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Welcome to the Year 4B Class Page.

Catch up with all the news, activities and information for our class! 

Fun at sports day



A big thank you to all who supported our class by sponsoring them to take part in the Big Workout. As you can see the children worked really hard and had great fun at the same time!

World War 2 Palace Stables Trip

Now that All Set is finished we will be continuing our PE curriculum as normal.

Remember to bring your PE kit on Tuesday and Wednesday each week!

Our World War Two Journey

We have been learning to write instructions in class. We had to use time words and bossy verbs so our instructions were clear and easy to follow. Then we followed our instructions and made ham sandwiches! 😊

More work on instructions plant cress seeds

Don't forget tomorrow is our evacuee day. Please come to school dressed as an evacuee. When the school bell rings line up on the pitch outside our classroom.


We had a fantastic day learning about what it was like to be an evacuee in World War 2.

Heading to the station

Discussing our thoughts and feelings about our new billet.

Year 4 Visit Palace Stables Armagh

We made Christmas crafts

We learned about Christmas traditions during the Georgian era 1714 – 1830

Christmas Jumper Day and Craft Fair

world Around Us

The Solar System


We have been learning all about our solar system.  In class we designed and made models of the solar system.  We had to make sure each planet was in the right order and that they were painted the correct colour.  Finally we had to build the model and label each of the planets.

Drawing our plans for our models.

Painting our models

Putting it all together

We are making a class book on the solar system.  It is a non-fiction book so we have to do research so all our facts are correct!

Year 4B Out of This World

Rhea Told Us What It Is Like for Astronauts On The International Space Station

Pumpkin Maths!


We investigated pumpkins

We estimated then measured their weight, height and circumference 

Next we tried to figure out if the pumpkins would float or sink.

We thought they would sink because they were heavy. But we learned that because they are full of air they didn't sink. They were floating on the water like a beach ball!


Finally we used our counting skills to calculate how many seeds were in each pumpkin.

We had great fun on Roald Dahl Day.

Can you guess which Roald Dahl character we have dressed up as?