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Christmas Jumper Day

Year 3A visit 'The Argory'.

                                                          indecision  PARENTS  indecision


P.E. days - Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please remember to bring your full P.E. kit - shorts, red P.E. t-shirt and plimsolls/trainers.


Library - Thursday.


* Tuesday 10th February - Year 3 perform play 'Mr Cookie's Food Factory' for the school.

* Thursday 12th February - Year 3 perform their play for their parents.


ECO Council Members

W.A.U. - Topic Bread - Year 3A Make Soda Farls

P.E. - Year 3A having great fun with the parachute.

Year 3A at the Computer Suite

Year 3A went to 'The Argory' to find out what life was like for Tommy Bond.  The children dressed up and travelled back in time 100 years.  They made calling cards so that they could visit Ma Ma in her big house.  Her servant Elsa was sick so two girls from our class had to collect the calling cards for Ma Ma.  We were in Tommy's and Ma Ma's bedroom, the sitting room and the dining room.  It is Tommy's birthday tomorrow and he will be 7.  We had a little peep at his birthday cake and his nanny showed us his birthday present and card from Ma Ma and Pa Pa. 


The children met Tommy's Governess and she teaches Tommy Arithmetic, Reading, Writing, Geography, History and Science.  His nanny showed us Tommy's bedroom and she told us that she looked after Tommy.  His Ma Ma only sees him one hour each day. The children were playing with Tommy's toys and had a walk around the garden.  Some children said that they saw Tommy but he is very shy.


The children had a brilliant day at 'The Argory' and before they went home they had great fun at the park.


Tens and Units with exchanging.

Silly Sock Day!

April Prize Winners!

March Prize Winners!

Year 3A were outside looking at all the different colours in Our Environment.  In pairs they collected some NATURAL things and brought them into school.

In class we looked carefully at them using a magnifying glass.  The children sorted what they had found and then they explained to the rest of the class how they sorted the items.

February Prize Winners

W.A.U. - Science 'Ice Hands'

The next day Year 3A took the ice hands out of the freezer.  We put one in the classroom and one outside.  The children predicted that the ice hand in the classroom would melt first.

Year 3A looked at both ice hands after two hours and then four hours. The ice hand outside was melting faster.

As a class we discussed why this was happening and when we measured the temperature outside it was 15 degrees Celsius.


W.A.U. Science - Our Ice Egg Experiment Lesson 2

We let the ice egg melt in the classroom.  It still had not melted when Mrs Acheson was going home at 5 o'clock.  The next morning the children were very excited to see that the egg had completed melted and it was now a LIQUID.


As a class we got a litre jug and measured the amount of liquid.  We measured 700 millilitres.  We used this water and put it into two gloves and put them in the freezer.  We discussed whether the ice hands would be a SOLID or a LIQUID tomorrow.

W.A.U. - Science Ice Egg Experiment Lesson 1

Science - Ice Egg Experiment

Year 3A felt the ice egg and described what it felt like.  We put food colouring on top and watched carefully.  We sprinkled salt on top and listened carefully.

In groups the children PREDICTED and then INVESTIGATED to find out which ice stick would melt first and also last

Box 1 - The ice stick covered with salt

Box 2- The ice stick covered with nothing

Box 3 - The ice stick wrapped in bubble wrap.

They observed and made observational drawings every 5 minutes for 15 minutes.

OUR FINDINGS - The children found out that the ice stick covered with salted melted the fastest and the slowest was the ice stick wrapped in bubble wrap.

As a class we discussed why this happened and what we put on the road to help the ice and the snow melt.

Have a look to see what the children have been learning.

Year 3A have been working with Mrs McCombe and Mrs Acheson to investigate and sort SOLIDS and LIQUIDS.

They have been working in groups to sort pictures of solids and liquids.  The children have had great fun using a magnifying glass to look closely at sand and sugar.

Have a look to see what they have been learning.smiley

W.A.U. - Science Year 3A have been busy working in groups testing different materials to see if they would be good for an umbrella..

Year 3A have been busy testing different materials such as fabric, kitchen roll, tissue, plastic and cardboard to see which one would be good for an umbrella.  The children had to PREDICT before starting which materials they thought were waterproof and which were not.

Some children discovered that cardboard from a cereal box was waterproof but cardboard we use in class is not.  The children discovered the best material was PLASTIC.

Year 3A recorded their results on a chart.  Have a look to see what they have been learning.

Literacy - Year 3A have been reading the story 'Handa's Surprise' in class.

Year 3A have been reading the story 'Handa's Surprise' in class.  They have been learning about the AUTHOR, the ILLUSTRATOR, the CHARACTERS, the SETTING and the PLOT.

The children have been writing a CHARACTER PROFILE on Handa and also acting out the story using masks which they have made.

Year 3 perform 'Mr Cookies Food Factory'. Well done to all the children!


Year 3A recorded the weather in the morning and afternoon for 2 weeks.

The children used this information and recorded it in a tally chart and also a block graph.

We talked about which type of weather was MOST and LEAST popular.

The children were also able to find the difference between the most and least popular type of weather.

Red Day - The children came dressed in something red to raise money for The Heart Foundation.

Year 3A having fun in the snow!

smiley  W.A.U. - History, Geography and Science - Topic Weather  smiley


Year 3A have been devising weather symbols and recording what the weather is like in the morning and also in the afternoon.  They have been using a thermometer to record the temperature outside and inside.  After 2 weeks we will use this information and record it in a tally chart and block graph to show how many days of each type of weather we have had.


