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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Welcome To Year 3A!



P.E. days - Tuesday & Wednesday


Late Days - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to 3pm

Early Days - Thursday and Friday to 1.50pm


Dinner - £2.55 each day and should be paid on a Monday.



Please name all uniform, your child's coat and P.E. kit.  Thank  you.

To    Year 3A & Parents,

Thank you so much for the beautiful presents, flowers, cards, poems and letters which Mrs Bailey delivered to me this evening.  It was very kind of you and your parents and is very much appreciated.


Hope you have a lovely Summer and Good Luck for Year 4.  I know you will all continue to be 'Class Super Stars!'.


From   Mrs Acheson    smiley



Charity Day - Wacky Hair Day

W.A.U. - Topic Bread. Year 3A make Soda Farls.

Prize Day Winners!

Year 3A enjoy playing rounders during P.E.

Year 3A Sports Medal Winners

Independent Writing- My Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear Sleepover. Have a look to see what all the teddy bears got up to.

Swaziland Choir Visit Millington!

Swaziland Day In School - Well done to everyone!

March Awards - Well Done!

Reading Awards

Freddy Fitness

W.A.U. - Science Testing Parachute Man

Maths - Tens and Units with exchanging

W.A.U. - Science Which type of MATERIAL is waterproof - Kitchen roll, card, tissue, plastic or fabric?

W.A.U. Science - Which ice cube will melt the fastest? The one wrapped in bubble wrap, the one with salt or the ice cube with nothing on top.

January Prize Winners

Activity Based Learning - Maths - Fractions

Place Value / Tens and Units

December Prize Winners!

Numeracy - making amounts of money within £1.00.

It's a Party - by Year 3

Year 3 learning about Instructions and how to write instructions for washing your hands.

Maths - Venn Diagram - Detached/Garage

Topic - Homes Activity Based Learning

Year 3A visit the Book Fair

Year 3A - identifying and drawing different types of houses.

October Prize Winners - Well Done!

Literacy/I.C.T. - to write a different ending to a traditional tale - The Three Little Pigs

Maths Investigation Using Dominoes - finding the most common total and the most common difference.

War Medals.

Art work for Remembrance Day

Pamela from the Council came in to talk to Year 3 about looking after Our Environment.

P.E. - Football with Chris

I.C.T. / Number - We used Bee-Bot to check our tables.

Library Time

September Prize Winners - Well done!

ICT/ W.A.U. Active Learning - Year 3A programming Bee-Bot to go to different features in our town.

Active Learning. Writing in groups - Our Town Walk

Year 3A went on a walk today around our town.  We looked at old photographs and talked about what was the same and what was different.  Year 3 identified features of our town e.g. River Bann, St. Mark's Church, Town Hall, Cascades, Railway Station etc.

We also discussed what shops and shopping centres we have in Portadown and what they sell.

Time - We are learning o'clock and half past times using analogue and digital times.

Number Jumper Day!

Numeracy Week - P.E. working together in groups to make numbers.