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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Following our whole school prize morning on Thursday morning, we had our own class awards ceremony.  Well done on an amazing 2016/17 year!!

End of Term Certificates 2016/17

P6 Interclass Event Winners 2016/17

We are now an Accelerated Reading Master Class! Well Done Y6B on all your hard work this year in reading.

What a difference a year makes..........


Welcome to Y6B! Are you ready to be a world changer?


Some important things to remember....


- P.E kits are needed on a Thursday

- Instruments are needed on a Thursday


Written Homework

Monday - Literacy

Tuesday - Numeracy


Spellings, tables and reading every night!

Thursday night is revision for Friday Roundup. 


Dinner Money £2.55 ( from 1 March 2017) per day and all money for the week must be sent in on a Monday morning. 





June Monthly Award Winners

TWAU - Broad bean growing progress.

TWAU - Germinating Broad Beans

Marble Treat Jar - PJ Party

May Award Winners

Active Learning - Literacy/WAU

We were introduced to a new app today called 'Word Foto'. We were recapping all we had learned in our WW1 topic.  Using our literacy knowledge of adjectives, we created adjective photos of a soldier, the trenches and war horses.  Have a look and see what you think. 

Word Foto app pictures

Active Learning - Numeracy/WAU


WW1 iPad 'Numbers' Activity

As part of our WW1 topic, we were asked to research an area of WW1 and collect relevant data.  Using our new iPads, that have recently been added to our classroom, we worked together to manipulate an app called 'Numbers'.  This is an app that allowed us to create a table and a chart of choice, for example, bar chart or pie chart.  Find a few examples below that shows our finished efforts. 

'Numbers' app task

Active Learning - Numeracy


'Pleased to meet you' Handshaking Task

Today, we were investigating how many handshakes there would be if two people, then three people, etc. all shook hands.  In groups we had to discuss and plan a strategy to tackle the task and be successful.  It all got a little confusing at one stage, but eventually we managed to work systematically and find a pattern!!

Handshake Challenge

Active Learning - Numeracy


World Book Day Problem Solving Activities

Task 1 - Using a given book, we had to decide how we would test the amount of time it would take someone to read the first chapter. 


Task 2 - Using a container/box and a book, we had to calculate how many books would fit in the container. 


Task 3 - We were given this problem: ' Jane wants a length of ribbon to wrap her books up but she has lost her tape!  Can you help her to cut a 49cm length using only the lengths she had already cut: 47cm, 43cm and 41cm?'.


Task 4 - We had to investigate how many ways we could make the price on the back of the book provided.  Any number and type of coins could be used. 


All of the above tasks proved to push our logical thinking and reasoning skills.  Plus the ability to listen to others' opinions!! Take a look at our pictures below. 

Active Learning - Numeracy


RBS 6 Nations Rugby Data Handling Activity

Today, we were sorting data collected from the current RBS 6 Nations rugby tournament using Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams.  We enjoyed sorting flag colours/patterns, player caps and points and country names and scores.  Much discussion took place to sort the data given and to help generate criteria that could be used to sort the data in various ways. 


RBS6 Nations Data Handling

PDMU- Drugs and Alcohol Programme


Jeanie brought along her special googles that helped us to realised how alcohol can adversely affect our vision and self awareness.  Even though we had fun trying to walk around he cones with the goggles on, we still were taught a very importance message about how alcohol can affect our bodies.  

Active Learning - Numeracy


Diagonals - Today we were making polygons and showing the number of diagonals using string and lots of willing helpers.  It was helpful to be able to 'stand' inside the polygon and touch each diagonal as we counted.  It really helped as we went on to carry out an investigation on diagonals in polygons up to 20 sides!!!


We have filled our marble jar again. We earned the marbles for being helpful, good manners and generally being the best pupils we can be!! Well Done Y6B!

PDMU - Drugs and Smoking Programme

Healthy Kidz Day 1 - Fitness Testing

Active Learning - Numeracy


Human Tree Diagrams - This afternoon we were making human tree diagrams.  Each group was given a set of labels, numbers and instructions and we had to create a tree diagram to sort the information. This activity have good oprtunity for useful discussion and healthy debate! Have a look at our pictures.  

