make a print of a poster that we designed. It was a great day!

Shared and Guided Writing

Pupils worked together to share ideas about a text or passage and record ideas as a mind or memory map. They have worked with their teacher to generate ideas for a story, from which their teacher modelled structure, with pupils offering input on the development. This has been helping pupils to develop 'a nose for quality' in their own writing and some self and peer assessment has supported this process.

The First Superhero Challenge Has Begun!

Pupils in Year 6L today battled against their first superhero, Batman in an attempt to earn their first Superhero certificate!. The crafty fellow tried his best to deter their progress with a time limit and problems to solve on their x2, x5 and x10 table facts, but he was no match for our brilliant pupils. Hawk-Girl now awaits them with their x3 and x4 table facts. We'll keep you updated on our progress, so keep tuning in!


Lessons with Jeannie!

Our ever faithful friend, Mrs. Jeannie Graham, affectionately known to us all as just 'Jeannie' has once again returned to Year 6L to teach everyone about health and safety. The lessons have been interactive, fun, active, creative and meaningful. Here's a taster of what we did and of course the 'chicken dance' and the increasingly louder and louder message: 'Who's the most important person?' - 'I am!' highlights the value of each and every boy and girl. Thanks very much Jeannie, we've loved having you!

Fun with Science!

Year 6L have been learning about volcanoes. They have planned an expedition with given budget, researched a volcano within the 'Ring of Fire', studied the journey from magma to lava and engaged in active learning tasks to support their study. Here, you can see them erupting volcanoes using different ingredients. This was followed by a sharing session, explaining what happened and why it might have done so. Others used QR codes to locate the world's current top ten most active volcanoes, while others used Minecraft to build and erupt the different volcano types.


Preparing For The Christmas Craft Fair!

Year 6L made wooden spoon  elves, santas, snowmen, penguins and reindeer. They wrote a little caption, gave their design a name and encouraged the pupils from other classes to buy them - ah!

The Craft Fair!

Christmas Jumper Day At Millington!

On Friday 16th December, pupils wore a Christmas jumper, raising funds for the charity 'REACH Mentoring.' Don't we look just amazing! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Spot the three lucky boys!

School finishes at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday 21st December. Happy Christmas to all Year 6L parents and of course the fabulous pupils! See you in January!

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Welcome Back To The Start Of A New Term!

Getting Practical!

Within the topic of Measurement, we have been investigating if there is a connection between hand span and shoe size and deciding if Vitruvius, a Roman architect was correct or incorrect in his statement that a person's arm span is the same as his height! It was great fun! why not investigate for yourself, what do you think?

Our Nation Programme

Today, Year 6L worked with Helen and Elaine from Young Enterprise on a programme called 'Our Nation.' We discovered why a business might locate in a particular location, how important it is to work together and how to solve problems. We looked at the supply chain for a business and discovered how important the audience and consumer are to the process. We will be designing our own cartons very shortly, so keep logging in to see what we've been doing.

Superhero Challenge: Round 2!

We have successfully battled our second Superhero - Hawk-Girl and won! To do this, we had to complete a set of x3 and x4 table facts and associated problems in a time of 3minutes, 50 seconds. Bring on Thor!

Active Learning With Length

We have continued with our measuring tasks by actively talking, discussing, comparing and sorting. Today, we were each given a card with a length on it, either as a decimal, fraction or whole number in different units of length. We had to CLUSTER with other who had the same answer. Then, we had to arrange ourselves in order of size. It was great for our communication and teamwork skills too!

We worked in groups to play the 'Centimetre Game' and 'Can You Make My Metres?' It was important to think about our strategies and discuss what worked well and explain what we could not achieve and why. Using fingers to make estimates in the centimetre game was an interesting suggestion and realising that we didn't need to guess or fold our strips when trying to calculate our lengths helped us in the other task.

Science At The Ready!

