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Welcome to Year 3A!


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Dinner Money - £2.30 each day.

Please bring your dinner money on a Monday morning.


P.E. days - Tuesday and Wednesday 

Please remember to bring your shorts, t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls.


Library - Friday




Class Photograph

BREAD TASTING - We tasted Wheaten bread, Bagels, Soda Bread, Baguettte and Naan Bread in class.  We chose our favourite type of bread and then we recorded this information in a table and block graph.  In pairs we worked together to answer Maths problems from our graph.

In the computer suite we are designing a Power Point about our favourite type of bread.

Sports Day Medal Winners!

Year 3 Performance 'The Selfish Ladybird'. Well done to all the children!!

Year 3 performance 'The Selfish Ladybird'. Well done!!

Internet Safety Day - Competition Winners! Well done girls!!

W.A.U. topic - Teddy Bears

Our World Around Us topic is Teddy Bears.  Year 3A brought in a teddy bear to school and we made a timeline from the youngest to the oldest bear.  The oldest bear is 58 and the youngest bear is 1. 

Year 3A were finding out about Famous Bears and as a class we worked out what age Paddington, Rupert and Super Ted is.  The children were also learning who invented the first teddy bear and the difference between an old and new bear.

Tens and units with exchanging.

Year 3A designed a mouse mat. They were thinking about how to keep safe online.

February Awards

January Awards

Task Boxes - Weather

December Awards

Literacy - Role Play A Kiss For A Princess

Practical work with base 10 material for place value and tens and units.

November Awards

Reading Awards

Year 3A make lovely angels!

Investigating ODD and EVEN numbers

Spotty Day for Children In Need

Year 3A ECO Council Members

Time for ice-cream!!!

Literacy - Story map of Three Little Pigs. Retelling the story using expression.

October Awards for Literacy, Maths, Manners and I.C.T.

W.A.U topic - Homes. Identifying different types of houses and drawing them.

Strictly comes to Millington!!

W.A.U. - Year 3A making models of St. Mark's Church in groups.

Reading Non-Fiction Text.

Maths Investigation using dominoes.

Art - Drawing Poppies

3D shapes - We are learning how many edges, corners and faces each shape has.

W.A.U. & Numeracy  - Our Environment

Today Year 3A were learning about different types of MATERIALS e.g. metal, plastic, wood, paper and glass. 


In groups, the children sorted their classroom rubbish depending on the type of material and then displayed it in a 3D graph.  We found that we were throwing out too much paper and plastic.  The children were able to identify the most  and least popular type of material and also find the difference between both.


Year 3A are now going to reuse their paper and write on the back and also any packaging made from paper they are going to keep it for making models of our town.  We are going to continue to put our fruit peelings in our orange bucket so that we can make compost.


Have a look to see what we have been doing.

W.A.U. & Numeracy - Our Environment REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

Numeracy Investigation in pairs

Task Box Activities - Working in groups to complete a World Around Us, Numeracy, Literacy, I.C.T. or Art Activity.

Numeracy - finding numbers within a 100 square and also a blank 100 square.

Numeracy - in pairs making amounts of money.

September Awards for Literacy, Numeracy, I.C.T. and Manners.

Shared Writing - 'Our Town Environment' by Year 3A displayed in the Resource Area

Literacy - Shared Writing 'Our Town Environment'. (Group Work)

Year 3A went for a walk around our town to look at some of the main features.  We looked at photographs from 100 years ago and compared them with Portadown today.  We talked about what was different and also the same.

W.A.U. - topic 'Our Environment' . Our Town Walk.

Story of 10 practically and using I.C.T.

Year 3A at the Computer Suite

Literacy - Word Building

W.A.U. - Topic 'Our School Environment' - pencil drawing of our school.