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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Having a great day at our sports day.

Our fab trip to the Ulster Museum

A beautiful gift from Egypt that Egyptian ladies often wear!

Today we had great fun looking at Probability.  We discussed the probability of a range of scenarios by using the mathematical terms certain, likely, 50:50, unlikely and impossible!

Our Class Assembly - Millington PS Elections!

Paddington Bear film and popcorn! Yummy! Our class reward for good behaviour!

Class awards for March!

Today we were studying the alphabet to see which capital letters had vertical and horizontal symmetry.  We used our mirrors to investigate and then put our answers into a venn diagram!  We also completed other exciting symmetry activities!

Today we carried out an experiment to show how difficult it is to remove all rubbish from water

Today we measured the capacity of different containers.

Monthly awards

World book day

Here we are learning about Area using our pinboards!

Look at the fabulous work we produced using our new Collins Reading Scheme!

Today we were introduced to the game of Netball during our PE lesson! 


We learned some rules such as

  • there are 7 players in a team
  • you cannot travel with the ball
  • when defending you must stand 3 feet away from your opponents
  • players cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and lots more!


We also revised some FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT SKILLS - throwing and catching.  We were reminded to spread out our fingers when using the chest pass so we have better control over the ball and also the importance of stance to improve our balance! We are looking forward to more lssons to improve our skills and progressing onto playing matches!

We LOVE our new Collins Guided Reading Scheme!!!

As a reward for filling our glass jar with marbles for good behaviour, Y5T/D enjoyed a fun-filled morning at Peter Pan's with Y5M!


What a fabulous morning we had at Peter Pan's!


Yesterday Mrs Taylor held an assembly to remind us how we can be safe online.  We watched a short video clip, PowerPoint presentation and discussed our SMART class posters.


In class today we had great fun watching SID TV 2015 as well as make up a recipe for 'Let's Create a Better Internet Together' as this helped us revise the genre, Instructions!  Have a look at some of our photos!

Safer Internet Day 2015

Having fun in the snow!!!

Can you tell the time?


Instructions, Instructions!!


Today we learned about a new genre, Instructions – both written and spoken.

We identified key characteristics of written instructions :-

  • Title
  • List of items needed
  • Imperative verbs
  • Time connectives
  • Diagrams
  • Numbered and short sentences

The key characteristics of spoken instructions were highlighted in our Activity-Based Learning back-to-back activity.  Our spoken instructions need to be:-

  • Slowly and clearly spoken
  • Detailed
  • Precise
  • Use time connectives and imperative verbs

Today we had great fun participating in the Christmas Challenge organised by Active Communities!

Christmas jumper day

Road safety walk

Learning our golfing techniques at Tandragee golf club.



Today we were learning how to find the perimeter of a regular shape.  We did lots of practical work with the pinboards! We had lots of different challenges, for example, we had to create 2different shapes each with a perimeter of 10cm! It was fun!

Anti-Bulying week

Year 5TD Young Enterprise - designing their town!

In Year 5T/D we like to help and think of other children

Today we had great fun making our own fraction wall! During the practical Maths session we were able to dsicover many fraction equivalents and create new fraction statements such as two thirds is bigger than one half!  We now find it easier to compare the size of fractions as we can visualise our own fraction wall!

Activity Based Learning!

Year 5T/D learn about Remembrance

We have been busy completing our ICT tasks in our state-of-the-art computer suite!


Today we started a group of volleyball lessons taken by Callum who coaches volleyball in the Craigavon region.  He asked us to remember 3 key points when playing volleyball.  They are:

  • we need to make a triangle with our both hands but NOT touching
  • place our hands above our head
  • bend our knees and push the ball up!

Magnificent Musicians!

Our class trip to Tayto!!

Maths is fun, fun, fun!!

This week is Maths week!

Click on the link and explore the many exciting activities!

Our Maths Challenge to Celebrate Maths Week!


During Maths Week in Y5T/D we held a competitive quiz against the other Year 5 classes - it was brilliant!  We all got prepared - we designed banners and indeed a 'Haka' to perform to our competitors!  At times, the competition was so tight that it had to go 'sudden death'.  In the end Mrs McClimond's class won and our class came 2nd - well done Y5S!

In Year 5T/D we love to participate in group work!

We always remember to:


Give thoughtful feedback

Respect others and their thoughts

On task all the time

Use soft voices

Participate actively

Stay with your group.


We all have different roles - reporter, scriber, time-keeper and motivator

We love group work!

Y5T/D practise their Mental Maths using the iPads!

Bees Knees Dance Party 2 Times Tables

Bees knees Dance Party 2 Times Tables to a Rock And Roll Beat

Learn your 5 Times Tables - Children Love to Sing Kids Songs


Ten Time Tables Multiplication Song! Master the multiples of 10 in minutes!

Bees Knees Dance Party 4 Times Tables

Uploaded by BeesKneesDanceParty on 2011-09-19.

8x Table Song

Sing-along with the 8x table in the latest Times Table song.

Bees Knees Dance Party 3 Times Tables

Bees Knees Dance Party 3 Times Tables easy sing along to a Reggae beat

6 Times Tables!

Multiply x 6 - Learn and remember your six times tables the fun and easy way, then test yourself with the random test. Accelerated learning occurs when we use our senses - see the numbers and answers come alive on screen and hear the times table rap!

Multiplication Trick - 9 times tables!

Learn your nine times tables in just a few minutes with Mya, the Full-Time Kid! Want to be a Full-Time Kid?