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Welcome To Year 6L

Important Times

Monday: Swimming

Thursday: Music tuition

Friday: P.E.


Upcoming Events

School closed: 2nd and 5th May


Please remember to read from your Accelerated reader and home reader every night!


School dinners cost £2.30 per day / £11.50 per week.


Active Learning!

Pupils enjoy learning about rounding numbers and place value by using numbers on die. The name of the game was to roll, make a given two, three or four digit number and round accordingly. Who knew Maths could be such fun!

Vikings Invade Year 6L - Read All About It!sad

Wednesday 23rd September has been a memorable day for pupils in Year 6L. At approximately 9:30 am, the pupils entered the Assembly Hall, where they were greeted by some Viking warriors, who proceeded to tell them all about their lifestyle, weapons and tools. The pupils were asked to handle weapons, make shield walls and learn important safety techniques, all in the hope that they would make great Vikings! Those unable to conform were reprimanded and shown how slaves would be put in chains and transported back to their homeland. An opportunity was given to try writing with a quill and ink and they were introduced to Viking runes. What a busy day! Hopefully they will all return home to mums and dads and not end up on a long-ship a long way from home!

Music, Music Everywhere!

Here you can see pupils practising at their first music session of 2015. They are certainly working very hard. Who knows, we could end up producing a future star, so mums and dads, keep encouraging and yes, listening!

Year 6L Take On The Might Of The Super Heroes!


The aim of the Superhero Tables Challenge is to encourage the children to learn their table facts whilst having fun at the same time. Every child in Year 6 is set a times table Super Hero target to work on. We expect them to work on this target and learn the times table facts so they can recall them quickly without counting on in steps. They also need to learn the related division facts. The children are encouraged to see this practice as “training” to defeat their superhero. Every few weeks, every child in year 6 has an opportunity to sit a times table challenge for their level. If they get no more than 5 questions wrong and complete it in less than 5 minutes, they will have ‘defeated’ their superhero and will receive a certificate. They will then automatically move onto the next superhero.


We will use the following certificate reward system: 

BATMAN-2x, 5x, 10x


THOR, 6X 7X, 8X


SUPERMAN-All with division

CATWOMAN-All with place value- THU and tenths

IRONMAN-2 digits X 1 digit (e.g. 74 X 7)

WONDEROWMAN-Fractions, decimals and percentages of quantities (e.g. 20% of 25, ¼ of 50)


We provide many opportunities at school for the children to practice but also expect that families support their children with this work at home. There are 8 Superheroes to defeat, so get practising!

Rugby World Cup Fever Hits Year 6L!

The boys and girls have been keeping a record of how the teams are progressing in their Pools. They have been watching especially for the success of their individual teams and monitoring positions, number of tries, improvement ... They have studied the statistics of each team in the 2015 tournament, exploring previous performances and they have engaged in a range of Mathematical tasks such as ordering according to rank, points scored for and against and some groups have calculated points differences and looked at atlases to locate the countries. They have used a range of graph forms to present data such as bar graphs, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.

IZAK 9 encourages pupils to look for patterns and solve problems - a great resource!

Watch Out! The Viking Warriors Of Y6L Are On The March!

Pupils Use Collins Big Cat to develop their Literacy and reading skills - a great group effort!

Commemorating World War 1 begins in Year 6L with a visit from an outreach team. Pupils had the opportunity to explore artefacts, learn about food during wartime, the role of women and men and what life was like for soldiers in the trenches. A great experience!

Volcanoes are made using paper-mache, research is done on i-Pads and information is recorded for the creation of a leaflet - well done.

A great time was had by all at the Clounagh Play!

World Book Day!

In Year 6L, today on Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day by bringing in our favourite books, sharing our views, taking part in a book quiz and logging into the C2K newsdesk to listen to a live transmission of pupils' views from a range of local schools about their recommended reads for this special day!

A Culinary Treat For Year 6L!

Today, 16th March saw local chef Mr. Bob. McDonald visit Year 6 pupils as part of their learning on World War 1. The pupils learnt and helped in the making of a trench cake and compared how leek and potato soup would have been made for soldiers at the front and how this greatly differs to the way we make it today. Everyone had a thoroughly fantastic day. Thanks Bob, for giving us your valuable time and expertise.

Bee Safe Campaign At Brownlow Hub

Pupils in Year 6L visited Brownlow Hub to learn about a range of safety aspects - safety in the home, safety when travelling on the bus and train and while waiting at the bus stop and train station as well as being taught awareness of stranger danger. It was fun but everyone learnt a range of valuable lessons and tips.

Year 6L Visit The Library

As part of their studies on information texts, pupils went to the local library to learn more about the Dewey classification system and find information about their World around Us topics. It was a great day!

Visit To The Fusiliers Museum

As part of their studies on WORLD WAR ONE, pupils had the opportunity to visit the museum and visit the exhibition, hear a talk and handle artefacts. It was a great day!