We tested some everyday substance to see if they were acids or bases. We ended up with an amazing array of colours. We arranged them to show the PH scale.

Making i-Movies

We worked in groups using our knowledge and research about a volcano within the Ring of Fire. We imagined an eruption had taken place and was being broadcast on the national and local news. We made props, brought in resources and clothing showing us in role as volcanologists in the midst of this event. Using I-Movie allowed us to develop our teamwork skills, discussion, leadership, time-management skills and ICT skilis. Great fun!

STEM Centre Visit

We visited the STEM Centre to learn more about WW1. We completed three workshops which allowed us to put ourselves in the role of doctors on the battlefield by displaying ailments on patients and then diagnosing what others had done. Science and technology were at the forefront when we worked together to build a model aeroplane which we then propelled along a zip line to see how far it would travel and made a tunnel, thinking about our designs and testing the weight it could support. Our teacher tried it too, but didn't beat some of the groups!

Challenges With Izak-9 

We had to build a 3x3 wall showing the multiples of three; we had to look for and explain patterns and find ways of calculating large answers. We compared strategies and discovered that there were often different ways to do it.

The Future Six Nations Stars

We have been learning how to hold, carry and pass the ball in dry weather and in wet! Keep an eye out for us in ten years time!

H20 Challenge

We attended a special Assembly to learn more about how we could help those living in Swaziland. We sang a song in English and tried to join in as our visitors sang it in the language of Swaziland. We are being encouraged to fill a water bottle with loose change to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One girl in our class filled two in two days - areal wee star with a heart of gold!

Problem-Solving Stations

We worked in groups to solve a variety of different problems. Here, you can see us trying to work out 'how many times longer than our table is the length of our cloakroom? and 'what is the longest strip of paper than can be made from an A4 piece of paper? Very active and practical!



Performance Poetry

At the end of our work on poetry, we brought in a poem that we found either in a book or on the internet. Some people even brought in poems written by those they knew. One of these poems was read with a lot of emotion and made even the teacher have a little tear in her eye. Others were expressively read and opportunities to offer reasons for these choices was superbly done, with questions answered in response. Super!


Learning More About World War One

Craigavon Museum Services came into Millington with an array of artefacts for the children to handle and discuss. David was super with the pupils and everyone had lots of questions - a great day!


More Superhero Challenges!

Well done to those who successfully defeated their next Superhero. Tables learnt stands them in good stead with all areas of Maths, so well done.

Pretty Polygons

We looked at how many triangles and squares could be made with a given number of straws or sticks. We had to think about how we would begin this task and how we would record our findings. some of us used our table facts, others used actual sticks to see what to do.

Looking for Patterns

We looked at different polygons and began by using string or wool to map the diagonal lines. We now understand clearly what a diagonal line is and can give a clear definition. We recorded our findings on a table and looked to see if there was a relationship between the number of edges and number of diagonal lines. One group went further and tried to see if they could establish a rule - one girl did, fantastic!


Using the Geoboard App

We used the Geoboard App on the I-Pad to draw some polygons and chart their diagonal lines. it made a fantastic display!


World Book Day 2017

Today, we joined many other schools across the country by connecting to a the link for World Book day. We watched and listened as pupils recommended books, offered their reasons and acted out scenarios. We viewed poll results and observed how they had changed. We will use the data in our maths sessions and we will vote too. Why not search for World Book day, you'll find some great book choices. Happy browsing in the book stores using the tokens provided boys and girls!


World Book Day Active Learning and Problem-Solving Tasks 

After having watched the live stream and voting for our favourite book, we worked in pairs and small groups to find a strategy which we could use to work out a problem. In the plenary, we had to justify our reasons, explain our methods, say what worked well and what we would do differently. We had a great time with Maths!

Healthy Kids

We have been using the Healthy Kids App and working with coaches who come into school to monitor our fitness and help us to develop our enjoyment and performance.


Punctuation Saves Lives!