Human Tree Diagrams

Active Learning - Numeracy 


IZAK9 - Today we were exploring and observing patterns and connections between numbers on the Izak9 cubes.  We had as much fun figuring out our challenges as we had trying to fit the cubes back into the boxes again! We can't wait to use them again.  

January Monthly Award Winners

Acid and Alkaline Test - investigating pH scale

Active Learning - Numeracy


Differentiated Length Activities were completed today, to reinforce our learning in length. 


Task 1 - Using two small squares, one large square and the statement 'When arranged the design measures 36cm x 28cm.  The squares are not to scale', we had to solve how to calculate the length of the large square.


Task 2 - Efficient Measures Task.  We had to use 2x3m strips and1x 2m strip to try and show distances from 1m to 8m lengths. 


Task 3 - The Centimetre Game.  Using a selection of 8 lengths of paper, we had to estimate and then measure the length of each strip.  Results were recorded in a table provided. 


Take a look at our pictures to see all our hard work. 

Length Investigations

Minecraft Volcano Building

iMovie Prop Making - Amazing Volcanoes

Active Learning Numeracy


Today we were working on two different length activities. 

1) Investigating a statement

Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect said, "A person's arm span is the same as his height."  We had to investigate the statement, examine patterns and draw conclusions based on our findings. 


2) Hands and Feet Investigation

Others had to investigate if their is a link between the size of people's hands and feet.  Results were recorded in a table and analysed to determine if this statement was true.  There were some smelly feet being measured today!!!


Have a look at our photos to see how we got on!

Active Learning - Numeracy Length Investigations)

Active Learning - Volcano Building in Minecraft, Volcanic Eruptions and QR code Volcano location hunting!!!!



Today we completed a 'clustering' task which involved us getting up and about our classroom.  We were each given a card with a measurement fact.  It was our task to move around the room and compare what our card said with that of someone else.  If we thought our card meant the same or matched someone else we had to form a 'cluster'.  After some deliberation, we all found the correct cluster.  However, some of us actually found out we could have matched two different clusters.  Good discussion followed trying to decide which cluster group was best.  Well done everyone!    

Active Learning - Clustering

Take a look at all the wonderful things we bought at the school Christmas Craft Fair this morning!

Christmas Jumper Day 2016 Ho Ho Ho!

We have been busy making our craft fair Christmas pudding biscuits!!

November award winners

Volcano Similes

October Award Winner

Accelerated Reader Certificates November 2016

Marble Jar Treat Afternoon

Year 6 highlight the importance of Rememberance Day

Monday 1st November - First day in our new class!!

A sneaky peak at our new classroom!!

Literacy - Modelled and Shared writing (survival stories)

Active Learning


This week was Maths Week in Millington and so to celebrate all things Numeracy, we completed a 'Carousel of Numeracy Tasks'. 

Activity 1 - Next Door Numbers

Activity 2 - Izak 9

Activity 3 - Tower of Hanoi

Activity 4 - Shoe Box Money


In order to complete these activities, we had to work together as a group, listen to each others' opinions and work systematically to solve a series of problems. 


After a lot of discussion, we did it and were successful at completing the tasks given to us!



Maths Week 2016

Meet our September Award Winners!

Monday 3rd October - One of Y6B pupils arrived in school this morning with her hair 6inches shorter. She was very generous and was donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust. You can read all about the organisation through the link below this picture. Everyone in Y6B are very proud of you!!

Active Numeracy - Place Value problem solving, Co-ordinate and Function Machines. Ask us to explain what are doing in these pictures!


Today we worked in mixed ability groups to show the process of a function machine.  Have a look at our photographs to see what we made using whiteboards and lots of brain power! 




The day the Vikings came to Millington - Art (Runes Writing and Quill Writing)

We had to write using a quill and ink. We were then told the monks worked in silence. So that was our challenge. How quiet were we?!? 👍

Still image for this video

The Day the Vikings came to Millington - Weapons Workshop

The day the Vikings came to Millington - Interactive Talk

A few more videos from our Viking day. Fire making and Viking Warrior chanting. Well done!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

You can't create a MASTERPIECE, without a little MAYHEM and MESS!!!!!! (Viking Shields)

Literacy Word Order Activity

Still image for this video
We were looking at the importance of word order and importance elements of a sentence. Listen to our sentences which had to include a subject, a verb and an object.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video