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AR Word Millionaires

Award Winners

Andrew - Literacy Star
David - Numeracy Genius
Bella - ICT Whizz
Alex - Lovely Manners

Egyptian Trip to the Ulster Museum

Children in Crossfire Maths Challenge Day

We are a RENAISSANCE Master Class

AR Prize Winners

March Award Winners

Literacy Star - Harry
ICT Whizz - Adrian
Lovely Manners - Molly
Numeracy Genius - Sophie

February AR Certificates

February Award Winners

Jack - Lovely Manners
Makyla - Literacy Star
Abbie - ICT Whizz
Mya - Numeracy Genius

World Book Day - today we dressed up as characters from our favourite books. We also watched a special Webinar and carried out an experiment. We can all now explain why a spider does not stick to a web.

We had a special delivery just in time for the Valentines Disco

ACTIVE LEARNING - Investigating fractions

ACTIVE LEARNING - Giving and following spoken instructions...

Features of Instructions

ACTIVE LEARNING - Comparitives and Superlatives

Do you know the suffixes of these adjectives?

ACTIVE LEARNING - Making a Metre

December AR Winners - CONGRATULATIONS!

Class Award Winners

Poppy - Literacy Star
Lexi - Lovely Manners
Billy - Numeracy Genius
Jack - ICT Whizz

Healthy Kidz Christmas Fun!

Active Learning: Measurement

AR Certificate Winners - Well done!

November Monthly Award Winners

Jack - ICT Whizz
Beth - Literacy Star
Mykyla - Lovely Manners
Harry - Numeracy Star

Active Learning: Northern Ireland's facts or opinions

Active Learning: Find the Treasure!

Year 5 recently entered a road safety competition and we are very pleased to say that one of our pupils was chosen as one of the winners out of 600 entries. 12 winners where chosen to have their entries in the road safety calender for 2018. Here is Abi displaying her winning entry at the recent presentation. What an excellent achievement Abi!

Look what instrument we got!!!

Can you guess who was wearing this purple patch?

Celebrating Numeracy Week

Active Learning:Conscience Alley adverbs

CONGRATULATIONS to our September Award Winners!

Alex - ICT whizz
Abi - Numeracy genius
Bella - Lovely manners
Jackson - Literacy Star

Y5 Fire Safety Talk

Y5E checking out the Book Fair!

Digital Leader: Ruby

Pupil Council: Alex T

Eco Council: Harry W and Bella

Active Learning: Rounding using the place value dice

Active Learning: place value using digi flips

Active Learning: Barnie & Jim role play

Active Learning: back-to-back processing mathematical language in place value

Active Learning: using Place Value dice

Active Learning: Walking Number Line