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Have fun exploring all the things we get up to! no

Meet our council representatives!

We played an ICE BREAKER game on our first day of Year 5 to get to know each other better.

Active Learning - Walking Number Line

We used the 'Active Learning' method of 'Lifelines' to interview each other for 'All About You And Me'

Look at us partitioning!

We studied a sunflower in order to create our own 'Sunflowers' picture like Vincent Van Gogh!

We used oil pastels to recreate Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'

'Sunflowers' - the finished product! Aren't they beautiful?

We played a rounding 'Boat' game!

Dictionary work!

Mr McClean and Mr McMaster entertain us with a mini concert to show us what the instruments look and sound like.

Look at us trying out the instruments for the Wind Project.

How to celebrate a birthday in style! Look at the amazing cake!

Active Learning - We are the height of nonsense!

Active Learning - We made our own Fraction Wall using 'Fraction Machines'

Active Learning - A practical way of learning Comparatives and Superlatives

Welcome Miss Blakely! We are excited to have you teaching us! We enjoyed your introduction to WATER!

We became more 'Water Wise' after our trip to the Navan Centre

Impressionism - Look at our fabulous Water Lilies!

Active Learning -TIME for fun!

Active Learning - Instructions on how to make a cup of tea.

HEALTHY KIDZ - Testing our flexibility!

A visit to Old Trafford - Home of Manchester United Football Club

We used Excel to create bar charts

Active Learning - What a fun way to learn time - with a hoop!

HEALTHY KIDZ - Agility and speed

Active Learning - We loved taking part in the TIME duration investigation!

We love Volleyball with our special coach Amy!

Active Learning - 'Top Secret' investigation into natural disasters - introduction to Explanation texts.

Listen to our fabulous Moon Poems - prepare to be blown away!

Still image for this video
We had to follow a particular structure and include similes and adjectives. Some of us had to use rhyming verbs in our first and second lines. Listen out for the various features. We think you will be impressed!