We watch a video lesson from the C2k Newsdesk about the importance of punctuation. A simple comma, we discovered has the power to save a life. Look at what we discovered!

Using Espresso and Nrich Maths

To learn more about symmetry, we used the Espresso website to follow a learning path about symmetry, watch videos, play and print games and challenge ourselves to think more about different lines of symmetry in shapes and  patterns. We used information to draw venn diagrams, to spot lines of symmetry to take screen shots of our work. Others used Nrich Maths to follow clues for letters of the alphabet and connect them together to put onto a coordinate grid. We evaluated our tasks and the websites. Great for making us think!

Pleased To Meet You!

Ever wondered how many handshakes you've made in a day? A week? well, Today, we did an Active Challenge to find out! We worked in groups to find out how many handshakes there would be if two people, then three people… met. We had six or seven people in our group. We discussed and explored our strategies, analysed and compared results and discovered some amazing patterns which allowed us to make some predictions! Super!

Story-telling with Joe Brennan

Today, 28th March, our class visited Portadown Library where we met Donegal writer and storyteller, Joe Brennan. We added actions, got involved with story content, discussed alternative ideas and learnt how a good story develops and the stages involved. We even created our own at the end. It was a great day. Thanks, Joe!

Fun With Fabulous Fitness Freddie!

Try saying that after a long, hard day! As always, Freddie kept us entertained, energetic and enthusiastic! Alliteration lesson a coincidence! A great day, even for the teachers!

Black Widow is Defeated!

The final phase of our Superhero Round 1 challenge was taken and successfully conquered by these pupils. Super!

What Are The Possibilities?

We worked in our maths groups to actively solve how many options there would be on a pizza with a given number of toppings. We had to remember what we had been taught: keep what we can, change one thing, Others looked at Odd Maude and Even Steven who only delivered fractional amounts based on this criteria. Others were given a budget to buy a set list of items and had to decide which offered best value for money as well as deciding how many of each quantity would be needed. We also looked at Easter eggs and had to rate them in order of what we thought offered best value. This engaged us in great discussion and reasoning about our choices. A great activity at Easter time!

A Visit From Local Church Leaders

Today, after a super assembly by our fellow Year 6B pupils, we had the pleasure of meeting with Rev. Smyth, who visited our classroom. We sang the well known hymn by Rend Collective, 'Lighthouse' adding actions as well as saying our memory verse from John Chapter 3 verse 16.


Image result for lighthouse by rend collective    Image result for lighthouse by rend collective

If you'd like to listen to this:

Rend Collective - My Lighthouse (Official Video) - YouTube

Wind Project Concert

A fabulous afternoon was had when our Year 6 pupils entertained their parents, friends and family. Accompanying the instrumentalists from Year 6, were some Year 7 pupils who have been receiving tuition throughout the year. In addition to the great performing and singing, some very talented pupils were selected after excellent auditions, to entertain parents on piano, in song, on the drum  and with a variety of dance routines. Superb!

Sports' Day 2017

A great day was had by everyone at Brownstown. The weather was kind and the event was well supported by friends and family - thanks!

Little Green Fingers!

As part of our topic on Plants, we've planted our own beans and watched them germinate and grow. We've made clay trees and done some amazing artwork too!

Testing, Testing...!

Healthy Kids were in today to test and measure our progress. As you can see, we've been flat out - literally in some cases! this was our final day with the team and we'd like to say a big thank-you for the time and energy which they've given to us!

A Taste Of Volleyball!

We had the opportunity to learn some volleyball skills and learn more about a Summer programme for girls.


Wacky Hair Day!

Raising money for Mrs. Mc Climond's trip to Romania was suuuuuuch fun!

And Finally...

From our class page, we hope it is evident how much we have grown, not only in stature, but in wisdom. We have had a busy, entertaining and memorable year. See you next year, on a new class page! From all in Year 6, have a lovely Summer with lots of sunshine (here's hoping), super holidays and barbecues!


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