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Marble Jar Reward - Fancy Dress



June Class Award

Making Soda Farls.

Award Winners for May

Our Sports Day

Y3W Readers Assembly
Fitness Fun Day to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
Trip to the Argory.

Farm to Fork visit to TESCO.


Thank you to everyone who donated to CLIC Sargent.




March Award Winners

February Award Winners

We brought our teddies to school as part of our Teddy Bear Topic.

We are learning about the Weather...

LITERACY/DRAMA LESSONS ......Handa's Surprise!!!

The Story of Mrs Mopple's Washing Line

Y3's Mr Cookies Food Factory Play


RED DAY.....

Monthly Award Winners

We are having fun playing with the SNOW!!!!

We made puppets to help us tell the traditional tale'The Frog Prince'

Have a look at our Angels.

Year 3 Marble Jar Reward - Fancy Dress Party.

Christmas Jumper Day

Venn Diagram

Christmas dinner

November Award Winners.... Well done girls and boys.

We investigate numbers...

We used dominoes to carry out an investigation looking for odds and evens.

Anti-bullying Week..

For anti-bullying week we had to work in a groups to design a school Superhero.

We saw and drew different types of houses on our walk.

We made a storymap  for the Three Little Pigs and then used it to tell the story. 

West Midlands Theatre Came to Perform at Millington!

West Midlands Theatre group performed a play about Sinbad for us. It was great fun.

Shoe Box Appeal

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to the Shoe Box Appeal.  It is so important to encourage our children to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Monthly Award Winners for October

Award Winners for September....

We visited St. Mark's Church - a main feature of our town.  We saw inside the church and even went half way up the towers to see how the bells are rung.

Y3W's ECO Council Representatives

Mr Tommy Hanlon came to talk about school life when he was a little boy.  He went to a little country cshool called Drumgoose Primary School.  He showed us some things he would have used in school and told us about some of the naughty things children did then.  It was really interesting.

We had great fun playing 'Beetle' and Bingo during Maths week.