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'Learning together for a better tomorrow'


Welcome to Y1H


School begins at 8.40 am and ends 12.30 pm during September  -  1.50 pm from October on.


Children enter and leave school via the cloakroom door.


Please remember to send snack money every Monday morning in an envelop with your child's name on it.  Snack is £2.00 per week.


Please send Homework folders to school every day.

Homework booklets are collected every Friday.

Our end of year award winners. Well done!

All of Year 1 went for a walk to The People's Park. The weather was kind and we had a lovely time. Our Teddies enjoyed the day out as well.

Year 1H Great Millington Bake Off winners

A cutting and sticking activity based on "People Who Help Us".

Builders need to be able to use a hammer and nails. We enjoyed having a go at this.

We looked at the life of Florence Nightingale. She was a very well known nurse who lived many years ago. We put the main events of her life in a timeline.

Sports Day. We did it! We managed to have all our fun races without getting rained on!

Montly Awards. Well done to our Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Manners Award winners.

Lots of people help us in school. Our school lollipop ladies help us to cross the road safely. They came to talk to us about their job.

Our Science Week. We had great fun taking part in all the different Science activities.

As part of our topic on "people who help us", we were thrilled to have a visit from some firemen in their big red fire engine. They allowed us to help them hold the big water hose pipe and to sit inside the fire engine.

The firemen gave Mrs Jeffers a challenge! They timed her to see how quickly she could put on a fireman's costume. Mrs Jeffers managed to put on the trousers, coat, boots and helmet in eleven seconds, so we all thought she did really well!

We've been doing butterfly print pictures to learn about lines of symmetry.

Matching Mummy and Baby animals

We've been sorting and counting money so that we can buy natural produce in our Farm Shop.

Planting cress seeds as part of our World Around Us Topic on "Change Over Time"

Making Spring animals.

Our award winners for the month of March. Well Done!

Maths activities with Cuisenaire Rods and cubes

Many congratulations to our February award winners

Active Learning in Numeracy

Monthly Award Winners for January. Fantastic job!

Using magnetic letters to make winter words.

We made winter pictures using chalk and black card. It was a bit messy but lots of fun.

Winter colour by number pages

Our Half-Term School Disco. Look at all those cool dance moves!

We went for a walk round school to see if we could spot any signs of Winter. We saw lots of trees with no leaves, some birds looking for food, bare patches in grassy areas, holly, ivy, berries and some little daffodil stems beginning to grow

Year 1H received a letter from Elsa. She had frozen some penguins by accident and needed us to help her free them. We thought of different things we could do, such as putting the frozen penguins in cold water, in warm water, in the microwave, (we decided against this as we didn't want to hurt them!), we thought of putting them in the warm sunlight and finally, we thought of using salt. When we tried out these ideas we found the frozen penguins placed in the warm water melted the quickest.

Sorting using Carroll Diagrams

Ditch The Dark Day

Our Y1H "Ditch The Dark Day" winner

We made our own Santas. We used split pins so that our Santas had moving arms and legs.

Santa came to visit us in Millington.

Role play as Santa

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! - We loved dressing up in our Christmas jumpers

Monthly Awards for November - super job

We made and tasted different kinds of porridge. Most of us liked the sweet cinnamon flavour best.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - storymaps

We had great fun designing and making a house for the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Active Learning in Numeracy

A yummy treat.

Making masks based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Monthly Awards for October. Well done!

Lots of different activities to investigate heavy and light

We were learning about how everyone has their own unique fingerprint. We used our fingerprints to make Autumn leaf pictures. Look at all the Autumn colours.

There were no washing machines long ago and clothes had to be washed using a basin of water, soap and a washboard. We tried it for ourselves and realised it was very hard work.

We used paper, leaves and crayons to make wax rubbings.

The weather is cooler now and we like to wear socks to keep our feet warm. We used a variety of socks to make different patterns.

Active Learning in Numeracy - Lots of different activities to help reinforce our counting, sorting, number recognition and number formation skills.

Great dancing moves at the disco

We have lots of bones inside our bodies. These bones are joined together to form our skeletons. We enjoyed having a go at making skeleton pictures.

Lots of learning with Numicon

Monthly Awards for September. Well Done!

Patterns with pegs

First days in Year 1. We are all having fun!