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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


It's our last day in Year 4. We have had a fantastic year full of fun and lots of new and interesting things to learn! Have a great Summer and don't forget to keep reading over the Summer!

Welcome to Year 4B!

We are going to have a fantastic year. smiley

We have so much to learn and lots of exciting activities to do.

Already we have celebrated Roald Dahl's 100th birthday with an activity day in school. Take a look at our movie trailer and photos to see what a brilliant day we had.

We are now back in our old room. But it has been completely transformed! Hopefully we can keep it looking pristine and tidy for the rest of this term!

We have been working on our Rainforest diorama

This morning we had our Sports Day Awards Assembly.

Year 4B did well in the Relay coming First in both the Boys and Girls interclass events!

Winding down for the summer you say?? Not in Year 4B!

We are working away here! Writing adventure stories, making PowerPoints, presenting research. Oh and let's not forget the iMovie trailers. Steven Spielberg watch out!

And we are doing all this with Wacky hair too!

Year 4B had a very successful sports day with our girls coming joint First in the relay and our boys narrowly missing out on a First too. But most importantly we all took part and enjoyed our morning at Brownstown Park.

Sports Day

The Relay Race

The Golden Mile

Waiting for our races

Our trip to the zoo

This week was the last week of our maths centres until after Easter. We have learned a lot while we worked on these activities.
This week we are looking at instructions. We were trying to find out what the common features of a set of instructions would be. Can you tell what types of instructions we looked at?

Active Learning Literacy Activity - Instructions

Today we made jam sandwiches and then tried to write a set of instructions for Ms McBride to follow! It didn't work out very well! We forgot to write down some of the steps and Ms McBride ended up putting the jam and butter on top of the bag of bread!
We were learning how to add multiples of 10 to double digit numbers!

Year 4B spent the day as evacuees.

Being selected. Some of us got good homes some of us didn't.

Year 4 Visit Palace Stables To Learn About World War Two

We learned about the allies and axis powers, rationing and air raid shelters from Paul

The Air raid Warden told us what it would be like if we had been evacuated during WW2

We met a US Colonel who taught us how to use a cypher to work out a coded message and how to hold a rifle!

In the old school room we made labels and identity cards so no one would think we were spies!

All Set

Still image for this video
We are really improving! This dance is quite technical!

We are learning some songs with Ian and Mary too.

Still image for this video
Gypsy Rover

Active Learning in Literacy - Compound Words

Active Learning In Numeracy

We had great fun at our first All Set session this morning. Mary and Ian taught us the first part of the Clap Dance.

All Set

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Clap Dance


We are learning about the properties of 3D shapes. Today we worked with a partner to make 3D shapes out of cocktail sticks and mini mallows.