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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Great effort was put into everyone's hair to make it a fun day at school to help raise money for a school in Romania.  

Crazy hair day

On Monday 5th June we walked from school to Brownstown community centre. Where we held our annual sports day.  As you can see from our pictures we all had great fun taking part and spectating. Great day had by all.   
Y5D having fun outside doing PE in the lovely sunshine.
We were very excited today in assembly when we won a certificate for achieving master class status in our accelerated reading.  WELL DONE EVERYONE!!

Master class award

On Thursday 4Th May some Y5 and Y6 girls and boys attended cricket after school club.  They were lucky to be coached by one of the top coaches in N.I.  They learnt to bowl, bat and field.
On Wednesday 3rd May Y5 Travelled to the Ulster museum in Belfast to learn all about ancient Egypt.  We had a super day learning all about how they lived dressed and what they wore.  We even had the opportunity to look at artefacts that were more than 2000 years old.......and of course see the mummy.

Our class award for March:

Luke Steenson - ICT whizz

Molly Buller - Lovely manners

Wanessa Ciepka- Literacy star

March prize winners

On Thursday 6th April fitness Freddie came to our school and took our class for an exercise and dance lesson.  He was very good and funny.  At the end he spoke to us about  not drinking unhealthy drinks.

Adjectives and similes literacy lession

In our literacy lesson on Thursday 30th March we learnt about adjectives and similes using a conscience alley. This was an active learning lesson.  They enjoyed making the alley and they came up with some super words.

Our prize winners for Feb were:

Literacy - Libby Allen

Numeracy - Abbie Lynas

Manners - Alex Robinson

ICT - Gustas Kasauskas

Numeracy - Time


Numeracy in class we are learning time here we did an activity to help us. It was fun and we enjoyed telling how we got our answers.

In P.E we have a coach in learning us the skills of volleyball we all really enjoyed it.



For the next 8 weeks we will be taking part in a fitness programme.  The boys and girls really enjoyed the first week and they're looking forward to completing all the activities.  This week they were tested on strength, balance and speed.

On Thursday 12th January Callum from cricket NI came to coach us in the skills and techniques of cricket.  We learnt how to bowl, bat and field.  We learnt a lot and had fun too! 
Everyone looked amazing at our Christmas jumper day ho ho ho. Merry Christmas.

Nessy award winners.

Today (08/12/16) in our award assembly Austeja, Luke and Jay S all received a selection box each for their great achievement within the nessy programme. 

Great Bristish Bake Off

Today Y5D went to Tayto to learn how potatoes from the farm are turned into crisps in the shops.  We had great fun and learnt many interesting facts. e.g. the factory stores 400 tonnes of potatoes.  All the waste is recycled.  We got to taste many different flavours and even came home with a 6 pack of our favourite crisps.
Today we wore non-uniform to school and donated £1 to Newry hospice we raised £28 as a class.  We also had to wear a number on our clothes because of numeracy week.  Sophie's mummy very kindly made us delicious buns with numbers on them. YUM YUM!

Non - uniform

Today in maths class we completed a fun challenge activity.  We used a huge tub of celebrations to answer questions.  We had to use our maths strategies to help us add, subtract, round and share it was lots of fun.  We even got to eat the sweets once we had finished!!

Numeracy week celebrations!

We practiced throwing the ball using a bounce pass. Which culminated in a game of dodge ball using the bounce pass.