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Please find below some important information

- School Dinners are £2.60 per day, with all dinner money paid on a Monday. 

- Swimming will be on a Monday morning (beginning Monday 18th September)

- P.E kit will be needed on a Thursday (a change of shorts, t-shirt and trainers)

- Musical instrument brought to school on a Thursday. 


GOLDEN MILE - Every Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will head outside and complete our 'Golden Mile'.  This will be in conjunction with our Healthy Kidz P.E. lesson on a Thursday. Therefore, please make sure you have a pair of trainers with you!!



Remember, in our classroom,

Drum roll please............


As voted by Y6B,


Pupil Council Member 


Eco School Council Members




All nominated candidates had to make a speech to the class to say why they would make a good Pupil Council or Eco School Council member.  Well done to everyone who put themselves forward for voting!

Useful Online Resources

September 2017 - June 2018 - Do you think we have changed since September? :)

Investigating pH scales

Painting our Volcanoes

The World Around Us - Clay Volcanoes

Trip to RDS Science Fair at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast

Y6B have achieved MASTER CLASS AR STATUS!!!!!!

March Award Winners

World War 1 Silhouette Art

Y6B World Book Day 2018

World Book Day Green Screen videos can be found in the Video Resource Centre!!! 

Literacy - Writing instructions for Mrs Beggs on how to make a banana and chocolate spread sandwich. Some groups were more successful than others!!

Literacy - Introducing Instructions using 'Red Miss Take' video

WAU/ICT - Creating a WW1 Quiz using the app Kahoot

Active Numeracy Problem Solving - Measure

WW1 - Who were the Alliance and the Triple Entente?

Conscience Alley - Balanced Argument Writing

Healthy Kidz Certificate Achievers

Portadown College Students visited Y6B to give a presentation on 'Keeping Healthy'. It was lots of fun and a very important reminder!

Y6B's first Word Millionaires. Congratulations Joshua and Abbie!

January AR Certificates. Great reading everyone.

January Award Winners - Well Done!!

The World Around Us - WW1 Quiz making using the online Kahoot website. It was great fun and things became very competitive when we came to play each others quizzes

Active Maths - Length Processing Task

WW1 Flags and QR code information Task

Active Learning - Clustering

Active Learning - Numeracy Length Task

December Award Winners - Congratulations!

Izac9 - Active Learning processing activity

Christmas Craft Fair Decorations

Literacy - Using the Titanium Music Video to discuss and explore ways of writing

Cross Curricular Recount Writing - Monk Diary accounts of the raid on the Lindsfarne Monastery. Hasn't everyone worked hard.

Active Learning (The World Around Us) - Investigating a Viking's Diet

To find out what a Viking's diet was like, we carried out a Viking Poo Investigation. We had to find evidence within the 'poo' that would give us clues to what type she of food they would have eaten. It was interesting to learn how healthy Viking people were and ate basic but healthy foods.  Definitely no fizzy juice, chocolate or crisps!! 

Viking Poo Investigation

Still image for this video
Listen to the buzz in the room as we began our investigation!!

Dick Whittington Pantomine - lots of Y6B got to take part on stage. See the photographs and videos below!

Pantomine Fun

Still image for this video

Active Learning - Padlock Code Breaking Task

October Monthly Award Winners - Well Done!!!

Batman Times Table Champions.......

Active Numeracy Day - Hit the Button Challenge

Active Maths Day - have a listen to our classroom when we were all engaging in the carousel tasks!! Lots of super discussion and team work.

Still image for this video
Mrs Beggs had the pleasure of watching Katie take part in a horse jumping competition on Saturday 7th October at Meadows Equestrian Centre.  Mrs Beggs was very impressed by Katie as she was able to effortlessly make her pony jump over and around very big jumps! Well done Katie and all of Y6B are very proud of you! See the photographs below. 

Katie competing on Saturday 7th October and representing Millington Primary School

Golden Mile - Friday Afternoon

September Monthly Award Winners

September Accelerated Reading Certificate Winners

Thursday Music Class

Listen to how beautifully we play our instruments.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
On Wednesday 4th October, Y6B were introduced to Izac9. These are a set of 9 cubes that aim to stretch pupil mathematical problem solving. We began on Wednesday by having a look at the cubes and discussing in our groups what could be sorted using the cubes they were given. Watch the video below and see how quickly everyone became engaged in the task at hand.   


Still image for this video

Active Learning - Izak 9 cube activities. Sorting the numbers into 'Alphabetical Order'.

We took pictures of each group's final solution and discussed these together using the app 'Explain Everything'. Any errors where discovered and new solutions explored.

Y6 VIking Day - Poor Molly got sacrificed as the 'Best Slave' to the Viking gods!

Still image for this video

Y6 Viking Day - Meeting the Vikings face-to-face

Year 6 Viking Day - Runes Names and Scroll Writing with quills and ink.

Watch us writing in silence like the monks had to.

Still image for this video

Y6 Viking Day - Interactive Viking Talk

Active Learning - Numeracy Target Game (W.W.O) Co-ordinates

Active Learning (Working Together) - Co-ordinates Challenge Task

Activie Learning (Working Together) - Co-ordinates Challenge

Healthy Kidz P.E - We are developing skills in balance, agility, speed, strength and flexibility. Have a look at us in action.

Y6B hard at work!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Photos sept 11-15 069.MOV

Still image for this video

Active Learning - Numeracy (working together) 


Today we were looking at Function Machines.  We had lots of laughs being the 'machine' with lots of beep sounds for good measure! We were learning about an input and output, a function and how to make a Function Machine work in reverse.  We then got into groups of 3/4 to make our own Function Machines, showcasing our understanding at the end! See our photographs below.

Friday 1st September - Kandinsky Art

In Y6B, we were studying the art work of Russian born artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We began by discussing the three primary colours and explored how these colours could be used to make all the other colours.  After completing a colour wheel, we used the new colours created to paint our own version of Kandinsky's painting entitled 'Squares with Concentric Circles'. Have a look at our photographs showing us hard at work. 

Our finished Kandinsky Display Board showcasing our fantastic work. Doesn't it look well!!

Thursday 31st August - Active Learning - Numeracy (Place Value) and Literacy (Exploring story openings and blurbs)