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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


smileyAs I am sure you are aware Year 4 postponed their Year 4 performance until the New Year. With that in view and the busy Christmas break just a few weeks away Year 4 will be putting a great deal of effort into perfecting the words to the songs for our performance. So from now until Christmas Year 4 will not have written home works and the week beginning 1st December will be the last week of spellings as well.  But we will be sending home the words of the songs for assembly for children to practise at home! Please take time to go over the words at home with your children so they really know them for the start of the new term! 

Many thanks for your support!

Welcome to the Year 4 B Class page!

Hopefully you will enjoy looking at all the activities we are doing in school.

It has already been an extremely busy half term from learning some traditional dances and songs to investigating pumpkins. smiley

Last Day of Football coaching for Year 4

Volley Ball Coaching

A successful morning for Year 4 in sports as we were presented with our medals for sports day

Year 4 Visit An Apple Farm

Freddy Fitness Fun Friday!

The Rainforest in a bottle - making a terrarium.

Practical measuring

Zoo Lab Visit

Evacuee Day

Red Day

World Book Day

We all made a super effort with our book character costumes.

The Eco council wants us all to learn the Eco code.  Each class will be tested in assembly after half term so make sure you are practising it at home!!!

The Millington Eco Code


We are Millington

We are class

We use our bins

And protect our grass

Recycling paper is our thing

Double sided copying makes us sing

Litter bugs are a big no! no!

We need to catch them so go Millington go!

We turn off the lights, row by row

Power down computers avoiding a glow

Eat healty foods and grow our own

Help us Millington; we can't do it ALONE


We are looking at the Solar System in Year 4.

We are learning lots of interesting facts about space and the planets.

We are going to work in groups and build our own rockets.

Today we made a design plan of our rockets.

Now we need to start collecting the materials so we can build our models.


Our Trip to the Planetarium

We have had a great time learning dances from different countries and some traditional songs!
We went on a walk around our school to look for signs of autumn

An Autumn Walk

When we got back to class we sorted the leaves we found according to the trees they came from.

During Numeracy Week.  Year 4 completed an investigation on pumpkins.  By the end of the week we had weighed each pumpkin, worked out a way to measure the circumference and estimated then counted the number of lines on our pumpkin.


We also figured out why a heavy pumpkin floats rather than sinks.  We finally estimated then worked out the quickest way to count all the seeds in each pumpkin, there were a lot of seeds.