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In Year 5T/D we just love to learn!

Good Better Best I shall never rest until I have done my best to make my best better! smileysmileysmiley

Our class Pupil Council Representative

Our class Eco Council Representatives

2D Shape

WALT identify and describe the properties of 2D shapes correctly


Today we had great fun doing practical work in Numeracy learning about 2D shape.  Many different shapes were handed out to us and we discussed their properties using language such as right angle, equal, curved, straight, regular and irregular.  After discussion about where we found 2D in our environment, we watched a video and then played ‘Guess the Shape’ using back-to-back for our Activity Based Learning!



Today we had great fun at our first session of badminton coaching!! We learned how to grip the badminton racquet correctly and were ao lsencouraged to remember Agility Balance and Co-ordination!

Fun at badminton!

Guided Reading - Y5T/D's very own Speech and Drama Festival!


Today we had our very own Millington Speech Festival.  During our Guided Reading session of our tasks required us to perform a selected poem from a poetry book as part of our Talking and Listening strand.  Each group member memorised a poem and then recited it to the rest of the group.  Each group member had a comment sheet and they had to comment on skills such as clarity, facial expression, volume, eye contact, pace and identify any areas for improvement!  We had very positive adjudicators!

Descriptive Poetry


We have been studying Descriptive Poetry as our new genre in Literacy.  We used 'The Day's Eye' poem by Pie Corbett as our model and used it as our framework to write our poems about the moon.  We did lots of preparation.  Firstly we studied images of the moon in its crescent and full form.  We then used a mind map to record adjectives and similes that best described the moon.


Just some of our ideas to describe the moon:

  • a gobstopper
  • a pearl
  • golf ball
  • spaceman's helmet
  • dough covered in flour
  • a full stop
  • a scoop of ice cream
  • as curved as a banana
  • a hammock
  • a frown/ a smile

Just a few of our poems!

World Water Day - 22 March 2016. Better Water, Better Jobs! Let's do our part!



We had great fun in class learning about The Water Cycle and linking it to Explanations, the genre we are studying in Literacy.  Our rap (link is at the bottom of our class page) helped to remind us of the sequence of The Water Cycle, a continuing process.  Our key words were evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection!



  • present tense
  • connectives
  • number/bullet points
  • topic works
  • diagrams

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Dick were so proud of us achieving a full jar of marbles for good behaviour so quickly we were awarded with a DVD and popcorn!

It's not keep fit! We are practising half turns and quarter turns in clockwise and anticlockwise direction!

We had great fun watching 'Joseph' at Clounagh!

Pancake Day! Yummy!

Mrs Taylor was so impressed with our slogans that we created for homework!

In Y5T/D we know how to be SMART users online! Enjoy our 'share a heart' drawings!


We are so excited that we are using apparatus during Physical Education lessons this term.  We have done a lot of preparation at ground level and are now progressing to using the equipment.  Our first theme is Pathway and Direction. We really enjoyed our warm up when we played the 'Tape Recorder' game - Play - Fast Forward- Rewind - Pause - Eject!  Enjoy our photographs and see how we were travelling over, under and through apparatus using different pathways linking a minimum of 3 movements!

Instructions, Instructions!!


Today we learned about a new genre, Instructions – both written and spoken.

We identified key characteristics of written instructions :-

  • Title
  • List of items needed
  • Imperative verbs
  • Time connectives
  • Diagrams
  • Numbered and short sentences

The key characteristics of spoken instructions were highlighted in our Activity-Based Learning back-to-back activity.  Our spoken instructions need to be:-

  • Slowly and clearly spoken
  • Detailed
  • Precise
  • Use time connectives and imperative verbs

Our class prize winners for November!

We had great fun measuring each other in Numeracy!

Bill from Portadown Rugby Club teaches us to be junior Ulster players!

Mini Enterprise visited us today and we had to design our own city - it was brilliant!

Some yummy ice-cream to help raise money for Children in Need!

Y5T/D visit our fabulous computer suite!

Our October class winners!

Y5T/D visit Tayto!


We had a fabulous trip yesterday when we visited Mr Tayto at his castle in Tandragee! The purpose of our visit was to introduce us to our new WAU topic, 'The Journey of a Product'.  Until Christmas we will be studying the journey of a potato!  Enjoy our photographs and visit the Tayto website!

Strictly Come Dancing visits Millington!!

Our visit to the book fair

We love to have healthy breaks in Y5T/D!

We love our Big Cat Collins Reading Scheme!

Revising our Fundamental Skills! Today we were practising throwing a ball using the chest pass!

Map Reading Skills! Where is County Armagh?

Practical work today in Numeracy - dividing by 2!

Maths vocabulary - share; group: divide; share equally; divided by; divisible by

Remember dividing by 2 is the same as halving the number!

One of our families

2 x 3 = 6

3 x 2 = 6

6 ÷ 2 = 3

6 ÷3 = 2

Look at all of the number facts we can derive from 2 x 3 = 6!  Wow!


Busy little bees investigating our 2 times table families!

Our walking number line!

Today we had great fun creating a walking number line and number generators to consolidate our learning about Place Value!



Number generators

Christmas jumpers

Become a whizz kid at your tables!

Capital Letters - let's use them correctly!