Numeracy - during Numeracy we have been looking at the temperature in the morning and also in the afternoon and finding the difference in the temperature.

Geography - the children have been comparing the weather in Portadown to Australia and also America.  Today we used 'google' to search to find out what the weather is like in Portadown compared to Australia and America.

The children have also been learning about why wind is dangerous and also why it is also useful.

Literacy - During story time the children have been listening to and acting out the story of 'Mrs Mopple's Washing Line'.  They have been sequencing pictures and retelling the story.


Active Learning - Practical group work related to our topic - 'Weather'.


Please encourage your child to look for weather reports in newspapers and on the computer.  Please bring them into school to display on our weather board.

Number - Tens and Units

Year 3A are learning how to add two numbers within a problem sum.

e.g. Mrs Acheson has 34 bags of crisps and 15 lollipops.  How many things has she altogether?

  34 + 15 = 49


What is the total of 55 and 32?      55 + 32 = 87

The children are learning how to calculate these problems mentally and also with a Tens and Units sum.


Have a look at the photographs below to see how we set these problems out within a Tens and Units sum. smiley

Tens and Units practically - Year 3A are learning how to add two numbers mentally and also within a Tens and Units sum.

Literacy/Drama - The children were acting out the story 'A Kiss From A Princess'.

Numeracy - Giving Change. The children are learning about giving change from 10p, 20p, 30p and 50p.

Year 3A enjoy P.E. on the apparatus.

Year 3A made beautiful Winter Robins.

SPAR Art Competition Winners

Maths - Investigation Odd and Even Numbers

Year 3A made beautiful Christmas Angels.

Christmas Post.

Maths - Place Value

Year 3A have been counting in 10's forwards and backwards from any number within 100.

They have been using base 10 material to find out how many sets of 10 and how many units in a number

e.g.  15 = 1 ten 5 units

27 = 2 tens 7 units

6 = 0 tens 6 units

64 = 6 tens 4 units.

Maths - Place Value

Year 3A have been checking the temperature every morning. The lowest it has been is 0 degrees.

Maths - Venn Diagram

Year 3A completed a Venn Diagram to show who has a shed, garage, both or none.  Have a look at our results?

How many children have a shed?

How many children have a garage?

How many children have both?

How many children have no garage or shed?

How many MORE children have a shed than a garage?

November Prize Winners.

Since it is 'Anti-Bullying' week we thought about 'What is Bullying?' and what we can do if we are being bullied.  We also designed a Superhero to stop bullying.  Have a look at a few of our pictures.

Anti-Bullying Week - Our Superhero Characters

West Midlands Theatre came to perform 'Sinbad' for us.

W.A.U - House Types

We went for a walk around our local area to look for different types of houses - Detached houses, Semi-detached, a bungalow and terraced houses.  We looked at different parts of a house e.g. chimney, roof, garage, windows etc.  We looked at their house numbers and talked about whether they were EVEN or ODD. 


Year 3A found a house that was 'FOR LET' and also a house that was 'FOR SALE'.  We talked about a shop that sells houses is called an ESTATE AGENTS. 


Have a look at our drawings of different types of houses.

W.A.U. Topic Homes - Year 3A went for a walk in our local area to look for different types of houses.


Since we are learning about 'Houses And Homes' we read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' on the Interactive Whiteboard.  We looked at the sequence of events, sentence structure and also speech marks.  Some children were the pigs, the wolf and also the narrator.  We had great fun using different voices for different characters. 


We sequenced our story and then in pairs we retold the story to our partners.

Literacy/W.A.U. Topic Homes - Sequencing the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

October Prize Winners!

Active Learning In Groups.

In groups we work together to complete practical tasks related to our topic e.g. cut and stick pictures from catalogues to put in each room of a house, draw a picture of your house and then using the Bee-bot program Bee-Bot to go to your house and using shapes design a crazy shaped house. 


Since we are learning about instructions the children are required to follow instructions to play two games with a partner.

Our Pictures Of St. Mark's Church.

W.A.U / Art - Look at our lovely poppies! We have been learning about Remembrance Day.

Non-Uniform Day to raise money for the Children's Hospice.

Today Year 3A came to school wearing clothes which had a number on them.  Well done children!  This was for a very worthy cause.  smiley

Tommy came to talk to Year 3 about what school was like when he was a child.  He told us all about bringing turf to school, ink pots, writing on slate, getting hot chocolate at break time, cleaning out the fire, reading and of course the cane!!!  

Congratulations Tommy for winning an MBE award.  indecision

WAU - Features Of Our Town.

Year 3A - Maths Fun Day - In class we played Bingo and had a Beetle Drive.

WAU - Topic 'Our Town Environment - Portadown'. We looked at old photographs of Portadown to see what is different or stayed the same.

Year 3A visit the Book Fair.

I.C.T. - We have been using CRICKWEB to help us make different amounts of money and also with our addition and subtraction.

Practical Maths - Making different amounts of money using 2 coins.

Show and Tell - I brought some Peacock's feathers and a Peahen's egg into school to show my class.

September Prize Winners for Numeracy, Literacy, Manners and I.C.T.

Maths Investigation - in pairs


Spellings - Word Building

Hot Seating - Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter.

Practical Number - Story of 10 using marbles and cubes.