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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


The children enjoyed Break The Rules Day. They wore non-unifrom, had messy hair, got to sit wherever they wanted in class and we had a disco.

Reading Booster Rewards

Well done 100% attendance !

Year 3 Sports Day!

This month award winners!

Numeracy day in year 3!

Year 3 got prizes for completing their Bible Time Booklets.

Learning about symmetry.

Year 3 had fun making parachutes as part of their weather topic.

Well done to the award winners.

The children made weather books today using the book creator app on the iPads.

Mother's Day- year 3 made tulip cards and wrote lovely stories about their mums .

E safety award winner to design a bookmark.

Science experiment on how to block out sound!

Year 3 have been learning about halves !

Melting hands experiment.

The year 3 love their computer sessions !

The children had lots of fun at the disco! Here are some great dancers!

Still image for this video

Certificate winners

Year 3 are learning how to measure using a metre stick.

Learning money problem sums.

Snowman drive game.

Year 3 enjoying their topic task boxes.

We had two Christmas birthdays!

Year 3 made Christmas crackers and robins!

November award winners.

Christmas assembly

Christmas dinner.

Year 3 were learning how to measure using rods and paper clips.

We played the doubles dart board game on the interactive board.

Year 3 enjoyed making Christmas Angles.👼

We made reindeer food for the Christmas Fayre.

Year 3 made lots of Christmas crafts for the school fayre.

Year 4 entertained us with their production of Snow White.

Domino games for odd and even numbers

Year 3 enjoyed watching the Year 4 play

Investigating dominoes for even and odd.

Year 3 watched the theatre production of Dick Whittington.

We drew houses for our home topic.The children looked at detached,semi-detached, bungalows and terraced houses.

October award winners

Purple4polio day

Year 3 were shocked at the size of the huge rats that ate the left over rubbish!

Year 3 talk from council about litter.

Y3 writing about their town.

Team work- writing about Our Town.

Year 3 Town Walk

Green Day in Year 3.

September Award Winners.

Learning to count money.

Year three enjoy their task box activities.

Autumn trees

Look at our fabulous art work ! We drew Autumn Trees.

Word building activities in year 3.

Year 3 enjoyed using the cubes to help them with their subtraction sums.