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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'

Y2 B

Numeracy Week: Friday (Day 4)

To celebrate Northern Ireland’s 100th birthday, we had great fun taking part in a 100 exercise challenge in Numeracy today.  We then enjoyed decorating the number 100, our creations look fantastic!

Numeracy Week: Thursday (Day 3)

We had great fun playing number games in groups today. We explored the concepts of number recognition matching, counting, adding and taking away.

Numeracy Week: Wednesday (Day 2)

We were very excited to use Mathletics in Numeracy today! We each enjoyed taking part in a World Challenge! We were practising quick fire addition within 10 against the clock.. well done boys and girls!

Numeracy Week: Tuesday (Day 1)

Practical activities to explore the concept of the ‘difference between.’ Today we used subtraction as our method to find the answer.