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Year 5 McKane Class of 2014-2015

School Council Member


Eco Council Members

Belfast Mueseum Trip

All of the Primary 5 classes went to see the Egyptian section of the Belfast Mueseum.  We took part in a workshop looking at artefats from Ancient Egypt also.


Silly Sock Dayno

The whole school dressed up in silly socks to rase money for charity.  We all had great fun, for this worthy cause of Clic Sargent.

Water Bus Visit

As part of our World Around Us on Water we have been investigating how water is polluted and how we can save water.  Two ladies came into school on 26th of March from NI Water.  They came in the Water Bus.  This is not an ordinary bus.  On this bus experiments were carried out on purifying water and the ladies showed us a DVD on what can and can't be flushed down our toilets.  We really enjoyed the morning.

Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Manners awards for March

March Certificate Winners in Accelerated Reading

Practical Symmetry

In Numeracy in Shape and Space we have been looking at symmetry.  We carried out an investigation on counting the vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry in letters of the alphabet.  We then recorded our findings in a Venn diagram.  As a challenge some members of the class tried to make symmetrical shapes from a coloured shape using mirrors. They then had to record their findings. This was very challenging indeed.

Pollution Experiment

We carried out an experiment to see if we could remove pollutants from pure water.  We found that solids could be lifted out but liquids such as cooking oil and vinegar dissolved into the water making them impossible to remove.  This made us think about ways to save water.

Capacity Practical Group Work

In numeracy this morning we carried out an estimating activity with non-standard measures (yoghurt pots) the activity was carried out at stations. We had to estimate how many pots were needed to fill five different containers. The exercise was a very wet one.  So was Mr McKane's floor.  We then had to put the containers in order from smallest to largest capacity.    

Mother's Day Cards in Art

World Book Day 2015

Exceptional Behaviour Award


As a reward for filling our glass jar with marbles Year 5M decided to go on a trip to Banbridge Cinema to see the Christmas Movie Paddington Bear. The whole class has been very kind, helpful and well behaved and really deserved their reward.

Volley Ball Competition

As part of our Volley ball in PE Calum (Our Skillful Coach) had a competition with the children.  This put the skills they had been taught into practice.  Hopefully everyone who recieved a letter about attending coaching sessions attends.  We might have International Stars of the future.
Accelerated Reading Certificate WINNERS for November
Three members of Y5M recieved certificates for their efforts in the Accelerated Reading Program.  One award was for An Advanced Reader and the other two were Star Reader Awards.
Useful Links on Potatoes

Christmas Jumper Day

January Prize Winners

Curriculum Rugby with Ulster Rugby Branch

Having Fun on our Snow Day

Red Day

As part of Red Day we had to wear someting RED to school.  We all gave a donation to a charity.  This was a very worthwhile cause and we all enjoyed dressing up.

Turning Through Compass Points

Literacy Group Work (Explanations)

Water in a Bag Experiment

In class we designed and drew diagrams of the water cycle and actually made the cycle take place in sandwich bags within our class.  It was very exciting to see the process we had learnt about taking place.

Accelerated Reading Certificates for January

Accelerated Reading on Ipads

Everyone is enjoying taking tests on both computers and Ipads.  The tests we take when we complete a book are both exciting and fun.  When we pass a test (comprehension) by more than 85% we get a sticker for our Book Marker.  When we collect 10 stickers we get a prize from Mrs Anderson.  We can win nights off home work, £5, books or even a day off Friday Round-up.  

Rain Gauges

A Rain Gauge is an instrument used to measure rainfall. In class we made rain gauges and then took them home to measure rainfall over five days.  Watch this space.....

Water Cycle Explanations

In literacy we have been writing explanations about the Water Cycle. We had to remember the following when writing explanations.

Use present tense

Use topic words and accurate description

Use time connectives

Use connectives to explain

Make it sound formal

Start a new paragraph for a new section of the explanation

Use diagrams if they will help your explanation

Use numbers or bullet points if they help

Make a glossary for difficult words!!


Ripple Effect Art

As part of World Around Us we have been studying Water.  We looked on Youtube at ripples in water.  We then using portraits of ourselves cut them out to make them look like rippled reflections.  We then put these up as a water display with explanations of the Water Cycle we completed in Literacy.


Tag Rugby with William Clint

As part of the Ulster Branch curriculum sessions William took every Monday for 5 weeks, we played small scale games.  These were to help us put the skills we had been taught into practice.  We all had great fun.

Poem Preparation

This morning in literacy we carried out a shared reading activity on a Day’s Eye by Pie Corbert.  We looked at the adjectives used to describe the Sun and similes used to great effect too. We are looking forward to writing our own Moon poems.