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Welcome to Y3W.  smiley

Finishing times are 3pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 1.50pm Thursday and Friday.

P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Library book day is Friday.

Dinner money is £2.30 per day and should be sent on Monday in an envelope stating which days the child is taking dinner. Money envelopes are available for £1 from the office.

Please remember to check and sign homeworks and reading records. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Prize Day award winners. Well done!

We made soda farls as part of our bread topic. We also looked at how yeast creates bubbles.

Y3W Sports Day

What a fantastic performance of 'The Selfish Ladybird'! Everyone was brilliant! Well done!

We elected our class Eco Council members.

September Class Awards' Winners. Well done!

October Class Awards Winners

November Class Award Winners. Congratulations!

December Class Award Winners. Well Done!

January Class Award Winners. Super job!

February Class Award Winners. Well done!

May Class awards winners.

Our Trip to the Argory

Teddy Bear Topic. We brought our teddy bears to school and wrote lovely stories about them.

We are learning to add tens and units with exchanging.

We discussed how to stay safe when using the internet on Internet Safety Day. We had two winners in the competition to design a mouse mat about staying safe.

We had great fun dramatising a story from Africa - 'Handa's Surprise'.

As part of our Weather Topic we dramatised a windy story called Mrs Mopple's Washing Line.

We made puppets to help us retell the story of the Princess and the Frog. We had great fun giving the characters voices.

We have been learning about Place Value in maths. Here we are using Base 10 material to set out tens and units addition sums.

As part of our 'Homes' topic, we made models of our houses.

We sorted our houses into Venn Diagrams.

We enjoyed using dominoes to investigate odd and even numbers.

West Midlands Theatre Group put on Beauty and the Beast.

Friday 13th November was Spotty Day for Children in Need. Thanks to all who donated we raised £663.

As part of our Homes topic we went out to observe different house types around the school. We recorded what we saw.

We made story maps of The Three Little Pigs and then used them to tell the story to our partners. We had great fun adding expression and different voices for the characters.

Strictly comes to Millington!

We went on a walk around our town environment. We looked at some of the main features of our town. We also compared photos from 100 years ago to see what has changed and what is the same.

We looked at fiction and non-fiction books from our environment topic.

Autumn Trees

Task Box Activities encourage the children to use thinking skills while involved in active learning. Each group works together to complete a literacy, numeracy, art or World Around Us task.

It is important to be able to find numbers quickly on a 100 square. Placing numbers on a blank 100 square was quite a challenge!