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Welcome to Y5T

smileyWelcome back to another year at Millington! We are so happy to have everyone back and excited to start a new year! blush


enlightenedHere are just a few reminders about starting school this year:


​​​​Starting times will be staggered until further notice. It is essential that students arrive and are picked up each day on time. 


Date started           Group      Each day school starts       finishes

Monday 24th August         A                  8:30                     2:00 pm

Tuesday 25th August         B                  8:40                     2:10 pm

Wednesday 26th August      C                  8:50                     2:20 pm

Thursday 27th August        D                  9:00                     2:30 pm

Friday 28th August           E                  9:10                      2:40 pm


School bags should not be brought to school. Children should only bring in the following items:     

       *Water bottle- please only fill with water, not juice

       * Healthy Break

       * Packed lunch  (dinners will only be provided for those who are Free

             School Meals)

       * Plastic pencil case which will be left in school (pencils, colouring pencils,

             scissors, markers, rubber, glue stick, ruler, sharpener)

       * Children are allowed to wear trainers to school, however if they have 

             school shoes, they can leave a spare pair of trainers in school)

       * Coat



      * Homework will be completed using the Seesaw app. Please ensure the

         Family code has been downloaded to the parent's phone and the child's

         code to the device they will be using to complete their homework. 

       * Children will need stationery at home to complete their homework and 

         their dictionary will be needed at home to do spelling homework. 


► We will be doing a great deal of revision of the skills from Y4. Please look at the links below for resources to help your child with these skills. 



 Please ensure to download the Millington School App in order to receive correspondence from the school.