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My favourite thing about Year 2

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New arrivals in P2S...

Zoo Lab!

Solar Eclipse 2015



Millington P2S Aquarium

After all our hard work, the aquarium was finally declared open.  The children were all excited and eager to share their knowledge about the different animals.  They looked after the visitors with great care and attention! 


Under Construction!

We have been very busy constructing our own under the sea creatures.  We started with newspaper and made the basic shape.  We had to use lots of masking tape.  Next we had to cover our animals with modroc.  It is like paper mâché.  It was very messy BUT lots of fun.  Stay tuned to see the final product...



We have been very excited about using the apparatus in PE.  We have been learning how to move and travel in different ways; by travelling high and low, or under, over and through things.  We also have been thinking about different shapes we can make with our bodies.

check out the photos below...

p.s. Some are a little blurry because they move too fast...


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Under the Sea

P2S have made an amazing discovery in their classroom...they found a secret underwater sea cave! 

In the sea cave was a rusty old treasure chest, which had a lock.  The children were able to open the chest and found lots of treasure and sea creatures.

This is how we started our topic "Under the Sea" we will be learning about different sea creatures; where they live, what they eat, what they look like etc.  Have a look at some of our play activities below...


Under the Sea Play

Numeracy Week - We made fifteens

Learning through Play.