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Multicultural Day 

This year we celebrated ‘Multicultural Day’ in school by having a non-uniform day. Each class in the school had to pick a country to research, by selecting a piece of paper out of a bucket. The country we picked was Romania 🇷🇴.


Luckily, we already had some children in the class who were born in Romania. This was fantastic as these children could give us a real insight into Romanian Culture. Throughout the day we carried out several activities: we listened to traditional Romanian music, Miss Sleator read a traditional story, we watched a video on Romania which explored key landmarks and we located Romania on a map.


In the afternoon, we drew created Romanian folk art which featured the Romanian Horezu Rooster. This is a symbol which is used in a lot of Romanian ceramics as well as fabrics. After, we added colour by using watercolour paints.


Multicultural Day gave us the opportunity to explore where children in our class were born and we also had the opportunity to learn some key phrases in several languages: Portuguese, Lithuanian, Polish and Arabic. We all had a great day 😊. We hope you enjoy taking a look at what we got up to.