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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Parachute games

Bibletime prize day.

Award winners!

Charity Football Euro Day. The children got to wear the Northern Ireland colours today to raise money for Mrs McClimmonds trip to Romania to help street kids. We also showed the children Luke McCullough's football skip as he is part of the Northern Ireland Euro team and he went here to Millington Primary School.

March Award Winners

Mr Toal the Fire Fighter visits Year 1.

The Dogs Trust

Tower Block Game

Mouse mat competition winners.

Easter Baskets

Year 1 made Mother's Day Cards

Year 1 designed a Computer Safety Poster.

Certificate winners for February

Red Day in School!

Look at our lovely Valentine Cards!

We made ice-lollies in class to show how water freezes.

Introducing the Cuisenaire rods.

January Prize Winners!

Venn Diagrams

The class enjoyed singing and playing musical instruments to "Brown Bear's Snoring in his Winter Sleep,"

We made snowmen patterns.

Learning about positional language-putting teddy above/below/beside/on top etc.

The Lost Sheep- Look at our lovely pictures.

Learning to count spots on dice!

We put 6 sweets in our sweetie jars!

We are learning how to use Carroll diagrams.

December award winners

November Award Winners!

Look at our Christmas Paintings!

Santa visits Year 1

Learning rhyming words.

As part of our Goldilocks topic we made porridge!

Pictures from our Strictly Come Dancing Day!

October award winners

We dressed up in spotty clothes to raise money for Chilren in Need Day.

We all enjoyed eating ice-creams today as Mr Robinson provided free ice- creams for Children in Need Day

We had scarves today in P.E. to teach the children how to throw and catch.

Sorting Heavy and Light objects!

Be Safe and Seen Talk!

Remember from the 5th October all year ones stay until 1.50pm. Please bring dinner money and snack money on Monday in a named envelope.

£2.30 per day (£11.50 a week) or a packed lunch and  Snack money is £2.00


We made shape pictures today in class!

Look we can write number 2!

2 Little Dicky Birds.

We made number 1.

"Say cheese everyone," the Portadown Times photographer was in school today.

Playing the Shape Game

Year 1 Making Patterns.

Year 1 went on a sound walk. We heard lots of different sounds outside.

Look at year one making number 1 pictures.

Making patterns using cubes

We are learning to sort and how to make a set.

First days in Year 1