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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Welcome to Year 3A.





Dinner is £ 2.60 each day.  Please remember to bring your dinner money on a Monday in a named envelope.


P.E. days are Monday and Wednesday.

Please remember your kit - shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls/trainers.  No jewellery please.


Late days 3pm - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Early days 1.50pm - Thursday and Friday.





ECO Council Members

Year 3A enjoying their snack outside in the sunshine.

Year 3A enjoying some rhubard crumble and custard. The rhubarb was grown in our school garden.

Our trip to The Argory.

Play Time At The Park

Our Garden Walk

Playing With Tommy Bond's Toys

Our teddy bears had a sleep over in school. Have a look to see what they were up to!!!

W.A.U. - Teddy Bears. We put our teddy bears in order from the youngest to the oldest.

Year 3A trying out their parachutes they made during Activity Based Learning. They had great fun!

Year 3A making a weather book on Book Creator.

World book day - Science experiment based on Horrid Henry!

World Book Day!

Active Learning - Fractions.

Ice Hand Science Experiment.

Activity Based Learning - topic Weather.

Happy Christmas boys and girls!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and that Santa comes too.

W.A.U. - making a model of their house.

Year 3A busy making Christmas Cards. Have a look to see who loved putting their hands in the glitter tray!!

Design a Christmas stamp competition winner. Well done!

Literacy - we followed instructions to make Winter Robins.

Activity Based Learning - day 2

Art - look at our lovely decorations!

Activity Based Learning - topic 'Homes'.

Art - look at our lovely angels!

Year 3A busy making reindeer food for our Christmas Craft Fayre.

Year 3A enjoy going to the Computer Suite.

Literacy - Year 3A follow instructions to make an octopus puppet.

Dominoes Investigation - working together to find the most common total.

Literacy - sequencing the story of The Three Little Pigs and writing an alternative ending.

Dominoes Investigation 

The children were learning about odd and even numbers.  We investigated using our dominoes to see which was the biggest set.  Was it the even number of dots at both ends, odd number of dots at both ends or even number of dots at one end and an odd number of dots at the other.  The children worked very well together in pairs.  Well done!

Maths - odd and even numbers. Dominoes Investigation!

Purple Day!

Maths - Using dominoes to find the most common total.

W.A.U. - we looked at the rubbish in our bin to see which type of material we threw out most of. Have a look at our graph to find out the answer.

Art - Year 3A painting Poppies. Have a look at them hard at work.

W.A.U. - Pamela from the Council came to talk to us about how we can keep Our Town tidy

Year 3A had great fun working together during the beetle drive.  The children in groups had to make a number using their body parts.  Well done!

Active Maths Day

W.A.U. - Out School And Town Environment Display.

Literacy - Our Town Walk.

Literacy - Talking And Listening Year 3A reading their town writing to the class.

Literacy - Working together in groups to write a Recount of 'Our Town Walk'.

Literacy - matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Number - Story of 11.

Art - Look at our lovely Autumn trees!

Number - Story of 10.

Number - dice adding game.

Number - In Year 3 we count in 1's, 5's and 10's.