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Y5 T/D - very busy little bees!

Y5 T/D have been learning about lots of exciting things. We have learnt about potatoes, how they turn from potato to crisp.   As part of our project we visited Tayto castle in Tandragee. It was very exciting. 

In Numeracy we were learning about Venn Diagrams  e.g a sorting out diagram where you can organise things such as shapes and numbers. 

In Literacy we have been learning about the main parts of a story - the orientation, build-up, complication and resolution.  At the moment we are writing our own  story about a mouse called Monty Mouse using the framework of the four sections. We might even put some of them on our class web page!

Y5 T/D are a very busy bunch of hard-working pupils at the moment!  

By: V Cruz Y5 T/D