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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Mrs Hampton welcomes you to, Year 3H.

Late days are on, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, finishing at 3.00pm.

Early days are Thursday and Friday, finishing at 1.50pm.

Dinner Money is £2.60 per day.

13.00 per week.

P.E is on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

P.E Kit- Shorts, a Millington red polo-shirt and plimsolls or trainers.

Jewellery should not be worn.  

Prize Day Winners.

World Around Us. Our new topic, Bread. We enjoyed making and eating soda bread!

April/May Class Award Winners.

Sports Day Medal winners.

Weighing using cubes / clothes pegs.

Sorting 3D Shapes.

Sorting 2D shapes.

Weeding and planting seeds.

We wrote about our teddies.

Science Week.

Break The Rules Day!

Our Argory Trip.

March Class Award Winners.

Enjoying the, Big Workout Day.

Activity Based Learning.

The World Around Us. Activity Based Learning. Weather.

Enjoying Pancake Tuesday.

February Class Award Winners.

January Class Award Winners.

We had great fun dramatising Handa's Surprise.

We made fish about 1 metre long.

Activity Based Learning.

Activity Based Learning.

Practical Numeracy.

Practical Tens and Units.

A kiss from a Princess. Drama.

December Class Award Winners.

Activity Based Learning.

Little Angel gets her wings.

November Class Award Winners.

Sketching houses.

Enjoying working on the computers.

Investigating odd and even numbers.

October Class Awards.

Activity Based Learning.

We planted daffodils.

World Around Us. Activity Based Learning